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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Gardieu sworn in as Speaker of the Chamber

  • YC115-12-31

    VILLORE - Senator Andon Gardieu was sworn in as the new leader of the Gallente Senate yesterday evening, in a ceremony attended by President Jacus Roden, Director Mentas Blaque, Admiral Auvier Bauvon and a number of other key government officials. Broadcast across the Federation, Senator Gardieu was inaugurated by Chief Justice Broyal Alserette, leader of the Supreme Court, and was noted to be bright eyed and visibly smiling as she rested her right palm on the folded Federal banner and recited her [...]

    Andon Gardieu elected to lead Gallente Senate

    • YC115-12-30

      VILLORE - The Gallente Senate announced the results of yesterday's internal election for a new Head Senator this morning, after the 24 hour voting period came to a close. Renvieve Jolousse, interim head Senator for the last 10 days and head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, formally confirmed the results via press release a little over an hour ago. Stepping up from her position as leader of the Senate's Domestic Security Council, Senator Andon Gardieu will assume the role of Head Senator, [...]

      Chief Acassa Midular Sets Out Autonomy Doctrine at Tribal Assembly

      • YC115-12-28

        Pator - The new Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, Acassa Midular, addressed the Minmatar Tribal Assembly as it began a new public session, earlier today at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar. Making a new chief's declaration before the Tribal Assembly, Chief Midulars's most pointed remarks concerned a restatement of the Minmatar principle of tribal autonomy in which she asserted that "the infringement of the Republic on matters properly the responsibility of a tribe is an infringement on that tribe's [...]

        Senate releases statement regarding State border breaches

        • YC115-12-25

          ALGOGILLE - In a joint statement released by the Office of the President and the Federation Navy this morning, the Federal administration offered an official response to the leak of details from the Operation Highlander after-action dossier regarding a number of illegal breaches of the Caldari Border between the dates of October 6, YC110 and March 10, YC115. In the statement, Grand Admiral Anteson Ranchel confirmed that "a number of missions were planned and executed outside the Federation Navy's [...]

          Minmatar Tribal Assembly Resumes with New Sebiestor Chief

          • YC115-12-22

            Pator - The Minmatar Republic's Tribal Assembly formally resumed its business today, following the selection of Acassa Midular as Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe earlier in the week. Chief Midular has joined the other six tribal chiefs of the Minmatar nation at the Grand Caravanserai and is understood to be meeting privately with her peers before the final public sessions of the assembly. Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor's office has confirmed that Chief Midular will be given the opportunity to make a chief's [...]

            Head of Senate resigns, Federal administration in uproar

            • YC115-12-20

              VILLORE - The Federal Government was left in disarray this morning after Aulmont Meis, head Senator for the Gallente Federation, resigned from his position in the wake of the Highlander dossier scandal. His resignation comes three days after further leaks from the missing Operation Highlander dossier to major news outlets across the cluster, where sensitive information regarding the Caldari Navy's military capability was revealed. The released information also contained details on a number of border [...]

              Sebiestor Tribe Selects Acassa Midular as New Chief

              • YC115-12-19

                Pator - Acassa Midular, niece of slain Chief Karin Midular, has been named as the new Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, in an announcement made today by Vuld Haupt, spiritual leader of the Sebiestor. It is understood that the Sebiestor council of clan chiefs and tribal elders selected Chief Midular following several weeks of quiet diplomacy between the clans of the tribe. After briefly announcing the decision of the council, Vuld Haupt stated that Chief Midular would be making her first public speech as [...]

                Further Highlander leaks implicate Federation in illegal border breaches

                • YC115-12-17

                  PERIMETER - The Chief Executive Panel reacted with indignation this morning, as further leaks from the missing Operation Highlander after-action report dossier revealed detailed information regarding the offensive combat capability of the Caldari Navy, and implicated the Gallente Senate in the authorization of a number of illegal border breaches. The release of this information appears to confirm that over the course of approximately four years, between the dates of October 6, YC110 and March 10, [...]

                  Pirate factions express interest in Covert Research Tools

                  • YC115-11-20

                    According to reports, associates of the Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Guristas, Intaki Syndicate, and Serpentis have been putting out feelers amongst capsuleers about recovering equipment salvage from the so-called "ghost sites" that have been appearing recently. These ghost sites, which have been declared off-limits by CONCORD, appear to be related to some form of cutting-edge research being conducted by various outlaw groups. In addition to retrieving numerous pieces of salvage and blueprints for the [...]

