Tibus Heth denounces Blaque's rally speech

New Eden News | YC115-02-25

New Caldari -Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth angrily denounced the speech given by [Mentas Blaque](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Mentas Blaque) last Thursday, calling it "racist, hateful, and revisionist rhetoric designed only to denigrate the Caldari people."

Blaque 's speech, which has been rebroadcast countless times across the Federation since the rally, declared the war between the Federation and State to be one of "self-defense due to a fundamental breach of our sovereignty" and initiated by "racist [sic] prejudice brought against us by those would seek to attack the fundamental principles of our constitution." The speech went on to claim "the Provist threat is as real as ever" and said the safety of the Gallente was epitomized by "the presence of a wall of Provist steel that orbits [Caldari Prime](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Caldari Prime)."

Tibus Heth attacked the speech in one of his own, given this morning to workers at the Kaalakiota Corporation Factory in New Caldari. "Blaque is a historically known racist," Heth said, "so his words are no surprise. He continues the revisionist history which paints the Federation as blameless victims in their attempted genocide of the Caldari people. It was not the Caldari who bombarded a homeworld and kept it hostage for generations. It was not the Caldari who saw another people growing great and said, 'No, you may not.' It was not the Caldari whose greatest war hero proved himself a cowardly murderer and killed one of the State's greatest executives."

Despite cheers that at times drowned out his words, Heth pressed on with the speech, which went nearly twenty minutes in total length. "The Caldari finally have their homeworld back. It's true that steel orbits Caldari Prime. It is the steel of a shield, guarding vigilantly against any future assault. The only Provist threat is the one to the Gallente hegemony. We threaten those who wish to impose their cultural imperialism upon anything they deem beneath their lofty principles."

Heth concluded his speech by saying, "I vow to never let myself falter. I have faced greater threats than the ones conjured up by Mentas Blaque. I remain standing tall, much as the Caldari shall forever stand tall, and much as Caldari Prime shall forever remain a beacon of hope to those who lost great things and believe in redemption."