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Federation Navy Confirms Courts-Martial Of Two Tripwire Officers

  • YC114-12-27

    ESSENCE - In the wake of the Inner Circle investigation into the Evaulon Incident, the Federation Navy has this morning confirmed the courts-martial of two senior officers from Tripwire Border Control. In a press release made public approximately an hour ago, details have surfaced that both Lead Intelligence Analyst Sidere Rualert and Flight Commander Jemes Ernois pleaded guilty to charges of negligence, professional misconduct and questionable judgment when brought before the Special Department of [...]

    Inner Circle Investigation into Evaulon Incident concludes.

    • YC114-12-21

      VILLORE - The Federal Senate and Inner Circle reconvened this afternoon to discuss the results of the investigation into what has become widely known as the Evaulon Incident. Chief Investigating Officer of Inner Circle Internal Affairs Keraimo Hakanuro addressed the Federal Senate at 14:00 with a statement that included a 114-page document detailing recommendations and requirements for improvements to the Federation Navy's Tripwire division. During his address, Chief Hakanuro brought to light "a [...]

      Combined Harvest Aid Convoy Reaches Evaulon Safely

      • YC114-12-21

        PLACID - Combined Harvest confirmed this morning, in an interview with Avechemon Foundation lead Anderes Duellene, that a convoy carrying over a million cubic meters of aid supplies was successfully escorted to the battle scarred system of Evaulon last night. A task force commanded by veteran Federal Loyalist capsuleer and Mixed Metaphor CEO Andreus Ixiris set out from Stacmon, ensuring the safe passage of four Anshar class jump freighters which were en-route to a Federal Defence Union staging point [...]

        CONCORD Investigation into Federal border security continues

        • YC114-12-13

          YULAI - Capsuleers across the Federation were caught off guard yesterday evening by the appearance of a DED Special Weapons and Tactics unit that originated from their operational headquarters in Genesis. Headed up by DED SWAT Director Arve Vesren, the task force was part of an ongoing investigation into the integrity of Federal border security in the wake of the Evaulon incident, in which over a quarter of a million Federal citizens lost their lives to a planetary assault orchestrated by the [...]

          Strange capsuleers hurl snowballs across New Eden

          • YC114-12-13

            In an unusual occurrence in the afternoon of December 13th, a number of individuals throughout New Eden were suddenly accosted by snowball -throwing capsuleers. This unusual group of capsuleers would suddenly appear in a system, declaring their quest for "good snowball fights". After a few brief exchanges of snowballs launched from the newly distributed Festival Launchers, the capsuleers - spouting off nonsense about "Sansha Claus" and his Revenant pulled by 9 Nightmares - would vanish just as [...]

            Federal Senate petitions CONCORD in the wake of Evaulon Incident

            • YC114-12-08

              LADISTIER - The Office of Federal President Jacus Roden this morning confirmed for the first time publicly that the Senate has handed a petition to the CONCORD Assembly's Inner Circle. The petition comes at the request of Federal Loyalist Capsuleer Julianus Soter, Executor of Federal Defense Union alliance Villore Accords, in the wake of the Serpentis strike against the Federal city of Rilnais on November 29th. In a statement confirming the petition had been handed to the CONCORD Assembly, Corillis [...]

              CONCORD enacts landmark bounty hunting legislation

              • YC114-12-05

                CONCORD's Department of Press Relations yesterday announced that following several days of intense discussion, the Inner Circle has fast-tracked a legislative proposal that's lain dormant within the CONCORD legislature for just under a year. Proposal 4457.051, otherwise known as The Retribution Act, is a bill with wide-ranging implications for capsule pilots, and apparently stands to change quite a few things about how they engage in combative pursuits. In the words of the statute, "with the ever- [...]

                Heth confirmed in stable condition as CONCORD confers in closed session

                • YC114-12-03

                  Tibus Heth, Executor of the Caldari State, who was the victim of a shooting attack at a political rally in the city of Okushin on New Caldari Prime last Friday afternoon, has been confirmed by the Caldari Providence Directorate to be alive and in stable condition. According to the report, the Caldari head of state came to consciousness shortly after noon Saturday and has since then been engaged in ceaseless talks with members of his government as well as CONCORD officials. He has been described by one [...]


                  • YC114-11-30

                    Tibus Heth, Executor of the Caldari State, has been shot by an unknown assailant at a Provist political rally in the major metropolis of Okushin on New Caldari Prime. The attack, which took place shortly after noon today, caused widespread panic among the assembled crowd of roughly 12,000, necessitating Provist interventionary measures that at last count have left three dead and approximately 200 injured. Martial law has been declared in the greater Okushin area, with planetwide security measures [...]

                    Surprise Serpentis Attack Devastates Evaulon VII

                    • YC114-11-30

                      Placid - The city of Rilnais lies in ruin this morning after a surprise attack by the Serpentis Corporation late last night. Close to the equator of Evaulon VII, the city was well known in the Federation for its astonishing growth over the last two decades, due to its close proximity to a highly profitable agricultural installation owned and operated by Combined Harvest. Serpentis and Guardian Angel forces, along with a contingent of Capsuleers from known Serpentis loyalist organization the Coreli [...]