                    Clashes on Caldari Prime quelled by Mordu's Legion

                    • YC115-11-19

                      _Luminaire - _Several clashes occurred along borders between Gallente- and Caldari-held districts on Caldari Prime over the weekend, but were swiftly dealt with by Mordu's Legion. According to reports, the clashes were sparked by the revelation that the Federation government has been spying on Caldari corporations. The disturbances seem to have originated with exchanges of insults between Caldari and Gallente and escalated from there. Individuals or small groups soon swelled to small mobs on both [...]

                      Empires-led capsuleer assault on pirates ends in failure

                      • YC115-11-13

                        _Yulai - _Two capsuleer strike forces, part of "Operation Spectre", led by admirals from the empire navies ended in failure on the 7th after the general destruction of both fleets. The strike forces were targeting covert research facilities manned by the Angel Cartel and Serpentis. The pirate organizations were able to evacuate the facilities before scuttling them, making off with the majority of the technology they were studying. Nearly two thousand capsuleers gathered in Sarum Prime and Meves in an [...]

                        Empire Navies expand call to action against enemy forces

                        • YC115-11-07

                          Yulai - CONCORD's request that capsuleers assist in an assault on high-priority targets has been amended with a warning of potential retribution from enemy combatants. "We have reason to believe that our assault on this threat to New Eden will be met not only with open hostility, but with a cold and calculated counterblow," said Kilkkuken Mallen, CONCORD representative. "There are powers at work here that do not have the best interest of New Eden at heart, and they are gathering their forces as we [...]

                          Empire Navies put out call for capsuleer assistance

                          • YC115-11-06

                            _Yulai - _Acting on behalf of the navies for the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, and Minmatar Republic, CONCORD has put out a one-time call for capsuleers to provide backup on a "massive, sustained assault on high-priority targets". Kilkkuken Mallen, Chief Intelligence Operative for CONCORD, said, "We are currently unable to provide details on the target, as this would represent a significant security risk in the operation. However, this threat is considered extremely high to all [...]

                            Mysterious explosion detected in Syndicate

                            • YC115-11-05

                              _YFN-UN - _An explosion emanated from the YFN-UN constellation in Syndicate earlier today. According to reports, the event was notable for the unusual radiation signature produced, which does not match any known natural or artificially-created phenomena. The Intaki Syndicate has not been forthcoming with information regarding the explosion, but the Sisters of EVE have dispatched ships to investigate and offer aid if needed. Scientists are divided on the nature of the explosion. "It appears to be [...]

                              Caldari Constructions tabs Onnuta Ahvala as CEO

                              • YC115-11-01

                                Piak - Caldari Constructions has announces that Business Development Director Onnuta Ahvala has been selected as their new CEO. Ahvala spoke to shareholders and provided an outline of a three-year plan designed to bolster the corporation's fortunes. Ahvala has been BDD for Caldari Constructions for seven years and has spent over twenty years in Kaalakiota-affiliated corporations. Experts have long tabbed him as a rising star in the State corporate world and had anticipated his eventual rise to [...]

                                CEP refutes Operation Highlander leak

                                • YC115-10-30

                                  _New Caldari - _The Chief Executive Panel has released a joint statement on behalf of all CEOs of the megacorporations refuting the portion of the Operation Highlander dossier leaked by the Scope last week. "The megacorporations of the Caldari State completely deny that any executives worked with the Gallente Federation in bringing about the downfall of Tibus Heth or the invasion of Caldari Prime," their statement said. Additionally, the CEP has demanded the Federation hand over a full list of [...]

                                  “Operation Highlander” documents released, implicate Federation in widespread spying

                                  • YC115-10-24

                                    Orvolle - The Scope has obtained and released a portion of the Senate report on Operation Highlander. According to the dossier, the Federation has had operatives infiltrating the Caldari State since the outbreak of the Empyrean War in YC110. This includes numerous operatives engaged in long-term, deep-cover operations within all eight Caldari megacorporations. The released information claims several high-level megacorp executives had been compromised by intelligence operatives, contributing to the [...]

                                    Conservative Senator calls Republic “untrustworthy”

                                    • YC115-10-22

                                      _Jel - _In a speech delivered to constituents in his home system, Senator Artois Chermoul claimed the Minmatar Republic has been guilty of "spreading discontent within the Federation". In the middle of a speech about Federal trade policies, the former colonel with the Federal Marines went on to call the Republic "untrustworthy" and a "security threat". "We have seen the Republic engage in increasingly belligerent behavior," Chermoul said. "In response to minor incidents within the Federation, the [...]

