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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Serpentis Corporation Strikes Back Against Upwell Consortium

    3HQC-6 - Breaking news has reached The Scope in the last hour, detailing a coordinated set of armed strikes against Ducia Foundry mining operations in the region of Outer Ring. Initial reports indicate that three joint taskforces of Serpentis Corporation and Guardian Angel vessels staged simultaneous ambushes on heavily armed Ducia Foundry mining convoys in the systems of 3HQC-6, L3-XYO and LGUZ-1, destroying all mining vessels and ancillary hardware after laying waste to their escorts. Ducia Foundry [...]

    ORE Membership of Upwell Consortium Confirmed by Yani Sar Arteu in Aftermath of Station Seizures

      4C-B7X, Outer Ring - Following the stunning actions of Mordu's Legion and Arkombine mercenary forces in Outer Ring, as reported by the Scope, the situation with the Outer Ring Excavations corporation has been clarified by Upwell Consortium Chairman, and founder of ORE, Yani Sar Arteu. The announcement, in the wake of the ORE station assaults and seizures, that the mining and technology conglomerate would be joining Upwell was confirmed by Chairman Arteu today, as the Secure Commerce Commission [...]

      Mystery Still Surrounds Drifter Wormhole Contents

      • YC117-11-26

        Artifacts and oddities discovered in the drifter wormholes continue to baffle and astound much of the scientific community. Very few of these newly discovered items have had their use or design explained. Among the items recovered so far is a cerebral cortex slice from the frozen corpse of Dr Hilen Tukoss. What may be discovered from analysing this object is still unknown. DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren has requested that any capsuleers who may have collected biomass from the site turn these [...]

        Upwell Consortium Announces Development of 'Citadel' Line of Stations for Capsuleer Market

          YULAI - The newly-formed Upwell Consortium today revealed that it is developing a new line of space stations for the capsuleer market that it is branding as "Citadels". The announced range of Citadels includes offerings aimed at "capsuleer corporations and organizations with operations ranging from the medium scale to those requiring the extra-large capacity used by major Outer Regions powers." With development understood to be well beyond the concepting and preliminary prototyping stages, the Upwell [...]

          Founding of Upwell Consortium Announced by Leading Interstellar Corporations

            YULAI - A group of leading interstellar corporations, comprising Chemal Tech, Eifyr & Co., Intaki Bank, Mordu's Legion, Ytiri and Zoar & Sons, have announced today a special filing with the Secure Commerce Commission to establish a major space industrial concern named "Upwell Consortium". In their release, the founding members of the Upwell Consortium name Yani Sar Arteu, noted industrialist and former owner of the ORE corporation, as the chairman of the Upwell board. The Upwell Consortium is being [...]

            House Tash-Murkon Dominates In Imperial Succession Trials – Finals Set Against House Kor-Azor

              DAM-TORSAD - Watched by trillions of viewers across the cluster, the second stage of the Imperial Succession Trials concluded today, eliminating four of the Royal Heirs to the Imperial Throne from competition, and setting the stage for a grand finale in early YC118. While the Imperial Succession Committee remains tight lipped regarding the exact format for the finals of the Succession Trials, it is now known that Lord Darklight, champion for House Tash-Murkon, will face off against Lord Lysus, [...]

              Round Two Of Imperial Succession Trials Begins Today

                DAM-TORSAD - Round two of the YC118 Imperial Succession trials is set to begin today, with tens of millions of spectators flocking to the Imperial city of Dam-Torsad to watch the continuation of the combat trials. Once again, the eyes of the entire cluster are focused on the Golden City and the battlefield in space on which the six remaining champions will fight to decide wihch two of them will face eachother in the final of the Succession Trials. As with the first stage of the trials, the Court [...]

                Amarr Championships - Day 1 - 13:00 UTC!

                • YC117-11-08

                  Day one of the Amarr Championships will begin at 13:00 UTC today, streamed live on the CCP Games twitch channel starting at 12:45 UTC. The rulesets for the first day of combat trials are available here, and the general ruleset is available here along with the schedule. Tune in from 12:45 UTC to see who will be victorious, and who will fall.

