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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Terrorist attack at Gallente-Minmatar cultural festival leaves dozens dead, hundreds wounded

  • YC115-04-11

    At 11:57 this morning, a lone gunman assaulted a crowd of spectators at the Luminaire Center for Culture and The Arts in the city of Caille on the planet of Gallente Prime, killing at least 58 people and wounding 304 others. The crowd had been assembled for the inaugural address of the Federal Tribes Festival of Community and Culture, held in Caille every year with the stated aim of "fostering and nurturing the relations that have kept the bond between Gallente and Minmatar strong since the days of [...]

    Stolen Ishukone Watch vessel located, handed off to capsuleer

    • YC115-04-06

      KORAMA - In a statement released this afternoon, Ishukone Watch confirmed they have relocated the prototype Scorpion-class battleship that was stolen from their shipyard in Luminaire early yesterday morning. Landea Vrankref, security consultant and investigation lead for Ishukone Watch, made a press release from the security force's office in Korama to confirm that "the vessel has been tracked to the Republic Security Services Logistics station around Moon 5 of Planet 2, here in Korama. It would [...]

      Final details of Caldari Prime DMZ announced

      • YC115-04-05

        Luminaire - Caldari Prime will be divided into a number of districts that shall be split between Gallente and Caldari administration, while Mordu's Legion will provide security for the planet. After final negotiations, roughly fifty-four percent of the districts will fall under the Caldari jurisdiction of the Ishukone Corporation, while forty-six percent will be Gallente districts administered by Material Acquisition. The districts are purely administrative; they shall not be segregated by ethnicity. [...]

        Prototype vessel stolen from Ishukone shipyard

        • YC115-04-05

          LUMINAIRE - The Ishukone Corporation has confirmed that after a sustained firefight this morning, a prototype version of the Scorpion-class battleship has been stolen from their low-orbit staging point above Caldari Prime. Three of the vessels, which were originally designed for use by the Ishukone Watch security force, were drafted in for combat readiness assessment during the Caldari Prime relief effort. These modified versions of the Scorpion apparently include advanced LADAR and thermal imaging [...]

          Tibus Heth angrily denounces Caldari Prime DMZ, blasts Ishukone and SuVee participation

          • YC115-04-04

            NEW CALDARI _- _ State Executor Tibus Heth delivered a fiery speech to Kaalakiota workers this morning, calling the agreement between the CEP and Federation to turn Caldari Prime into a demilitarized zone "an appeasement that solves nothing and keeps billions of Caldari imprisoned for future generations." He also questioned the actions of Ishukone and Sukuuvestaa in providing aid to the planet "at the cost of recovering it for those it belongs to." "So shortly after the Shiigeru crashed, we had [...]

            Fed Navy releases Caldari Prime details; citizens react

            • YC115-04-03

              _Luminaire - _The Federation Navy today released a statement detailing Operation Highlander, the code-name for the offensive on Caldari Prime that ended with the destruction of the Shiigeru. The statement declared the operation an "overall success", while noting that certain details did not go as planned. In particular, the Federation Navy expressed dismay at the crashing of the Shiigeru into Caldari Prime and the damage caused, though it noted that a much larger disaster was prevented by the [...]

              Caldari Prime agreement reached; militants to depart

              • YC115-04-02

                _Luminaire - _The Gallente Federation and Caldari State have reached a tentative agreement to end the fighting on Caldari Prime and recognize the planet as a full demilitarized zone between the Federation and the State. The agreement was negotiated by Federation diplomats and representatives of the Chief Executive Panel. The treaty has already been signed by President Jacus Roden and the necessary majority of the CEOs of the eight megacorps. "This is a great day for the State," said Ishukone CEO Mens [...]

                Megacorporations announce plans to join Ishukone in relief efforts

                • YC115-04-02

                  Saiso - Several other Caldari corporations have released word that they will be joining Ishukone in the relief effort of Caldari Prime. Chief among them was Sukuuvestaa Corporation, which has already pledged a large amount of supplies to the operation. "Numerous supplies that had been earmarked for military and security applications should, given the devastation of our homeworld, absolutely be redirected toward the aid effort," said SuVee Chief Coordinator Oilenen Inuki. "There is a time and a place [...]

