Admiral Yanala gives first weekly address from orbit of Caldari Prime

New Eden News | YC115-03-19

LUMINAIRE - Admiral Visera Yanala gave her first public address today, after being drafted back into command of the Leviathan class titan Shiigeru which orbits the troubled planet of Caldari Prime.

Throughout the address, she made numerous mentions of the "heroic effort of Caldari rescue teams" as the cleanup from yesterday evening's Shintoko Tower collapse continues. Her release also praised the troops of the Provist occupation force for their "courageousness and professionalism in restoring order to the cities of Arcurio and Pakuri." She also led those assembled in a minute of silence and paid tribute to those whose lives were lost during the course of yesterday's events.

During the address she assured the press that "those living within Gallente habitation zones on Caldari Prime have nothing to fear. Peace and order will be maintained, and so long as the newly enacted curfew is adhered to, there will be no further disturbances or use of force to ensure calm."

The address was closed with the vow that under her command, the Provist security force "will continue to work toward a peaceful resolution of the troubles on Caldari Prime." She also added that "all residents of Caldari Prime, both Gallente and Caldari, will be provided for and protected from harm until such time as full law and order is restored."

Reactions to Admiral Yanala's words have been varied and widespread. Paakadan Uotadan, a leading security consultant to the Kaalakiota Corporation, responded to the address by claiming "Admiral Yanala is the perfect choice for this situation. Her service record with the Caldari Navy is a testament to her level-headedness and solid judgment. The fate of Caldari Prime is in good hands."

Meanwhile, opinions in the Federation remain in harsh opposition to the Caldari Providence Directorate. Gallente Senator Rauze Coulon reacted with a scathing statement against the Provist occupation force from his family estate on the outskirts of Hueromont.

In Yulai, the CONCORD Assembly remains tight-lipped with regards to ongoing events with the exception of a single Intergalactic Summit transmission yesterday evening in which DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren stated that "CONCORD will continue to closely monitor the situation."