Megacorporations announce plans to join Ishukone in relief efforts

New Eden News | YC115-04-02

Saiso - Several other Caldari corporations have released word that they will be joining [Ishukone]( Corporation) in the relief effort of [Caldari Prime]( Prime). Chief among them was [Sukuuvestaa Corporation]( Corporation), which has already pledged a large amount of supplies to the operation.

"Numerous supplies that had been earmarked for military and security applications should, given the devastation of our homeworld, absolutely be redirected toward the aid effort," said SuVee Chief Coordinator Oilenen Inuki. "There is a time and a place for war. And we must not forget that we are fighting a war. But we must be responsible for Caldari Prime. This is the right thing to do. "

It is believed that high numbers on Caldari Prime continue to live without access to electricity, clean water, and other basic amenities after the crash of the Shiigeru and the end of the weeks-long fighting that erupted over the planet as Gallente insurgents attempted to recapture it. While Caldari forces hold the majority of the planet, the fighting and subsequent crash of the Leviathan-class Titan caused widespread damage.