Mentas Blaque continues harsh condemnation of State; Roden speaks outstanding

New Eden News | YC115-03-04

_Luminaire - _[Black Eagles]( Eagles) Director [Mentas Blaque]( Blaque) once again spoke out about [Tibus Heth's]( Heth) regime on Monday afternoon, blasting the government of the Caldari State for "failing to uphold its own laws and allowing a trampling of rights by a power-crazed dictator."

The harsh words were directed mostly at Tibus Heth and the recent revocation of the blind auction which granted the Caldari megacorps rights to conquered systems in Placid. "It should be obvious I stand against the very act of auctioning off worlds to corporations, rather than leaving them in the hands of democratically elected governments. But what we see here is Heth's utter inability to maintain the very policies he enacted. He enforces laws selectively and where they allow him to accumulate power to the detriment of everyone else."

Blaque continued on, anticipating heavy unrest in the State. "He has already alienated the executives. He's shown he's willing to massacre his workers. It is only a matter of time before his people stand up against him and declare that they've had enough. When that happens, what does that mean for the warship parked in Luminaire? When a government is in disarray, its weapons can fall into anyone's hands. It's a tremendous danger to the very safety of the Federation."

President [Roden]( Roden), when asked to comment on Blaque's statements, gave a terse answer, saying, "The military security of the Gallente Federation is a paramount priority for my administration. However, the internal matters of the Caldari are not something Director Blaque should openly discuss. He should deal with our internal affairs and allow the Caldari to deal with theirs."