                  Ishukone relief convoy safely makes it to Caldari Prime after attempted capsuleer interdiction

                  • YC115-03-29

                    _Luminaire - _A relief convoy consisting of 4 Rhea-class jump freighters has safely made its way from Ishukone headquarters in Malkalen to Caldari Prime after attempts by capsuleer alliance Goonswarm Federation to interdict its progress. The four freighters were filled with aid goods to be delivered to citizens affected by the destruction wrought upon the planet by the devastating crash of the Leviathan-class Titan Shiigeru. The freighters departed from Malkalen at 21:00 EST, where a fleet of 60 State [...]

                    Heth responds to loss of Shiigeru and Ishukone contact with Gallente senate

                    • YC115-03-26

                      NEW CALDARI - Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth made an aggressive address this evening, in response to the loss of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru in Luminaire and the subsequent revelation of Ishukone's negotiations with the Gallente Senate. In the statement, broadcast from the front of Caldari Providence Directorate headquarters on New Caldari Prime, Executor Heth repeatedly mentioned the "atrocities committed against both the Caldari Navy and the Caldari People by Gallente armed forces." He [...]

                      Dust begins to clear, full extent of Shiigeru impact now clear

                      • YC115-03-26

                        Luminaire - After three days of intense atmospheric decontamination, the full devastation at the impact site where the Shiigeru impacted Caldari Prime can now be seen. From high orbit, the devastation is spread over an area that totals some 1.2 million square kilometers at the southern end of the Kaalakiota Peaks. Several distinct craters can be glimpsed, bathed in the amber glow of burning titanium diborite and molten rock, with trails of smoke stretching for hundreds of kilometers across the [...]

                        Ishukone access to Caldari Prime approved, full negotiations still ongoing

                        • YC115-03-25

                          LUMINAIRE - The Ishukone Corporation has been granted full authorization to cross the border between the Federation and the State in order to access Caldari Prime, the Gallente Senate has announced in the last hour. After an unopposed vote in the Senate chambers, following a humbling speech on Saturday by Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola, the Senate reached a unanimous decision to allow the corporation access to the Luminaire system in order to assist with the ongoing relief effort. After news broke of the [...]

                          Caldari Prime relief effort continues, Ishukone request access to devastated planet

                          • YC115-03-24

                            VILLORE - In an unprecedented move, the Ishukone Corporation presented the Gallente Senate with a formal request for access to Caldari Prime this morning, in order to assist with the ongoing cleanup operation and relief effort. The substantial document, signed and approved by Ishukone Corporation CEO Mens Reppola and his entire board of directors, allegedly requests access to the planet for both Ishukone and Ishukone Watch in a civilian capacity. In a holographic address to the Gallente Senate, [...]

                            Widespread destruction hampers Caldari Prime relief effort

                            • YC115-03-23

                              LUMINARE - Caldari Prime continues to burn this evening, after the Gallente Federation launched its largest military offensive since the end of the Gallente-Caldari war in YC12. Rescue operations in Arcurio are still underway after wreckage from the destroyed Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru passed overhead on entry, causing a concussion wave strong enough to topple a number of high-rise buildings and cause widespread damage to a large area of the city's south side. Destroyed by a combined task force of [...]

                              Shiigeru wreckage impacts Caldari Prime, surface situation unclear

                              • YC115-03-22

                                BREAKING NEWS - It has been confirmed in the last ten minutes that a large section of the Shiigeru 's superstructure has made impact with the southern tip of the Kaalakiota mountain range, approximately 700 kilometers west of the city of Arcurio. All contact has been lost with the surface of Caldari Prime for the third time today, after an electromagnetic surge caused by the impact destroyed communications equipment and additionally destabilized the shields of several vessels in low orbit. The last [...]

                                Shiigeru destroyed, Federation Navy offensive in Luminaire still ongoing

                                • YC115-03-22

                                  BREAKING NEWS - Watched by trillions across the cluster, the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru , which resided in orbit of Caldari Prime, has been destroyed in a pitched engagement between Federation Navy and Caldari Navy forces. In their largest offensive action since the end of the Gallente-Caldari war in YC12, the Federation Navy moved to eliminate the threat that has been posed by the titan since it was drafted in to guard the planet and act as a deterrent against counterattack after the YC110 [...]

                                  Federation Navy mount full-scale offensive against Caldari Fleet in Luminaire

                                  • YC115-03-22

                                    BREAKING NEWS - The Federation Navy task force seen entering Luminaire approximately 30 minutes ago has engaged the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru and her support fleet in orbit of Caldari Prime. The news spread across the entire Federation in minutes, with every GalNET channel currently broadcasting announcing breaking news in order to cut to footage of the ongoing engagement in orbit. Businesses across the Federation are beginning to close early, and planet side traffic in many major cities across [...]

