SnipeHunt assaults FIO, is wiped out by Black Eagles

New Eden News | YC115-03-09

Cat - The digital activist group SnipeHunt broke into a [Federal Intelligence Office]( Intelligence Office) station in Ommare after an assault on Inghenges, then were killed by [Black Eagles]( Eagles) forces as they attempted to flee into Cat.

The day began when the Ostrakon Agency assaulted a Black Eagles facility on Inghenges II. Combat took place over several hours. Ostrakon, apparently working on the payroll of SnipeHunt, bolstered their numbers with public mercenary contracts starting at 14:00, while the Federal Intelligence Office offered similar contracts to help defend the facility. Intense fighting continued until 22:00, when the facility was secured by Ostrakon long enough for the SnipeHunt to enter and steal several hightech pieces of decryption equipment, as well as non-lethal suppression gas.

As the SnipeHunt withdrew to a transport taking them to a freighter waiting in orbit, the Black Eagles regrouped and drove off the remaining Ostrakon forces. The fighting continued for two more hours as the Black Eagles attempted to round up the attacking mercenaries and prevent looting of the battlefield.

"It appears many of our dropsuits were stolen by Ostrakon forces following the fighting," said Black Eagles representative Thoun Gaterau. "We assume many of them remain in good working operation or can be repaired with proper know-how. However, we will be rewarding those individuals who stood loyally by the Federation with brand new dropsuits. The Black Eagles reward loyalty to the Federation."

The SnipeHunt team boarded a freighter, where it rendezvoused with a mixed capsuleer fleet including pilots from Destiny Foundation, Naquatech Conglomerate, and True Slave Foundations. The freighter then carried the equipment to a Federal Intelligence Office station in Ommare, where SnipeHunt claimed the Black Eagles were developing illegal weaponry.

Once docked, the agents utilized the stolen gas to incapacitate guards, then began hacking through the Black Eagles security. According to comms chatter from the two activists, they managed to discover several interesting things, but neither could reveal the nature before security managed to respond. According to the Black Eagles, both agents were killed as they attempted to escape.

Shortly after, the freighter undocked and attempted to flee as the Black Eagles arrived in a fleet of Navy Megathrons and ordered it to surrender. It and its capsuleer escort attempted to flee into Cat, where the Black Eagles caught and destroyed it and a significant number of its escort in a sustained firefight.

During combat, pilot Dahacai Laguz recovered 17 of the surviving activists from the wreck of the freighter and was fired on by the Black Eagles. M. Laguz immediately surrendered and declared his intention to turn the criminals over to the Eagles. After finishing off a few stragglers, the Black Eagles and M. Laguz returned to Ommare, where he turned the activists over.

Thoun Gaterau said, "M. Laguz is to be commended for his actions. Turning these criminals over to the Black Eagles, so they can be tried in a court of law, is the proper action. He was alone among capsuleers in supporting us this day. It is a testament to his loyalty that he took this action when his peers were attempting to assist criminals. I will personally see that he is awarded for his service."

According to Gaterau, CONCORD had been assisting with the matter since SnipeHunt first publicly declared their intent to hack the Black Eagles. "The reports of weapons was part of an elaborate sting operation against SnipeHunt. We didn't expect them to hire mercenaries to attack us, but once it was apparent they were criminals, CONCORD had no issue with branding the operatives involved in the break-in and their escort as suspects."

He went on to state, "While it is a shame some were not captured alive, we will be trying those who did survive in a Federal court of justice. The full extent of their criminal activities, many of which caused harm to and compromised the security of Federation citizens, will be brought to light."