Civil unrest intensifies on Caldari Prime

New Eden News | YC115-03-18

LUMINAIRE - The ongoing conflict on Caldari Prime intensified further today, with a number of attacks reported on Caldari Provincial Directorate assets in the city of Arcurio.

The unrest began to escalate early this morning, with a series of co-ordinated assaults on roadblocks and security checkpoints within the southern commercial district of the city. The first incident was initially believed to be an accident, after a civilian vehicle collided with a Provist security checkpoint on the outskirts of the city. However, further investigation revealed that the vehicle was carrying a large payload of low yield improvised explosives.

Reports indicate that a further seven attacks of this nature have occurred throughout the day, as well as several instances of Provist soldiers opening fire on civilian vehicles at a number of checkpoints on the east side of the city. In northern Arcurio, a series of armed assaults on Provist patrols this afternoon have left a number of CPD security personnel and ethnic Gallente dead.

After repeated requests for a statement regarding the unrest, operational commander of the Provist occupation force Brigadier General Rus Kartaka assured the press that "these attacks do not represent a major concern for the CPD, and operations are underway to root out those responsible for their planning and execution."

He concluded his press conference by stating that "there will always be those dissenters who seek to cause ripples in smooth waters. The fact of the matter is that the land beneath our feet is the ancestral home world of the Caldari people, and the Caldari Provincial Directorate is here to stay. We will keep our home secure at all costs, even if doing so means the removal of all Gallente influence from Caldari Prime."

General Kartaka's statement was met with outrage by the Gallente Senate in an emergency assembly called less than an hour ago, along with a number of calls by politicians from the Crux constellation for CONCORD Assembly intervention.