                                    Federation Navy fleet arrives in Luminaire, Caldari Navy deploys in response

                                    • YC115-03-22

                                      BREAKING NEWS - A large task force of Federation Navy capital-class vessels arrived in Luminaire moments ago, triggering a similar escalation from the Caldari Navy. The exact composition of the Gallente fleet is still unknown at this time, although local magnetometric scans are rumored to display the signatures of dozens of capital-class vessels. Within seconds of the Federation Navy's arrival, a sizable Caldari Navy fleet bridged into Luminaire from the border system of Kassigainen before the [...]

                                      CONCORD vessel destroyed by Caldari Navy in Luminaire

                                      • YC115-03-22

                                        BREAKING NEWS - A Marshal-class battleship belonging to CONCORD was engaged and destroyed by the Caldari Navy fleet in orbit of Caldari Prime less than ten minutes ago. General Odo Korachi, a senior commander with the Directive Enforcement Department, had been dispatched from Yulai to monitor the ongoing situation in Luminaire after the hostilities escalated to a full-scale military conflict this afternoon. On arrival, his vessel was seen entering low orbit of Caldari Prime and deploying scanning [...]

                                        Contact lost with Caldari Prime, massive surface offensive underway

                                        • YC115-03-22

                                          BREAKING NEWS -The Federal Intelligence Office has released a statement to confirm that a massive surface offensive has begun against the Provist occupation force on Caldari Prime. The announcement comes just moments after all communication with the surface of Caldari Prime was lost abruptly for the second time today, and the cities of Pakuri and Tovil were plunged into darkness as entire electrical grids have apparently been shut down. Since the release, made by Federal Intelligence Office Director [...]

                                          Federation Navy deploys sizable task force, Caldari Navy responds in turn

                                          • YC115-03-22

                                            BREAKING NEWS - The Federation Navy has mobilized a sizable task force in response to the repositioning of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru into low orbit of Caldari Prime. A hail of cynosural distortion caused electromagnetic interference severe enough to momentarily crash traffic control and cynosural jamming subsystems on board the Luminaire stargate in Algogille, as an uncountable number of capital-class vessels departed the system approximately 30 minutes ago. In response, the Caldari Navy [...]

                                            Caldari Prime tension reaches boiling point, Shiigeru deployed to low-orbit

                                            • YC115-03-22

                                              LUMINAIRE - The Caldari Navy have released a statement moments ago to confirm that the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru, which resides in orbit of Caldari Prime, has been deployed into low orbit in response to growing tension on the surface. The conflict flared again early this morning, after a number of Caldari-owned businesses in the city of Pakuri were firebombed by a group of Gallente radicals. In response, Provist occupation forces stormed the nearby border of a Gallente district, before reportedly [...]

                                              Caldari Providence Directorate release statement regarding current events in Luminaire

                                              • YC115-03-21

                                                NEW CALDARI - After six days of unrest in Luminaire, the Caldari Providence Directorate have this afternoon released a full statement detailing current operations on Caldari Prime. Flanked by two of his senior officers, Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth gave a press conference detailing "necessary measures taken by the Provist Security Force in order to keep the situation under control." He continued by expanding on operations since the initial flare-up of conflict on the besieged planet approximately [...]

                                                Caldari Prime unrest escalates further, Provist response called into question

                                                • YC115-03-21

                                                  LUMINAIRE - The actions of the Provist occupation force have been widely called into question this afternoon, after unrest began to spiral out of control on Caldari Prime late last night. A number of Gallente protesters were reportedly killed after Provist forces fired riot control gas canisters directly at crowds in downtown Arcurio at approximately 02:00 EST this morning. Reports have also surfaced that a convoy of roughly 200 Gallente citizens fleeing the city of Pakuri were strafed by Sparrow- [...]

                                                  Federation Navy releases Caldari Prime status report after stand-off with Shiigeru

                                                  • YC115-03-20

                                                    LUMINAIRE - Caldari and Gallente forces came close to a full combat situation in orbit of Caldari Prime approximately an hour ago, as a Federation Navy patrol was sighted apparently making reconnaissance scans of the besieged planet's surface. Caldari Navy forces were quick to react, with Admiral Visera Yanala issuing demands for Federation Navy vessels to cease all ongoing operations and vacate orbit of Caldari Prime. During her broadcast over the local Luminaire frequency, she repeatedly claimed [...]