                                      Elokur found “not guilty”, small-scale riots erupt

                                      • YC115-10-18

                                        Synchelle - Kihar Elokur, the Brutor student accused of killing three Gallente men, has been found not guilty by reason of self-defense. The verdict sparked several instances of violence between supporters of Elokur and an increasingly vocal Gallente-nationalist movement. Elokur was arrested in early August after killing three Gallente men who attacked him in what was believed to be a racially-motivated assault. Elokur killed all three of his attackers, raising questions over his use of force and [...]

                                        REPORT: Wreckage of Heth’s escort found in Aivonen

                                        • YC115-10-18

                                          _Aivonen - _The Caldari Navy has recovered the wreckage of the fugitive fleet believed to have been escorting Tibus Heth in Aivonen early this morning. The wrecks were devoid of bodies despite numerous unused escape pods and signs of a prolonged struggle and firefight. According to the Navy's report, it appears the ships were attacked with energy weapons and boarded. What happened after that is unknown, as the ship computers were destroyed by an EM pulse which appears to have been powerful and [...]

                                          Material Acquisition announces plans to open several new facilities

                                          • YC115-10-13

                                            ELORE - Material Acquisition has revealed that its administration of Gallente-districts on Caldari Prime have proven highly profitable, enabling it to open several new facilities throughout the Crux constellation. These facilities are expected to bring millions of jobs to the Gallente economy. According to the report, the majority of the profit has come from tariffs levied on inter-district trade and travel, with lesser amounts coming from administrative fees and rebuilding contracts. The corporation [...]

                                            BREAKING NEWS: Heth’s ship spotted in Black Rise

                                            • YC115-10-10

                                              Okagaiken - Ships whose transponder callsigns match those of Tibus Heth and other Provist loyalists who'd escaped the Haatomo siege were detected in the Okagaiken system of Black Rise's Urpiken constellation. the Caldari Navy has reported. The Navy immediately scrambled a task force to intercept Heth's ship, but they were unable to locate any trace of it after a 24-hour search. The Navy has deployed further forces to Urpiken in an effort to track down Heth, but Federal Defence Union occupation of [...]

                                              Minmatar react to Senate report; call for Elokur's freedom

                                              • YC115-10-09

                                                _Villore - _Many Minmatar immigrants have harshly criticized the report commissioned by the Senate Committee for Equal Rights, after the report claimed there was no evidence for systemic discrimination of Minmatar in the Federation. The report has also energized defenders of Brutor student Kinhar Elokur, who has been imprisoned since August 1st for the deaths of three Gallente men. Led by Senator Asbran Eleskar, the opponents of the report have claimed it is misleading and cherry picks statistics that [...]

                                                Sisters of EVE temporarily promote two agents

                                                • YC115-10-09

                                                  X-7OMU - The Sisters of EVE are temporarily raising the security clearance of two of their agents in response to increased capsuleer demand for high-stakes tasks. Mekamireki Fedas in Apanake and Kiljavas Yaskasen in Lanngisi are being raised from their current "level two" clearance to "level four". These two agents are also being moved from their current Distribution division to Security. "Both Mekamireki and Kiljavas are exceptional agents," said Chief of Staff Titrutolf Haluarin. "They have proven [...]

                                                  Caldari Funds Unlimited to invest heavily in Kaalakiota

                                                  • YC115-09-09

                                                    Nonni - Caldari Funds Unlimited and Kaalakiota Corporation have issued a joint release announcing a massive investment into the megacorp from CFU. The investment will result in CFU taking a 20% stake in the megacorp, with the option for KK to buy back 2.5% of the stake each economic quarter. The investment package is expected to allow Kaalakiota to be much more aggressive in its business transactions. The influx of capital is significant, according to analysts, because it will allow Kaalakiota to [...]

                                                    Results of Molden Heath conflicted

                                                    • YC115-09-05

                                                      _Orien - _The Thukker Tribe has issued a report on the effect the presence of cloned mercenary corporations in Molden Heath has had on the region. The report details both the successes and failures in the 3 months since the tribe invited mercenaries to settle in the region in an effort to deter piracy. The majority of the report focuses on the positives of the move, pointing out a drop in piracy against planetary targets, especially those with large mercenary populations. Additionally, the logistical [...]