                  Amarr Heirs-Elect Confirmed by Royal Houses Ahead of Trials of the Champions

                    Amarr Prime - The Imperial Succession Committee has announced that all six Royal Houses of the Amarr Empire have confirmed their respective Royal Heirs-elect, as called for by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi. With the present Royal Heirs preparing to enter sequestration in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, the Royal Houses have been carrying out their own internal succession processes, culminating in the designation of six Royal Heirs-elect. For House Ardishapur, at the personal selection of Lord Yonis [...]

                    Announcing the Complete Teams in the Amarr Championships

                    • YC117-10-29

                      Hello players Here is the complete list of the contenders and their teams participating in the Amarr Championships. The contender for each house's champion is listed first, followed by their three retainers. House Ardishapur: Team 1: Rodj Blake Ladel Teravada Merdaneth Ikar Kaltin Team 2: Venix EmceeW Zaryx Niben Cyric 's Team 3: SoulLess Zealot Torei Dutalis Danmal Elana Su Team 4: Laerise Ascentior Ethidium Bromide Utari Onzo House Sarum: Team 1: Elise Randolph Loredana Cameron Hanns Doomchinchilla [...]

                      Not a Whiff of Evidence to Explain Fedo Colony

                      • YC117-10-29

                        VARD - Investigators at the Vard III - Six Kin Development Production Plant have discovered one of the deceased individuals found in this station's leg space more than a week ago was a capsuleer. A report released by the coroner's office indicates the deceased persons are a mix of empire races, though most are Minmatar in heritage, and lists the cause of death as 'unknown' with specific indications of 'fedo attack', meaning some individuals may not have been entirely deceased when the animals began [...]

                        Maintenance Crews Sniff Out Odor’s Source

                        • YC117-10-21

                          VARD - Following weeks of complaints about an odor described as "increasingly putrid" by local residents and business owners in certain districts of Vard III's Six Kin Development Production Plant, today authorities confirmed a maintenance crew had located a large fedo colony and the corpses of over a dozen partially-eaten people hidden in the bowels of the station. "The stench just seemed to come from everywhere," said Varn Ofarter, lead on the crew that made the grisly discovery. He described how [...]

                          7th Fleet Re-deployed After Multiple Blood Raider Attacks

                            THE BLEAK LANDS - A statement from the Office of Press for the Amarr Navy has confirmed that a 'significant' number of forces have been re-deployed to the Sasen and Vaarma constellations after several attacks on Imperial assets in the last twelve hours. It is believed that the attacks began in Kamela, with its third and eighth planet assaulted simultaneously and a number of religious sites desecrated during heavy fighting between local Imperial ground forces and a large contingent of Blood Raiders [...]

                            Revival of Shathol'Syn Ritual Confirmed as Tetrimon Order Given "Integrity of Succession" Role

                              Amarr Prime - The Imperial Succession Committee has announced that the ritual of Shathol'Syn will be revived in full for the YC118 Succession to the Throne of the Amarr Empire. Suspended at the time of Empress Jamyl I's succession, the Shathol'Syn ritual calls for the honorable suicide of unsuccessful Royal Heirs following the election of a new Emperor. Until today, there had been some question as to the rituals to be observed following the final victory and selection of a new Emperor. The Imperial [...]

                              House Khanid Inclusion Announced as Imperial Succession Committee Lays Out Rules

                                Amarr Prime - The Imperial Succession Committee today announced the inclusion of House Khanid in the Championship Trials, in a development that will be shocking to some but perhaps not too surprising to keen observers of Amarr politics. While not intended as the focus of the announcement by the Succession Committee, the revelation that King Khanid II is now formally considered a Royal Heir with all the rights that entails has been seized upon as the most dramatic aspect of the released rules of [...]

                                Amarr Empire Celebrates the Reign of Empress Jamyl I with State Funeral

                                  Amarr Prime - The Amarr Empire today observed the state funeral of Empress Jamyl I with the majesty and solemnity appropriate to the passing of a leader who ruled the largest and most populous empire of New Eden as a sacred figure closest to and reflecting the divine. Held in the imposing Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, the funeral rites celebrated the reign of an Empress considered to have been sent by God in the moment of Amarr's greatest need, the so- [...]

                                  State Funeral of Empress Jamyl I Announced by Court Chamberlain

                                    Amarr Prime - The state funeral of Empress Jamyl I will be held on the morning of Sunday 20th September at the Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime, it was announced today by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi. With security concerns at the fore since the assassination of Jamyl I by a Drifter strikeforce, there has been a great deal of speculation that the funeral would be long delayed or held without notice at all. Rather than take either course, [...]

