Mentas Blaque condemns Caldari State for “brutal oppression”

New Eden News | YC115-03-01

_Villore - _[Black Eagles]( Eagles) Director [Mentas Blaque]( Blaque) has harshly condemned the Caldari State, particularly its leader [Tibus Heth]( Heth), for the events that led to the deaths of several thousand protesting workers last evening. Though Executor Heth has promised to investigate the matter, Blaque is unconvinced the Caldari leader was not complicit in the events.

"What we have here is nothing more than a jackbooted dictator," Blaque said to reporters, "who massacres his own people when they express discontent with his fascist policies. It's no coincidence that the very corporation he is chief executive of were behind these attacks. It's almost certain he ordered the execution of these Caldari citizens himself. And even if he did not, he allowed the people who gave the order to be put in positions of power."

Blaque carried his criticism of the events on to the Caldari State itself. "It is only in the State where this kind of wanton disregard for the lives of citizens could happen. The State's leaders consider lives worthless and disposable, nothing more than fodder to be ground on the assembly lines in the name of profit. Any nonconformity is disposed of, messily at times, but all more often quietly. This is not the first time workers were executed for daring to speak out. This is just the first time we've heard about it under Heth's regime."

He concluded his statement by saying, "We cannot allow this sort of brutal oppression to continue unabated. The Federation must do something. And it starts by striking at the threat in our midst, bandaging the wound, and then taking the fight directly to them."