BREAKING NEWS: Jacus Roden reveals existence of “cloned mercenaries”, announces Federation purge

New Eden News | YC115-03-15

_Luminaire - _The Federation developed technology to clone and transfer the consciousness of humans without the use of a neural burner and was using them for warfare, President [Jacus Roden]( Roden) revealed in an emergency announcement today. The president revealed that the Federation, following in the recent steps of the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic, has determined these soldiers are extremely dangerous and have to be contained for the safety of the cluster.

Roden opened the speech by greeting the people of the Federation and continued, "Today I bring grave news to you all. For the past several years, the Federation has been involved in research to create a weapon that would end the harsh realities of warfare, free us from the burdens of fear, and usher in peace throughout the cluster. Unfortunately, as our forefathers have too often discovered, all weapons can be turned on their creators and threaten the very core of our safety.

"The Federation, as well as the other nations of New Eden, developed the technology to instantly transmit the consciousness of an individual upon their death, without the necessity for the [hydrostatic capsule]( (Lore)). This technology was being used to create a new breed of soldier, who would not suffer from the pains of death, who would not know fear or pain or loss. It was initially created using salvage from beyond the wormholes, though we have developed our own variant since then.

"Our goals were noble. We went forward with pure intent; to strengthen and protect the ideals of the Federation against all our enemies. But even the noblest of goals can fall afoul of dark circumstance.

"The technology used for the original soldiers is flawed. Those who have been implanted with it invariably go mad. They turn violent and hateful. We had hoped these incidents to be isolated. But we have seen great purges happen in the other empires, most recently among the Republic, and we have been faced with an undeniable truth. We cannot continue to use this technology and place the lives of our citizens in danger.

"Last night, a cadre of these soldiers entered Federation space, fleeing from the Caldari State. The [Caldari Navy]( Navy) attempted to interdict them and chased their freighter into the Federation system of Algogille. Though the [Federation Navy]( Navy) met and destroyed them, the fact the Caldari are willing to violate our border so flagrantly to chase down these soldiers only underscores the seriousness of the issue. Unfortunately, the soldiers were able to make it planetside and, showing their violent tendencies, initiated hostilities.

"I come before you today, telling you all this, because I believe the citizens of the Federation deserve to know the truth. I do not hide behind denials and repression. I am not going to obfuscate the truth with misdirection and tall tales. In our zeal, we made a mistake and I must now work to make things right.

"It is an unfortunate fact that we must destroy this threat before it becomes too great for us to handle. Already, the Federation's military is rounding up the first generation of cloned soldiers to safely quarantine them. There have been reports of violence already; many are unwilling to be removed from combat, which is the only thing they can now understand. We must fight to defend ourselves from their corruption.

"In the face of this threat, the Federation must remain united. We must stand against our enemies, within and without, both created by others and birthed from ourselves. We cannot falter, for to do so would set awry our great nation. Thank you."