                                    Amarr Navy Forces in Combat with Drifters in Khanid Kingdom

                                      NANDEZA - The Amarr Empire's Ministry of War has confirmed reports from independent observers that, within the last hour, elements of the Imperial Navy have engaged a concentration of Drifters in the Khanid Kingdom system of Nandeza. This action follows today's declaration of war against the Drifters by the Amarr Empire. It is unclear if the latest Drifter presence represents a change in their activity at this time. Elements of the Imperial Armed Forces continue to move into positions according to the [...]

                                      Amarr Empire Declares War On Drifters!

                                        BREAKING NEWS - The Office of the Court Chamberlain issued a decree just moments ago, confirming rumors that the Amarr Empire has issued a formal declaration of war against the Drifters. In the release, which was marked with today's date, the Court Chamberlain confirmed a meeting between leaders of the Imperial Armed Forces, the Theology Council and the Ministry of War, during which Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara described the threat to the Empire to be "a threat to Holy Amarr, His will, and God's chosen [...]

                                        Court Chamberlain Confirms Succession Trials; Privy and Theology Councils to Meet

                                          Amarr Prime - With the Amarr Empire still reeling from the shock of the Drifter sneak attack that killed Empress Jamyl I, imperial authorities are moving rapidly to ensure an orderly succession process, overseen by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi. Under the protocols of the Amarr Empire, the Court Chamberlain is tasked with maintaining continuity of the imperial government while providing for succession to the throne by one of the Royal Heirs. Speaking from the Imperial Palace in the holy city of Dam- [...]

                                          CONCORD and New Eden Powers React to Death of Empress Jamyl I

                                            YULAI - Emergency diplomacy following yesterday's assassination of Empress Jamyl I by a Drifter strike force has been ongoing throughout the day, with the CONCORD Assembly's Cluster Security Committee in continuing session. A spokesman for CONCORD's Inner Circle stated that, "CONCORD assets and DED fleets have been placed on the highest state of alert since the Sansha's Nation Abductions Emergency of YC112." The spokesman went on, "While the Inner Circle is shocked and saddened by the death of Empress [...]

                                            Court Chamberlain Confirms Death Of Empress Jamyl I

                                              HEDION - After receiving a statement from Lord Pomik Haromi, Court Chamberlain of the Empire, Amarr Certified News has publicly confirmed the death of Her Royal Highness, Empress Jamyl Sarum I. En route to formally commission the Amarr Navy's new Imperial Issue Abaddon class flagship TES Auctoritas , and welcome her to The Throne Worlds Defence Fleet, Empress Jamyl and her Imperial Guard escort were ambushed in the system of Safizon as they arrived. The assault on the Amarr Navy, which saw the [...]

                                              Amarr Navy Begins Preparation For Flagship Handover

                                                SAFIZON - The Amarr Navy has begun preparations to hand over the new Imperial Flagship to Empress Jamyl Sarum today, with a number of vessels sighted moving between the Throne Worlds and Amarr Navy Headquarters in preparation for her arrival. TES Auctoritas, the second Abaddon Imperial Issue constructed, is expected to be formally handed over to the Emperor Family at approximately 18:00 this evening in Safizon and commissioned as the Amarr Empire's new ceremonial flagship. It is then expected that [...]

                                                Imperial Navy Forces Push Back Second Drifter Advance

                                                  SAFIZON - The clean-up of wreckage and the rescue of tens of thousands of navy personnel has concluded after a twenty four hour salvage operation around Amarr Navy Headquarters. The operation comes in the wake of the second Drifter assault on Amarr Navy Headquarters in two weeks, the most recent far larger and more focused than the initial attack on July 31st. Led by Grand Admiral Ren Karetta of the Amarr Navy's Third Fleet, a force of more than five hundred Amarr Navy vessels, including hundreds of [...]

                                                  Flight Trials Begin For Imperial Flagship

                                                    SAFIZON - The Imperial flagship _TES Auctoritas _ was sighted in the Norgoh constellation of Domain today, accompanied by a flotilla of escort vessels as she traveled across the Throne Worlds toward Ebidan, where it is rumored the flight trials of the most recent addition to the Amarr Navy are due to begin this week. _Auctoritas _was announced as the new Ceremonial Imperial Flagship and officially named by Empress Jamyl Sarum I on July 20th, when she visited Amarr Navy Headquarters in Safizon to [...]