                      Blood Raider Scouts Destroyed by Capsuleers

                      • YC114-11-09

                        The Bleak Lands - A Blood Raiders scouting force was destroyed late last night in Oyonata, after leading capsuleers on a multi-system chase through portions of Domain and the Bleak Lands. The scouting force, which consisted of two Ashimmu-class cruisers, apparently began their journey early in the day in Delve, which the Blood Raiders call home, and slowly made their way to Niarja in Domain. Upon arrival, the two began receiving intelligence from spies which had infiltrated inhabited planets and [...]

                        Serpentis heist foiled by capsule pilots in Evaulon

                        • YC114-11-02

                          PLACID REGION - Early last night, distorted distress calls began filtering out from the severely damaged city of Rilnais on Evaulon VII. Rilnais's inhabitants had been locked in their homes for over 24 hours due to a poisonous gas cloud emanating from silos on the outskirts of the city which had been damaged in a ground troop attack of unknown origin or motive the day before. The calls, picked up by capsuleers on several comms frequencies, warned of the presence of the criminal organization Serpentis, [...]

                          Unknown military force strikes Gallente planet, hundreds believed dead

                          • YC114-10-31

                            PLACID REGION - Several reports have surfaced that a small ground troop offensive of unknown origin this afternoon took place on the Gallente planet of Evaulon VII. The target appears to have been the planet's lone city, Rilnais, which according to reports is now engulfed in a cloud of noxious vapor. While the extent of the devastation is unconfirmed at this point, there are indications that damage to the environment could be widespread and the loss of life significant, with most reports placing the [...]

                            Empires increase security in the wake of planetary attacks

                            • YC114-10-30

                              The Caldari State and the Minmatar Republic have enacted new security measures in the wake of a recent spate of pirate attacks against planets within their respective domains. Late last month, the systems of Oddelulf and Bogelek in the Molden Heath region of Minmatar space saw two coordinated planetary strikes by the Angel Cartel, and this month witnessed a Gurista attack against Caldari planetary holdings in the system of Ohkunen. It is unknown at this time what motivated the attacks. Though details [...]

                              Angel Cartel executes second planetary strike in two days

                              • YC114-09-28

                                MOLDEN HEATH - The Angel Cartel this afternoon conducted a large-scale attack on a Minmatar planet for the second time in as many days. The attack took place in the Bogelek system, and like its predecessor it centered on a Genesis Vault cluster, an interconnected series of biodomes used by the Minmatar for plant life reconstruction and research. The vault cluster in question was the largest of the clusters remaining since yesterday's attack, which all but destroyed the facilities on Oddelulf III, [...]

                                Angel Cartel conduct planetary attack in Oddelulf, hundreds dead

                                • YC114-09-28

                                  MOLDEN HEATH - Just over an hour ago, a fleet of ships belonging to the Angel Cartel conducted a multi-pronged attack and invasion on the settlement of Tialdshad on the planet Oddelulf III. The exact death toll is unknown at this time but confirmed to be in the hundreds, with just over a thousand people injured in the attack. The Cartel force, numbering over 60 starships and several landing parties, focused their attention on a cluster of Genesis Vaults, giant biodomes containing a wide variety of [...]

                                  Amidst the ongoing vigor of the great factional war, there is a strange undercurrent of dissention and disappearances

                                  • YC114-05-17

                                    In itself this should not be surprising - war frays the nerves of all but the hardiest participants, and a galactic-scale war will have devastating effects on the morale of untold numbers of soldiers, no matter how many more are ready to take their place. According to analysts scrutinizing reports from the field, what is increasingly surprising is the complex nature of these defections. Firstly, they seem to involve the least likely soldiers to run off. Enlisted members of the various factional armed [...]

                                    Recent scientific breakthroughs bring cost of progress under scrutiny

                                    • YC114-05-17

                                      The recent and surprising advancements in various scientific fields may have enraptured many, but there is a darker side to progress. The origins of all this new technology tend to alarm those who even get to hear of it at all, while the militaristic emphasis, even in this current climate, is putting the scientific community on edge about future developments. Lastly, there is the Inferno drug itself, a rumored catalyst behind many of these changes, but one that may also be linked to dangerous events [...]

                                      Advancements in several scientific fields lead to surprising and immediately beneficial discoveries

                                      • YC114-05-16

                                        Recent and unexpected advancements in various scientific fields have brought increased prosperity and improved quality of life to parts of society all over New Eden. In our last article we outlined our intent to examine the effect these advances have had on daily life, the drawbacks they have brought with them, the risks they have engendered and the resulting damage. In this instalment we will briefly go over some of the most notable ways in which these advances have been put to use. It should be [...]

                                        Rapid and surprising rise of technological advancements in previously stagnant fields

                                        • YC114-05-14

                                          Major advances have been made recently in various once-stagnant scientific fields, throughout all of civilized New Eden. While the full impact of these advances has yet to be measured, their effects, for good and ill, are already being felt at various levels of society. Over the following days, we will present a brief overview of the current state of affairs. It must be noted that the brevity of this reportage is due partly to how new these advances are - The Scope always strives to be first - and [...]