                                                    CONCORD issues Luminaire travel advisory in the wake of escalated conflict

                                                    • YC115-03-20

                                                      YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department released a statement moments ago, declaring that a part of its fleet has been placed on high alert due to ongoing hostilities in the Gallente system of Luminaire. The announcement comes in the wake of an increase in hostile contact between Federal citizens still residing on Caldari Prime and the Provist occupation force that has been in place since the invasion of Luminaire on June 10, YC110. Over the course of the last several days a number of attacks on [...]

                                                      Admiral Yanala gives first weekly address from orbit of Caldari Prime

                                                      • YC115-03-19

                                                        LUMINAIRE - Admiral Visera Yanala gave her first public address today, after being drafted back into command of the Leviathan class titan Shiigeru which orbits the troubled planet of Caldari Prime. Throughout the address, she made numerous mentions of the "heroic effort of Caldari rescue teams" as the cleanup from yesterday evening's Shintoko Tower collapse continues. Her release also praised the troops of the Provist occupation force for their "courageousness and professionalism in restoring order to [...]

                                                        Luminaire situation still unstable, revered Caldari Admiral called back into service

                                                        • YC115-03-19

                                                          LUMINAIRE - A Caldari Navy spokeswoman confirmed this morning that retired Admiral Visera Yanala has been drafted back into service. The unprecedented move comes after widespread unrest erupted on Caldari Prime late last week, in response to a breach of the Gallente border by Caldari forces. Presently serving on ceremonial duty and as senior military advisor to both the Caldari Navy and the Caldari Provincial Directorate, she will resume her position as Kimotoro Fleet Admiral in command of the [...]

                                                          Unrest on Caldari Prime results in bombing of Provist headquarters

                                                          • YC115-03-18

                                                            LUMINAIRE - After a series of attacks on Provist assets and personnel earlier in the day, it has now been confirmed that the operational headquarters of the Provist occupation force on Caldari Prime was destroyed less than an hour ago. The 102-story Shintoko Tower, which was used as a Caldari State embassy and House of Records repository prior to the arrival of the invasion force in June YC110, toppled into a neighboring building before collapsing completely, after a series of powerful explosions [...]

                                                            Civil unrest intensifies on Caldari Prime

                                                            • YC115-03-18

                                                              LUMINAIRE - The ongoing conflict on Caldari Prime intensified further today, with a number of attacks reported on Caldari Provincial Directorate assets in the city of Arcurio. The unrest began to escalate early this morning, with a series of co-ordinated assaults on roadblocks and security checkpoints within the southern commercial district of the city. The first incident was initially believed to be an accident, after a civilian vehicle collided with a Provist security checkpoint on the outskirts of [...]

                                                              Empress Jamyl I announces Empire intent to welcome clone soldiers with open arms

                                                              • YC115-03-17

                                                                _Amarr - _In the wake of President Jacus Roden's revelation that cloned soldiers have been developed and the Federation was beginning a purge of their ranks, Empress Jamyl I announced all those being driven out will have the opportunity to "be embraced by God, be healed by His goodness, and find a new home in the Empire." Speaking from the steps of the Imperial Palace in Dam-Torsad, the Empress said, "The Empire does not hate these people because they have found themselves turned from God's light. We [...]

                                                                Federation Navy announces inaugural FEDCAFT naval exercises

                                                                • YC115-03-16

                                                                  ESSENCE - A combined fleet of Federation Navy, Customs and Tripwire vessels were seen departing Navy headquarters in Algogille this evening, shortly after an announcement from Admiral Anteson Ranchel declaring the beginning of the inaugural "Federal Combined Armed Forces Training" exercises. In the press conference approximately an hour ago, Admiral Ranchel indicated that "these exercises are designed as a team building experience to strengthen the bonds between our armed forces. The goal is to [...]

                                                                  BREAKING NEWS: Ground Fighting Erupts on Caldari Prime

                                                                  • YC115-03-15

                                                                    _Luminaire - _Reports of extensive ground fighting between Gallente partisans and Caldari military forces have emerged from Caldari Prime. According to reports, fights began to break out shortly after 11:30 EST across the surface of the planet, as armed Gallente began assaulting Caldari military installations. The disposition of the Gallente forces is currently unknown as contact with the planet has been sporadic since fighting began. Erratic reports have placed them either as rebellious residents, [...]