                                                    Cleanup Begins In Aftermath Of Safizon Attack

                                                      SAFIZON - The Amarr Navy suffered heavy losses today after a fleet of over 100 Drifter vessels arrived at their headquarters and main shipyards before engaging in a direct assault on patrolling Navy vessels. Arriving in several waves at both the headquarters of the Amarr Navy and all five of the stargates leading out of the system, a number of groups of Drifter battleships, which have become colloquially known as "silverfish" by many capsuleers, appeared to be formed up in a well organized system of [...]

                                                      BREAKING NEWS! Society Of Conscious Thought Vessel Destroyed In Sarum Prime!

                                                        SARUM PRIME - In the last few moments The Scope Galactic News Network has been able to confirm that a Gnosis class battlecruiser registered to the Society of Conscious Thought has been destroyed in The Throne Worlds. The vessel, piloted by Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the Geminate Chapter of the Society of Conscious Thought, was destroyed on order of Empress Jamyl Sarum I after repeated quests for the vessel to withdraw from Imperial space. The incident happened at the Mekhios Graveyard in Sarum [...]

                                                        BREAKING NEWS! Amarr Navy Capital Squadron Sighted In The Throne Worlds

                                                          BREAKING NEWS - A number of Amarr Navy vessels displaying the colors of the Sarum Family have been sighted crossing into The Throne Worlds. While the passage of Amarr Navy capital ships is an occasional sight within Imperial borders, this particular movement comes after the Emperor Family confirmed yesterday that Empress Jamyl Sarum I would personally visit the Mekhios Graveyard this weekend in the second high profile appearence she has made in as many weeks. The vessels sighted are believed to be [...]

                                                          Empress Jamyl I Visits Amarr Navy Headquarters

                                                            SAFIZON - Citizens of the Empire rejoiced this weekend as Her Imperial Majesty, Jamyl Sarum I visited Amarr Navy Headquarters for a ceremonial inspection of the Royal Shipyards, and to bless the freshly laid keel of the new Imperial Flagship, which has been named "Auctoritas". Arriving in Safizon via the Empire's cynosural network, the Empress was sighted aboard [EF] Seraph, one of an undisclosed number of Avatar-class titans that make up the Throne Worlds Royal Protection Taskforce, and was escorted [...]

                                                            Navy announce Imperial keel-laying ceremony, Empress confirmed to attend

                                                              SAFIZON - In a statement issued this morning, the Amarr Navy has confirmed the start of construction of a new ceremonial Imperial flagship, which is expected to be completed in the coming weeks at the Amarr Navy's Royal Shipyard. In the statement, released by the Office of Communications for the Amarr Navy, several details of the new vessel were revealed, including confirmation that it will be "based on the Abaddon-class combat battleship platform". Many analysts have already agreed that the prototype [...]

                                                              DED Confirms Death Of Tukoss, Eifyr Executes Will

                                                                ELGOI - After dialogue with Eifyr and Co. this afternoon, The Scope can now confirm that the Directive Enforcement Department have formally identified the late Dr. Hilen Tukoss, and have passed on notification of his death to the corporation, which became his employer after his departure from Zainou Biotech in August YC113. This move by CONCORD now frees up Eifyr and Co. to execute his will. However, when questioned during a statement made at their corporate headquarters, the corporation declined to [...]

                                                                Capsuleers Refuse Tukoss Handover – Situation Intensifies

                                                                  YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department has struck out at a group of capsuleers after their refusal to hand over remains believed to be that of former Zainou Biotech scientist Dr Hilen Tukoss for formal identification and burial. The group of four, who are part of a team who discovered the wreckage and remains earlier this month in the uncharted system of J174618, have publicly refused to turn over biomass to the DED after requests were made earlier this month. The group, led by Makoto Priano of [...]

                                                                  Tukoss fate confirmed – Capsuleers recognized by DED

                                                                    YULAI - In a statement made roughly an hour ago, DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren confirmed the fate of Dr. Hilen Tukoss after detailed analysis of ship telemetry from a recently discovered site in the uncharted system of J174618. An expedition led by capsuleers from Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd. [IKAME] discovered what is believed to be the corpse of Dr. Tukoss alongside an enormous structure which has also since been identified as that seen in what is believed to be his final [...]

