Caldari Providence Directorate release statement regarding current events in Luminaire

New Eden News | YC115-03-21

NEW CALDARI - After six days of unrest in Luminaire, the Caldari Providence Directorate have this afternoon released a full statement detailing current operations on Caldari Prime.

Flanked by two of his senior officers, Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth gave a press conference detailing "necessary measures taken by the Provist Security Force in order to keep the situation under control." He continued by expanding on operations since the initial flare-up of conflict on the besieged planet approximately a week ago, stating that "all measures are being taken to ensure that the disturbances on our home world are controlled, brought to an end and thoroughly investigated."

Reading from a datapad outside Caldari Providence Directorate headquarters on New Caldari Prime, Executor Heth initially seemed to pause and deviate from his pre-written address several times, before appearing to grip the edge of his podium for support. Once composed, he reiterated that his primary concern is "the safety and wellbeing of all Caldari service personnel and civilians in Luminaire, and their proper protection during these callous attacks by Gallente dissidents."

Executor Heth then reiterated the reasoning for the presence of the Leviathan-class titan in orbit of Caldari Prime, and openly stated that "should the unrest on Caldari Prime escalate further, the Shiigeru will be moved into a low-orbit position to ensure she is in a position to strike at any threat posed to the security of our home world. "

Upon leaving the podium without fielding questions, Heth appeared to press a palm to his temple in reaction to stress before retreating inside Caldari Providence Directorate headquarters.