Republic Fleet announces live fire operations within Minmatar borders

New Eden News | YC115-02-28

Pator - The [Republic Fleet]( Fleet) today announced that it has begun taking part in a number of operations within Minmatar borders in an effort to shore up security throughout its space. As a result, the Fleet will begin deploying ground troops in select areas it has deemed "areas of high concern" and has warned citizens that interference in the operations will be considered acts of terrorism.

Heder Elislar, a spokesperson for the Republic Fleet, explained, "One of the first acts of the Tribal Council was to determine that Republic security is currently lacking, especially on our border worlds. As such, the Fleet has deployed ground troops to a number of areas we believe are harboring cells of terrorists, criminals, and other threats to the Minmatar people."

When asked about the nature of these threats, Elislar explained, "They come from many sectors. The [Angel Cartel]( Cartel), for one." He went on to say, "There are also concerns about possible Amarr insurgents attacking colonies," in apparent reference to the Bragian Order assault on a Starkmanir colony on Vard VII the other week.

Apparently, the additional security will not be sufficient to alter the sec status of any systems. "The majority of these operations are taking place planetside," Elislar said. "While the Republic Fleet would prefer to provide maximum protection to all systems, space superiority is not feasible with our current manpower. However, we are able to strategically redeploy ground troops away from high security systems with confidence thanks to our ability to interdict any hostile forces before they can deploy planetside."

Surveillance probes have already captured several apparent engagements being fought by the deployed troops. Some rumors have begun to spread claiming the fighting is taking place at are supposedly top-secret Republic military facilities, but the Republic Fleet has dismissed these rumors as "patent nonsense".