                                                                    Eifyr and Co. Summoned by Inner Circle

                                                                      YULAI - A number of representatives from Eifyr and Co. have been seen arriving at Inner Circle headquarters this afternoon, including the corporation's Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Security, as well as a delegation of management and legal counsel. The Scope has learned from sources within the Directive Enforcement Department that the corporation is now under formal investigation in relation to the concealment of a broadcast now confirmed to be the final communication from [...]

                                                                      DED Confirms Age Of Tukoss Footage, Releases Detainees

                                                                        YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department has released further information relating to footage that has now been confirmed to be the final broadcast from Dr Hilen Tukoss. Speaking from DED Headquarters in Yulai, Brigadier General Odo Korachi confirmed that the origin of the footage was traced to a now disused FTL transponder in Eram, which further confirms that Tukoss may have been attempting to broadcast a final warning to his coworkers on the Arek'Jalaan Project at Site One. General Korachi also [...]

                                                                        DED Continues Scope & Eifyr Questioning Despite Capsuleer Protest

                                                                          YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department continues to hold two employees of The Scope along with one former Eifyr & Co employee in detention after the release of footage which has been confirmed to show parts of a broadcast believed to be the last known contact with former Zainou Biotech scientist Dr. Hilen Tukoss. Nugoeihuvi can confirm that the broadcast is in the final stages of being analyzed by technicians from the Communications Relay Committee, with an Inner Circle session called for [...]

                                                                          DED Statement: Hilen Tukoss Broadcast

                                                                          • YC117-05-08

                                                                            The Directive Enforcement Department has become aware of a broadcast that has been aired by The Scope this evening, which reportedly shows imagery of missing scientist Dr. Hilen Tukoss and an as yet unidentified structure surrounded by what appears to be a Drifter fleet. Eifyr & Co have confirmed Scope News reports that a member of staff was responsible for the leak of the footage, which was handed to the news network without the corporation's authorization. The Directive Enforcement Department has [...]

                                                                            DED Confirms Drifter Threat Analysis

                                                                              YULAI - In the wake of a substantial increase in Drifter presence in systems under Amarr sovereignty, the Directive Enforcement Department has today released full details of their threat analysis on the mysterious vessels. In a release made by Brigadier General Odo Korachi, commander of the DED's Genesis Fleet, analysis on Drifter behavior and aggression was relayed to the press for public dissemination based on eyewitness accounts from civilian and military vessels, as well as extensive data from the [...]

                                                                              Propel Confirms Theft Of New Hull Camouflage System

                                                                                TAMO - Propel Dynamics has released a statement moments ago to confirm the theft of a new prototype hull-camouflaging system after a late night raid on their corporate factory in Tamo. Ienashi Hurtoken, CEO of Propel Dynamics, has confirmed that in the raid, which occurred last night and saw only minor injuries sustained by a number of personnel, "a number of key laboratories were raided by an unknown force with the clear intention of both corporate espionage, and the theft of a prototype super kerr [...]

                                                                                BREAKING NEWS - Hull Camouflaging Designs Stolen In Daring Raid On Propel Factory

                                                                                  BREAKING NEWS - Caldari Navy vessels have made a return to Tamo this evening, after claims from Propel Dynamics that their security has been breached. It is believed that a number of prototypes and their blueprints have been stolen in a raid that saw security checkpoints flooded with non-lethal nerve gas and scientists incapacitated. The station affected, which is still believed to be holding [SPC] Seeadler, the Serpentis Corporation vessel that was impounded by the Caldari Navy twenty four days ago, [...]

                                                                                  BREAKING NEWS - Drifter Autopsy Press Conference Interrupted!

                                                                                    YULAI - A live broadcast from DED Headquarters was interrupted moments ago, when a Drifter battleship suddenly appeared outside the station in orbit of Yulai X and began emitting what was believed to be a high frequency broad-band data stream that crashed fluid routers and switches across five separate solar systems in the area. The broadcast, hosted by The Scope Galactic News Network, was set to include a DED press conference with the four scientists who have submitted their findings to the CONCORD [...]

                                                                                    Caldari Navy Hands Impounded Serpentis Vessel To Propel Dynamics

                                                                                      TAMO - The Scope can now confirm that the Caldari Navy has transferred ownership of an impounded Serpentis Corporation vessel to Propel Dynamics at their factory in orbit of Tamo VI - Moon 18. The vessel, a Rhea class jump freighter now sporting the proper CISC (CONCORD Identification Serial Code) and callsign "[SPC] Seeadler" was officially signed over this morning after being seized by the Caldari Navy on April 3rd when it aroused suspicion in Tartoken. The vessel was brought to the attention of a [...]