                                                      Operation Highlander document goes missing

                                                      • YC115-08-30

                                                        _Villore - _The Senate is in an uproar following reports a sensitive document relating to Operation Highlander, the codename of the operation to assault Caldari Prime, has gone missing. The document, a dossier on the planning, assessment, and post-action review, apparently contained sensitive intelligence information on other factions, including the other three empires. The dossier had been compiled for a Senatorial oversight review of Operation Highlander, which was completed several months ago. The [...]

                                                        Caldari Constructions share prices rise on reports of economic recovery

                                                        • YC115-08-28

                                                          Piak - Caldari Constructions stock saw an uptick following reports that it has broken even on operations for the first time in four years. The corporation had been posting small losses under the executorship of Tibus Heth which, while not as significant as those of Kaalakiota Corporation, had still put stress on the company. Following the report, Caldari Constructions also released a statement saying it has completed the nullification of Tibus Heth's stake in the company and will begin a public [...]

                                                          Aritcio Kor-Azor urges calm; Republic denounces 'imperial aggression'

                                                          • YC115-08-22

                                                            _Kor-Azor Prime - _In the first public statement made by a member of the Privy Council since news broke about Merimeth Sarum's proposal to relaunch the Reclaiming, Aritcio Kor-Azor preached a calm and measured approach. "We must not rush hastily into an escalation of war," the Heir and Imperial Chancellor said to reporters with the Amarr Certified News. "The Empyrean War has already taken a heavy toll on the Bleak Lands and Devoid. We must be cautious if we do not want to bring it to the borders of [...]

                                                            Report: Tash-Murkon may back Sarum's calls

                                                            • YC115-08-20

                                                              _Tash-Murkon Prime - _Sources within the Tash-Murkon Family say Catiz Tash-Murkon has given some thought to backing Merimeth Sarum's calls for the proper launch of the Reclaiming. The Heir has reportedly been conferring with the Empress for several days, discussing the economic and political impact the Reclaiming would have on the Empire, for both good and ill. Additionally, Catiz has met with several Imperial Navy admirals to hear their opinions on the Empyrean War and potential renewed escalation. [...]

                                                              KK stock rises on back of Oiritsuu pledge

                                                              • YC115-08-15

                                                                _Nonni - _Acting Kaalakiota CEO Hatakaan Oiritsuu has pledged 40% of her personal wealth to the corporation in order to assist in its financial recovery, as well as presented a five-year corporate strategy to the board of directors which aims to restore Kaalakiota to the top of the State financial world. KK issued a press release stating Oiritsuu has provided the corporation with a no-interest loan with aims to stabilize its financial reserves and allow it to be aggressive in reclaiming market share [...]

                                                                Report: Sarum Family Heir recommends assault on Republic

                                                                • YC115-08-14

                                                                  _Sarum Prime - _According to reports from the imperial court, Merimeth Sarum has been urging Empress Jamyl I to fully reinstitute the Reclaiming as originally promised in her coronation address and begin an immediate assault on the Minmatar Republic. The Heir has also pushed for the Imperial Navy to receive more funding to bolster the fleet's forces. Sarum has been telling subordinates that the Republic is experiencing heightened tribal unity following its successful Tribal Assembly, which makes it a [...]

                                                                  Minmatar call for release of imprisoned Brutor student

                                                                  • YC115-08-11

                                                                    Synchelle - Numerous Minmatar activists groups have petitioned the Federation government to release the Brutor man imprisoned following the deaths of three Gallente men last week in Synchelle. The man, now identified as Kinhar Elokur, a Republic citizen and student with the University of Caille, reportedly killed the three men in self-defense after he was attacked in retaliation for the Bloody Hands of Matar torching of an Impetus distribution center. A protest outside the facility where Elokur is [...]

                                                                    Federation Minmatar report widespread discrimination

                                                                    • YC115-08-09

                                                                      _Luminaire - _Recently, many ethnic Minmatar have claimed that the wave of retributive violence against them throughout the Gallente Federation is a culmination of long-standing prejudice. These statements have elicited concern from both the Republic and Federation governments, who have both pledged to investigate. "The discrimination is all over the place," said Rogus Thrake, a Nefantar originally from the Ammatar Mandate. "Getting ahead in the Federation is difficult. When I came here, I thought [...]

