New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Unusual emissions discovered - Polaris alleged point of origin

  • YC113-12-08

    Deep space surveillance networks picked up unusual high band electromagnetic activity during the last few days from the general direction of the 9RW5-Z constellation. Scientists believe the Polaris system to be the center of these emissions after incorporating baseline interferometry across several regions. These emissions might indicate increased activity in the mysterious system during the upcoming weekend, or they might be just be bursts of random energy. Deep space intelligence experts are said to [...]

    Loyalist of the Year Award Announced

    • YC113-11-16

      Amarr Empire, New Eden - Each year, PIE Inc. sponsors awards aimed at recognising those who have taken extraordinary steps to further the Amarr Empire over the previous twelve months. The first of the two awards is the "Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year". This award is limited to pilots of Amarrian, Khanid, or Ni-Kunni descent who have been recognised for having done the most for the Empire. The second award is the "Loyal Servant of the Year". This award recognises the pilot, of any race or descent, who [...]

      Anti-Sansha Fleets Baited by Pirate Gangs

      • YC113-11-08

        Sahdil, Domain - 08.11.113 - High bounties placed by CONCORD on invading Sansha vessels are attracting pirate forces seeking to force engagements and loot the wrecks of defenders ' expensive and well-appointed ships. "BTL Pub” and “The Ditanian Fleet” (TDF) are two of the largest anti-Sansha communities operating in high security space, formed around channels that organize full fleets from lone pilots and small groups who want to be more potently involved. Phattecia, a BTL representative, stated that [...]

        The Master Speaks: An Interview With Sansha Kuvakei

        • YC113-08-08

          ​ Stain, New Eden. Some days ago, an intrepid reporter took it upon herself to request an interview from Sansha Kuvakei, the man behind Nation. Tell me about your early life, where you went to school and your early childhood. "I would like to begin this interview first by expressing my gratitude for this opportunity to communicate directly with the people of New Eden as well as my admiration for your bravery in visiting our base of operations here in the Stain region. I sincerely hope you find our [...]

          Awakened Infomorph Spotted Across New Eden

          • YC113-07-28

            ​During the past two weeks, an Awakened Informorph has been increasingly spotted in systems across New Eden. New and interesting developments have followed in its wake including increased Sleeper aggression, changes in Sansha strategy and the reported construction of new Drone structures in the Genesis region. ​Last Tuesday the Blazing Angels alliance discovered an "Awakened Infomorph" on their directional scans during standard wormhole mining operations. Shortly after, a wormhole opened up in "the [...]

            Lost Helios Full of Mystery

            • YC113-07-26

              J105934, Unknown - Capsuleer discovers Helios of missing researcher, but only learns of its mysterious origin after she blows it up. For Corialis Wyr, what started as a typical exploration run into a rival's wormhole territory ended with a bizarre turn of events. She was flying with her wingman Philgood, who scanned down a pack of six unmanned Helios ships in the wormhole. Just as they were about to try to steal them and take them home for Transmission Lost (LOST), their rivals Aperature Harmonics [...]

              Sansha's Nation Attempt Jita Blockade

              • YC113-07-26

                New Caldari, The Forge - Late last week, Sansha's Nation vessels commanded by Citizen Astur invaded New Caldari and sieged the entrance gate to Jita. On 21.7.113 at around 13:15 New Eden time, two wormholes formed in New Caldari close to the jumpgate leading into Jita and spewed out at least two dozen Sansha's Nation frigates. Koja Tsutariba from the State Protectorate replied with an emergency request for capsuleer assistance in the surrounding systems. Jita, the largest trade hub in New Eden, is [...]

                Mysterious Wormhole in Hebisa

                • YC113-07-17

                  A mysterious wormhole has been seen near the first acceleration gate of the Rogue Drone Infestiation Sprout in Hebisa. The wormhole, which is similar in configuration to those used by Sansha's Nation in their incursions last year, appears stable yet cannot be jumped through from this end. Capsuleers from all over New Eden have been attempting to close the wormhole by the use of ECM modules - a tactic proven effective aginst Sansha's Nation last year - for several hours, with little result. While [...]

                  Caldari scientist’s defection causes stir amongst sections of capsuleer community.

