Mentas Blaque speaks out about “hedonistic lifestyle” of the Federation

New Eden News | YC115-03-12

Villore - In an interview, [Black Eagles]( Eagles) Director [Mentas Blaque]( Blaque) has spoken out about what he sees as a "devolution of Federation ideals" and a "dangerous trend toward risk and personal gain."

Blaque was speaking to the [University of Caille]( of Caille) Student Press when asked, "How has the Federation changed since you entered politics?" Blaque spent several minutes talking about what he proclaimed as "the failings of the current system to diminish risk in human activity." Particularly, Blaque was critical of "the dangers inherent in the hedonistic lifestyle of Federation citizens," saying, "If people want to live their lives unfettered by societal constraints, whether that involves abusing boosters, playing with social mores or what have you, that's entirely their perogative. But they cannot cause harm to others in the process."

He went on to say, "There was a time, not all that long ago, when the Federation was held up as the bastion of opportunity. We are more open than the State or Empire and more prosperous that the Republic. People today are free to choose whether to gaze at the stars or to go out and and grasp them. But along with that freedom and prosperity came the responsibility to allow your fellow citizens the same opportunities. "

"Couple that with the devolution of Federation ideals and we are left with what we have today. A nation whose unfettered liberties have revealed a dangerous trend toward risk and personal gain, even at the cost of the health and happiness of other human beings. Where the dissatisfaction of certain people - whether it's with their own lives, or with some rumor they heard about the Federation - leads them to criminal activity, rather than to the natural channels of established law and due process."

"Is this right? Are these the lives our forefathers intended for us to live? It's a dangerous and harmful lifestyle, and it will cause undue grief to the free citizens of the Federation if something isn't done to curtail it."

When asked, as a follow up, if he was in favor of "additional restrictions to people's rights" Director Blaque responded, "Now, I'm not against people enjoying their lives or experiencing them to the fullest extent. However, we need to keep in mind that the harm caused by overindulgence may be indirect and even hard to see for the ones causing it. The Federation provides greatly for its people. We have a duty to provide for it in turn, or at the very least, not stand in the way of others who are trying their best. It's not about punishment. It's about letting people live their lives the way they choose, and restricting the efforts of those few who want to get in the way of other people's dreams."

After this, the interview moved back to less controversial topics.