                                                                      Atlanins distribution center attack sparks unrest in Essence; 59 detained

                                                                      • YC115-08-02

                                                                        SYNCHELLE - A number of arrests were made this morning in the Thoulde constellation of Essence, after a series of overnight disturbances in one of the largest settlements on Synchelle III. Several small scale protests have erupted across the Federation over the course of the last few days after the Bloody Hands of Matar claimed responsibility for an attack on an Impetus distribution center in Atlanins last Thursday which left 7 dead and 13 injured. The most prominent of the arrests made was that of an [...]

                                                                        Oiritsuu appointed interim CEO in Kaalakiota press release

                                                                        • YC115-07-30

                                                                          NONNI - Kaalakiota has announced this morning that Haatakan Oiritsuu, former KK Chief Executive, has been temporarily reinstated to oversee the process of re-stabilizing the corporation. In the statement, read by Oiritsuu herself in front of KK headquarters an hour before the Kimotoro Stock Exchange opened, she pledged to "return the corporation to financial stability after over half a decade of fiscally abusive and negligent rule by the Caldari Providence Directorate." Regarded by many as the face of [...]

                                                                          Caldari Constructions to nullify Heth's shares

                                                                          • YC115-07-26

                                                                            _Piak - _With Tibus Heth a fugitive, Caldari Constructions has announced it will convene a shareholder's vote to nullify his shares in the company. It anticipates this vote will be finalized within a month. Under Caldari Constructions corporate law, an individual who is unable to exercise their duties as a shareholder and has no designated heir or representative to assume control of those shares may have their share ownership nullified by vote. This provision of corporate law is rarely invoked and, [...]

                                                                            Impetus facility in Atlanins torched; 7 dead

                                                                            • YC115-07-25

                                                                              _Atlanins - _An Impetus distribution center burned to the ground earlier today in an act that left 7 dead and 13 more hospitalized. Soon after, Minmatar fringe terrorist group the Bloody Hands of Matar claimed responsibility, issuing a statement saying the attack was revenge for the death of Karin Midular. According to their statement, "The assassination of a Ray of Matar at the hands of foreign powers cannot go unpunished. Our anger will not be quenched until the pain and suffering the Minmatar [...]

                                                                              CEP, KK call for Heth's arrest

                                                                              • YC115-07-19

                                                                                Nonni - Kaalakiota Corporation has been granted a State-wide corporate warrant by the Caldari Business Tribunal for Tibus Heth's arrest on charges of malfeasance, misappropriation and embezzlement. The Chief Executive Panel has similarly announced that Heth is wanted under Caldari basic law for the murder of Admiral Visera Yanala, terrorism, and political extremism stemming from his takeover of the Caldari Constructions Warehouse in Haatomo. Heth is wanted by the Kaalakiota for the theft of vessels he [...]

                                                                                Kaalakiota sells further Echelon assets

                                                                                • YC115-07-16

                                                                                  Passari - Kaalakiota Corporation announced today that it has completed an additional sale of Echelon Entertainment assets in its continuing attempt to recover from Tibus Heth's executorship. While the initial auction sold off large chunks of Echelon's more high-profile properties, it retained ownership of numerous lesser known properties. According to records, Echelon has sold off approximately 45% of its remaining assets to numerous corporations across New Eden. After being aggressive in the first [...]

                                                                                  Caldari Navy Report: Heth assumed alive

                                                                                  • YC115-07-11

                                                                                    _Haatomo - _The Caldari Navy has completed its full sweep of the Caldari Constructions Warehouse station in Haatomo and has found no indication Tibus Heth is hiding onboard. Security footage recovered from cameras show Heth boarding one of the ships that was confirmed to have escaped the blockade on June 18th. However, it appears that Heth was injured during the storming of the station by Caldari Navy and corporate security forces, as blood matching his DNA has been found at the docking ring. [...]

                                                                                    CEP dissolves State Executor position; Provists

                                                                                    • YC115-07-09

                                                                                      _New Caldari - _In the wake of Tibus Heth's denouncement as a terrorist and his continued absence, the Chief Executive Panel has declared it will abolish the position of Chief Executor. It has additionally disbanded the Caldari Providence Directorate. The office of Chief Executor, which had been created for and solely held by Tibus Heth, held broad dictatorial powers over the Caldari State. There were some pundits who believed a new executive would be given the role. Instead, the CEP stated, "The role [...]