                                                                                      Drifter Threat Analysis Continues to Develop

                                                                                      • YC117-04-16

                                                                                        New Eden - Since the initial drifter threat was identified over a month ago, new information has been discovered about this mysterious menace - but their origin and motivations still remain a mystery. It has been discovered that CONCORD is now able to obtain some information in the form of kill reports - but as the drifters are not traditional capsuleers, there is still much information missing in these reports. One additional positive discovery is that the drifters appear to not be able to pierce [...]

                                                                                        Leading Imperial weapons manufacturer confirms research on Antikythera Element

                                                                                          PENIRGMAN - In a brief statement issued today, Imperial Armaments have confirmed that a specialist team has been assigned to research hardware salvaged from destroyed Drifter battleships and assess the viability of reverse engineering any discovered technology for potential application in future projects. News of the research has been met with varying responses from across the cluster, with a spokeswoman for the Lai Dai Corporation offering assistance through their Imperial partners at Carthum [...]

                                                                                          The Fourth Seyllin Conference

                                                                                          • YC117-03-25

                                                                                            By ISD Caiden S'or and ISD Lunaire Elois Seyllin, Essence - On this fourth anniversary of the catastrophe which befell Seyllin I, ending countless lives on the planet and heralding the advent of seemingly random-appearing wormholes in known-space, the Seyllin Conference wrapped up its 4th annual event last weekend. Since the first conference was held, the goal has been to evaluate what has been learned and share this knowledge with the rest of New Eden. The conference was headed up by newcomer [...]

                                                                                            Tukoss Disavowed By Zainou Biotech

                                                                                              ISSERAS - The Scope has confirmed in the last hour that prominent Caldari neuropsychological scientist Hilen Tukoss has been stripped of his Zainou Biotech corporate citizenship by parent corporation Ishukone. Famed for his high profile defection to Eifyr & Co in August YC113, Tukoss made further waves by announcing the formation of the Arek'Jaalan Project shortly after his arrival in the Minmatar Republic, with the goal of establishing a research committee that would study, document and archive data [...]

                                                                                              President Roden Sworn In For Second Term In Villore

                                                                                                VILLORE - President Jacus Roden has been sworn in for a second term of office during an inauguration ceremony held at Senate Headquarters, in orbit of the sixth moon of Villore Seven. Lead by Head Senator Andon Gardieu and observed by the entire Senate, along with Broyal Alserette, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, President Roden re-affirmed his commitment to the office of President with the traditional Oath of Affirmation which was broadcast to an estimated 9 trillion across the Federation. [...]

                                                                                                Preparations begin for Presidential Inauguration

                                                                                                  VILLORE - Vessels belonging to the Federation Navy and the Black Eagles have been seen arriving at the headquarters of the Gallente Senate this morning, amidst a flurry of activity in preparation for the Inauguration of President Jacus Roden on Thursday. The Scope has learned that security efforts aboard the station have been heightened due to recent events, with extra cordons in place and the denial of access by press to the Senate chamber until Thursday, while preparation for the ceremony is [...]

                                                                                                  Sisters of EVE Release Statement on Caroline's Star, Thera Incident and CONCORD

                                                                                                    X-7OMU - In a brief statement issued today, the Sisters of EVE corporation confirmed that their analysis of the Caroline's Star phenomenon is that it was the result of 'a stellar-level disruption of space-time involving the central star of the W477-P system in the UUA-F4 region'. The statement, made in the name of the SOE's Reverend Mother Santimona Sarpati, went on to officially confirm for the first time that the 'Thera Incident' that devastated the SOE colony in W-space was the result of the [...]

                                                                                                    Capsuleer Fleet Engages New Drifter Threat

                                                                                                    • YC117-02-20

                                                                                                      In the last few days there have been surprise decloakings of unidentified structures throughout New Eden. Along with the uncloaking of these structures there has been a sudden appearance of wormholes in some systems, with sleeper structures near the Unidentified Wormhole. But more importantly, there have been sightings of a new hostile force known as "The Drifters". This new force wields terrible power but is not undefeatable as several brave capsuleers and their crews have now proven. Image provided [...]