                  • YC113-07-11

                    ERAM - The defection of Zainou scientist Hilen Tukoss has provoked calls for sanctions against his new employer Eifyr & Co. in addition to the offer of a 750m ISK bounty for his assassination. Only a day after giving his interview to The Scope, former Zainou employee Hilen Tukoss issued a communication to the Intergalactic Summit. Titled Arek'Jaalan, the release notified the capsuleer community of his intent to establish two communications networks: "I'd like to establish a series of communication [...]

                    Scope Feature Article: Interview with Hilen Tukoss

                    • YC113-07-09

                      ERAM - As reported in an earlier article, the Caldari scientist Hilen Tukoss appeared to have defected to the Minmatar Republic along with hundreds of his research staff. Speculation about his intentions was put to an end a short while ago, when Tukoss formally joined with Eifyr & Co. He spoke with The Scope only a few hours before joining Eifyr to explain why he had left the Caldari State. Feature article by Juralen Kaala __ It's after 9pm when I arrive at my destination in Metropolis. I'm surprised [...]

                      Caldari scientist defects to the Republic.

                      • YC113-07-07

                        ERAM - The Scope is receiving reports that Zainou Biotech scientist Hilen Tukoss has fled his home station in Otosela and defected to the Minmatar Republic alongside almost two hundred and fifty other research staff. Although these reports remain unconfirmed, locator agents place Tukoss in Eram, Metropolis, at the Eifyr & Co. Biotech production plant. Both Tukoss and Eifyr & Co. representatives have refused invitations from Scope reporters to comment on the rising speculation. On condition of [...]

                        Malkalen Disaster Remembered

                        • YC113-05-23

                          Malkalen, Lonetrek - On the 5.15.113, the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive held the 3rd annual memorial of the Malkalen Disaster. John Revenent, CEO of Revenent Defence Corperation and member of The Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive, reminded capsuleers of the disaster: "On the date of 05.15.110 YC the Gallente Mothership FNS - Wandering Saint set a collision course into the Ishukone Headquarters killing hundreds of thousands, including Ishukone's CEO Otro Gariushi. This event caused the dark [...]

                          New Eden Radio CSM Delegate Interview

                          • YC113-03-15

                            Over the weekend New Eden Radio held interviews with a number of CSM delegates. See here for more information and hear the entire four hour broadcast.

                            Sansha Incursion Defeated: Nation Supercarrier Destroyed

                            • YC113-01-30

                              Colelie, Sinq Laison - In the early hours of 28.01.113, Sansha forces were defeated by a mixed fleet of at least 100 capsuleers and a Nation supercarrier was destroyed. This was despite the efforts of Nation loyalists who attempted to defend the Sansha forces by activating smartbombs against the attacking pilots. Sansha forces were first seen in the Parchanier system in the Algintal constellation. Once word of the incursion spread, arriving capsuleers joined fleets with those they met in the local [...]

                              CDIA Files: Sansha Incursions

                              • YC113-01-25

                                The CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency has declassified a case briefing about Sansha Kuvakei and the New Eden incursions. This information is intended to provide current and future pilots with the historical context of the threat.

                                Sansha Incursion Reported in Yulai

                                • YC113-01-24

                                  Yulai, Genesis - Earlier today a massive Sansha fleet under the direct leadership of Master Kuvakei invaded the Yulai solar system. The fleet included several super-capital vessels. The incursion began at about 21.00 and early reports indicated that at least 1700 capsuleers rallied to the solar system in a bid to repel the attack. A wormhole was initially spotted in close proximity of Yulai's sun triggering the response from the bulk of the defending fleet. Only a few minutes later, wormholes were [...]

                                  Ushra'Khan Protest Alleged CONCORD Favour to Amarr

                                  • YC113-01-07

                                    Yulai, Genesis - On the 18.12.112 Ushra'Khan [UNITY] lead a protest against CONCORD. According to Forlorn Wongraven, a UNITY official, The Star Fraction and Electus Matari alliances also attended the protest to express their disapproval for CONCORD's perceived "pro-Amarrian bias." The protest began at 21:00 and was held, according to Rye Contini "against CONCORD's pro-Amarrian bias" and "favoritism." Ushra'Khan claim this manifests in many forms, including the recent replacement of all learning skill [...]