                                                                    BREAKING NEWS: Jacus Roden reveals existence of “cloned mercenaries”, announces Federation purge

                                                                    • YC115-03-15

                                                                      _Luminaire - _The Federation developed technology to clone and transfer the consciousness of humans without the use of a neural burner and was using them for warfare, President Jacus Roden revealed in an emergency announcement today. The president revealed that the Federation, following in the recent steps of the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic, has determined these soldiers are extremely dangerous and have to be contained for the safety of the cluster. Roden opened the speech by greeting the [...]

                                                                      Tibus Heth names unrest in the Federation as security threat to State

                                                                      • YC115-03-13

                                                                        _Nonni - _In an address given to Kaalakiota workers, State Executor Tibus Heth pointed at the recent hacker attack on a Black Eagles installation as proof that the Federation is "in a state of barely concealed chaos" which presents a "significant risk to the security of the Caldari State." According to Heth, "The Federation is a viper perched on a rotten branch. Eventually that branch will snap and drop it right onto our heads." "Already we see the cracks beginning to form," he went on. "They have [...]

                                                                        Mentas Blaque speaks out about “hedonistic lifestyle” of the Federation

                                                                        • YC115-03-12

                                                                          Villore - In an interview, Black Eagles Director Mentas Blaque has spoken out about what he sees as a "devolution of Federation ideals" and a "dangerous trend toward risk and personal gain." Blaque was speaking to the University of Caille Student Press when asked, "How has the Federation changed since you entered politics?" Blaque spent several minutes talking about what he proclaimed as "the failings of the current system to diminish risk in human activity." Particularly, Blaque was critical of "the [...]

                                                                          Provists arrest at least five executives, supposed Federation operatives

                                                                          • YC115-03-10

                                                                            New Caldari - Five executives, two of whom had recently resigned from their posts as part of a State-wide protest against the policies of State Executor Tibus Heth, have been arrested by the Caldari Provincial Directorate under charges of espionage and treason. The executives were all arrested shortly after 13:00 EST in a coordinated raid. Two of the executives, former-Wiyrkomi vice president Ikane Hadonei and former-Sukuuvestaa CTO Genkarhaadan Nineven, had resigned as part of the mass-resignation [...]

                                                                            SnipeHunt assaults FIO, is wiped out by Black Eagles

                                                                            • YC115-03-09

                                                                              Cat - The digital activist group SnipeHunt broke into a Federal Intelligence Office station in Ommare after an assault on Inghenges, then were killed by Black Eagles forces as they attempted to flee into Cat. The day began when the Ostrakon Agency assaulted a Black Eagles facility on Inghenges II. Combat took place over several hours. Ostrakon, apparently working on the payroll of SnipeHunt, bolstered their numbers with public mercenary contracts starting at 14:00, while the Federal Intelligence [...]

                                                                              Gallente digital activist group vows to “expose Black Eagles corruption”

                                                                              • YC115-03-08

                                                                                _Luminaire - _The digital activist group "SnipeHunts" has released a statement naming its next target as the Black Eagles, who the group claims is developing riot control weapons that violate CONCORD treaties. The group, which in the past has infamously defaced the election website of former presidential candidate Daren Fasio and released personal financial details of Senators belonging to the Sociocrats, says it will "stop at no costs to expose the Black Eagles corruption." In a one page statement, [...]

                                                                                Numerous Caldari management resign; Heth promises “significant investigations”

                                                                                • YC115-03-05

                                                                                  New Caldari - A mass resignation of Caldari management occurred today. The first resignations, among executives belonging to Kaalakiota, began roughly after noon and spiraled from there. Resignations from Caldari Constructions and Home Guard began shortly after, with the first turning in their resignations at 01:30 EST. As news began to spread, it incited additional resignations across the State, with virtually every megacorp and security force reporting some number of resignations. The initial [...]

                                                                                  Mentas Blaque continues harsh condemnation of State; Roden speaks outstanding

                                                                                  • YC115-03-04

                                                                                    Luminaire - Black Eagles Director Mentas Blaque once again spoke out about Tibus Heth's regime on Monday afternoon, blasting the government of the Caldari State for "failing to uphold its own laws and allowing a trampling of rights by a power-crazed dictator." The harsh words were directed mostly at Tibus Heth and the recent revocation of the blind auction which granted the Caldari megacorps rights to conquered systems in Placid. "It should be obvious I stand against the very act of auctioning off [...]

                                                                                    Mentas Blaque condemns Caldari State for “brutal oppression”

                                                                                    • YC115-03-01

                                                                                      Villore - Black Eagles Director Mentas Blaque has harshly condemned the Caldari State, particularly its leader Tibus Heth, for the events that led to the deaths of several thousand protesting workers last evening. Though Executor Heth has promised to investigate the matter, Blaque is unconvinced the Caldari leader was not complicit in the events. "What we have here is nothing more than a jackbooted dictator," Blaque said to reporters, "who massacres his own people when they express discontent with his [...]