                                                                                      Karin Midular Funeral Takes Place on Mikramurka Steppes

                                                                                      • YC115-07-04

                                                                                        Pator - Chief Karin Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe, also known as "The Ray of Matar", was today honored with a traditional chief's funeral in her clan's ancestral lands on the Mikramurka steppes. The funeral was attended by the chief's family, representatives from all the Sebiestor clans, and the chiefs of the other six Minmatar tribes. Sanmatar Shakor attended in his formal role as representative of the Republic's Tribal Council, a body that is collectively the head of state of the Republic. Numerous [...]

                                                                                        Republic denies Senate request to join Midular funeral procession

                                                                                        • YC115-07-03

                                                                                          _Pator - _The Minmatar Tribal Council has turned down a request from the Gallente Senate to allow an official Senatorial delegation to join in the funeral procession of Karin Midular. Midular, known as the Ray of Matar, is scheduled to be removed from the Grand Caravanserai and laid to rest according to Sebiestor customs on the 4th. The Senate had made the request a week ago via private channels, according to a source. "The request was made in completely good faith. Relations with the Minmatar have [...]

                                                                                          Caldari Navy storms Haatomo station; location of Heth unknown

                                                                                          • YC115-06-19

                                                                                            _Haatomo - _The Caldari Navy and security forces belonging to the megacorporations blew open the sealed off sections of the Caldari Constructions station around Haatomo VII's third moon with explosive charges, stormed the entrenched Caldari Providence Directorate and Templis Dragonaurs forces, and brought an end to the eight day siege that has gripped New Eden. The Navy, which had held off on attacking the station due to the presence of Caldari Constructions workers who were trapped in the sealed [...]

                                                                                            Federation expresses dismay at Republic handling of Broteau

                                                                                            • YC115-06-16

                                                                                              VILLORE - Several Federation senators have attacked the Minmatar Republic for the hurried trial and execution of Gerne Broteau. Calling it a "mockery of justice," the senators, many from the Solitude and Everyshore regions, released a joint resolution earlier today. "The speed with which they tried, convicted, and punished Broteau shows the Republic never had any intent to actually see justice done," the resolution read. "Instead this was a show trial all about exacting revenge. There was no [...]

                                                                                              Broteau found guilty and executed by Sebiestor Tribe

                                                                                              • YC115-06-15

                                                                                                ERAM - Gerne Broteau has been executed after being declared guilty by the Sebiestor Tribal Court after a trial which continued without interruption for 36 hours. The tribal judges sentenced Broteau to death for his attack on a Minmatar cultural festival in the Gallente Federation which left 59 dead, including Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular. Shortly after the verdict and sentence were delivered, Broteau was led from the court and executed by a firing-squad of hand-picked Sebiestor warriors from [...]

                                                                                                BREAKING NEWS: Tibus Heth denounced by CEP, to be ousted as KK CEO

                                                                                                • YC115-06-14

                                                                                                  NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has released a statement calling Tibus Heth "the leader of a terrorist insurgency against the Caldari State" and has removed him from the role of State Executor. The decision came after a board vote of the megacorporation CEOs, with Kaalakiota abstaining as Heth, who legally remains Chief Executive, was not present. The seven CEOs unanimously voted against Heth. Shortly after, the Kaalakiota Corporation board announced that they will be holding a shareholder [...]

                                                                                                  Gerne Broteau transferred into Republic custody

                                                                                                  • YC115-06-13

                                                                                                    _Luminaire - _Gerne Broteau, the convicted mass-shooter responsible for the death of Karin Midular, was remanded into Minmatar Republic custody today. A fleet of Republic Security Services ships arrived at the Federal Intelligence Office station in Oursulaert, where Broteau had been held awaiting transfer, shortly after noon, and accepted the handover. Broteau was then escorted back into Minmatar space, where he is expected to face a full trial before the Sebiestor tribe for the massacre, which [...]

                                                                                                    Private funeral held for Visera Yanala; Megacorp CEOs attend

                                                                                                    • YC115-06-13

                                                                                                      _Caldari Prime - _The family of deceased Caldari Navy Admiral Visera Yanala held a private funeral on Caldari Prime last evening. The family turned down a military funeral with full honors for the posthumously honored war hero, instead opting for a private ceremony with limited guests. CEOs of several megacorps attended, while those who did not sent representatives. The family released a statement saying, "We appreciate the offer to provide Visera with a military funeral. She died serving the State [...]