Caldari Prime agreement reached; militants to depart

New Eden News | YC115-04-02

_Luminaire - _The Gallente Federation and Caldari State have reached a tentative agreement to end the fighting on [Caldari Prime]( Prime) and recognize the planet as a full demilitarized zone between the Federation and the State. The agreement was negotiated by Federation diplomats and representatives of the [Chief Executive Panel]( Executive Panel). The treaty has already been signed by President [Jacus Roden]( Roden) and the necessary majority of the CEOs of the eight megacorps.

"This is a great day for the State," said [Ishukone]( Corporation) CEO [Mens Reppola]( Reppola), who was instrumental in forging ahead with the treaty in the days following the fall of the Leviathan-class Titan Shiigeru, which has left a burning scar on the face of Caldari Prime. "We have, at long last, come to a peaceful resolution. One which will allow the people who live on the planet to heal their lives and return to normalcy."

President Jacus Roden echoed the sentiment, saying, "Too long has the issue of Caldari Prime been contentious when a reasonable solution was present. It is a historic homeworld of the Caldari people; to deny it to them is misguided. But it is also within the borders of the Federation and we cannot allow a foreign military to act within them. With this step, we can solve both our needs."

The reaction among the Caldari has been mostly positive. [Sukuuvestaa Corporation]( Corporation) CEO Kuikiainen Onita said, "The fighting on Caldari Prime was tearing the world apart. We have already seen the destruction our battles can bring to it. If we continued down this path, we would find ourselves with another Seyllin I or Reschard V."

Not all CEOs were reportedly happy with the agreement, however. State Executor [Tibus Heth]( Heth) was reportedly "livid" with the agreement and has refused to sign it. Additionally, he has refused all comment on the matter. Regardless, six of the eight megacorp CEOs voted for the agreement, with only [Lai Dai]( Dai Corporation) CEO Alakoni Ishanoya also voting against. Under the bylaws of the CEP, this means the member corporations of the Caldari State are bound by the agreement.

Ishanoya released a brief statement, saying, "While I understand the urge to end fighting and repair the damage to Caldari Prime, the fact remains that the planet should belong to the Caldari State and only the Caldari. Our military forces were winning the war on the ground and we should not have backed down so soon. However, as the CEO board of the CEP has voted in favor of the agreement, I have added my name to the official treaty as is required by corporate law."

Many military experts did not share Ishanoya's optimism for the Caldari chances, believing that while the Caldari held an advantage on the ground, eventually they would be ground away as the Federation had claimed orbital superiority and could prevent further reinforcements.

Ishukone has been busily evacuating military personnel on both sides as part of the agreement. It is expected that military contractors will be replacing departed ground forces to begin the cleanup and rebuilding of Caldari Prime.

Full details of the agreement have yet to be released. According to sources, there is still some contention about the finer details of the agreement, but diplomats on both side were confident those issues could be hammered out in the coming days. Once they have been, it will be sent to the Federation Senate for final ratifications.