                                                                                      Home Guard and State Peacekeepers attack defenseless protestors; CONCORD intervenes too late

                                                                                      • YC115-03-01

                                                                                        New Caldari - Kaalakiota Corporation factory workers who were demonstrating against what they believed to have been failures of Tibus Heth's administration to properly implement reforms and provide safeguards against corporate stock values were massacred by the Home Guard and State Peacekeepers, apparently acting on orders from Kaalakiota executives. Protestors began gathering on and around New Caldari Prime at 14:00 EST this afternoon to protest a number of issues they believed were being ignored by [...]

                                                                                        Republic Fleet announces live fire operations within Minmatar borders

                                                                                        • YC115-02-28

                                                                                          Pator - The Republic Fleet today announced that it has begun taking part in a number of operations within Minmatar borders in an effort to shore up security throughout its space. As a result, the Fleet will begin deploying ground troops in select areas it has deemed "areas of high concern" and has warned citizens that interference in the operations will be considered acts of terrorism. Heder Elislar, a spokesperson for the Republic Fleet, explained, "One of the first acts of the Tribal Council was to [...]

                                                                                          Reports of unrest among Kaalakiota factory workers

                                                                                          • YC115-02-27

                                                                                            _Nonni - _Low-level factory workers for Kaalakiota Corporation have begun organizing demonstrations against a variety of issues. Originally starting as a number of different groups of unhappy workers with different concerns, the demonstrators came together to "better voice our concerns to the CEP and our Executor." According to Emo Paro, a spokesperson for the demonstrators, the workers have two primary objections. "First, the actions of the CPD are reflecting poorly on Kaalakiota, which has driven [...]

                                                                                            Tibus Heth denounces Blaque's rally speech

                                                                                            • YC115-02-25

                                                                                              New Caldari -Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth angrily denounced the speech given by Mentas Blaque last Thursday, calling it "racist, hateful, and revisionist rhetoric designed only to denigrate the Caldari people." Blaque 's speech, which has been rebroadcast countless times across the Federation since the rally, declared the war between the Federation and State to be one of "self-defense due to a fundamental breach of our sovereignty" and initiated by "racist [sic] prejudice brought against us by [...]

                                                                                              Black Eagles rally in Villore draws huge crowds as celebrities endorse civil service

                                                                                              • YC115-02-23

                                                                                                _Villore - _The Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security is calling their rally a "massive success" after thousands of civilians and hundreds of capsuleers showed up to attend. The rally, which was held on board the Senate Bureau station in Villore, was hosted by Black Eagles administrator Thoun Gaterau and featured speeches from various celebrities and Director Mentas Blaque himself. The rally began at just past noon, with recruiters handing out flyers, offering [...]

                                                                                                Black Eagles to hold political rally in Villore on 21st at 20:00

                                                                                                • YC115-02-20

                                                                                                  Villore - The Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, better known as the Black Eagles, have announced they will be holding a "Rally for the Federation" in the Villore system on the 21st of this month. The rally is to run all day, with public speeches which will touch on matters of "loyalty and the Gallente way" beginning at 20:00 EST. According to SDII director Mentas Blaque, the rally is intended "to remind the citizens of the Gallente Federation that we are here to [...]

                                                                                                  Wave of enthusiasm sweeps Minmatar space

                                                                                                  • YC115-02-20

                                                                                                    _Pator - _Following the historic commencement of the Tribal Council, enthusiasm and excitement is at an all time high inside the Republic. Opinion polls have found that people are more optimistic about the future of the Republic than at any other time in its history, including the previous high shortly after the naming of Maleatu Shakor as Sanmatar in YC110. "We are marching toward a unified future," said Tobias Efrit, a former parliamentarian for the Krusual Tribe who has been placed in charge of [...]

                                                                                                    Caldari Navy stands down, remains secretive

                                                                                                    • YC115-02-19

                                                                                                      New Caldari - After over three weeks of heightened activity and military action, the Caldari Navy officially stood down today. The Navy had, along with the Caldari Provincial Directorate and the State Protectorate, been participating in orbital bombardments and ground combat against Caldari-held worlds across the cluster, drawing anger and confusion from disparate segments of the interstellar spectrum. The exact reasons for the action remains under scrutiny, with Caldari officials refusing to answer [...]