Federation Navy releases Caldari Prime status report after stand-off with Shiigeru

New Eden News | YC115-03-20

LUMINAIRE - Caldari and Gallente forces came close to a full combat situation in orbit of Caldari Prime approximately an hour ago, as a Federation Navy patrol was sighted apparently making reconnaissance scans of the besieged planet's surface.

Caldari Navy forces were quick to react, with Admiral Visera Yanala issuing demands for Federation Navy vessels to cease all ongoing operations and vacate orbit of Caldari Prime. During her broadcast over the local Luminaire frequency, she repeatedly claimed that Federation Navy forces were "in violation of Caldari airspace" and issued notification that failure to comply with her requests would result in defensive action from the Caldari fleet.

In response, the Federation Navy patrol made attempts to assuage the concerns of the Caldari fleet, with Admiral Auvier Bauvon indicating that the Gallente vessels were simply a reconnaissance patrol, tasked with reviewing the status of Federal citizens on Caldari Prime. After 30 minutes, when they had apparently completed their scans at a safe distance, the Federation Navy vessels departed without further incident.

Around fifteen minutes ago the Federation Navy made an unprecedented press release from its headquarters in the neighboring system of Algogille, revealing the full details of scans from its reconnaissance patrol. Admiral Auvier Bauvon was frank in stating that "the situation on Caldari Prime is extremely dire."

He continued the briefing by indicating that the Federation Navy "now has confirmed reports of continued unrest in the cities of Arcurio, Pakuri and Tovil, with thermal scans showing fires burning freely in a number of locations below the cloud cover." Admiral Bauvon then presented a detailed breakdown of events over the previous five days in the lead-up to Admiral Yanala's return to service.

In response to the Federation Navy's release of information, the Caldari Providence Directorate has declared a no-fly zone in low-orbit airspace around Caldari Prime. The Caldari Navy has been authorized to engage and destroy any vessel that breaches the order.