BREAKING NEWS: Ground Fighting Erupts on Caldari Prime

New Eden News | YC115-03-15

_Luminaire - _Reports of extensive ground fighting between Gallente partisans and Caldari military forces have emerged from [Caldari Prime]( Prime). According to reports, fights began to break out shortly after 11:30 EST across the surface of the planet, as armed Gallente began assaulting Caldari military installations.

The disposition of the Gallente forces is currently unknown as contact with the planet has been sporadic since fighting began. Erratic reports have placed them either as rebellious residents, remnants of the Federal Marines who have been in hiding since the planet was captured, fresh troops deployed covertly by the Federation over the previous several weeks, independent mercenaries, or some combination of the four. The Federation has not issued any comment to clarify the situation.

Sami Okuuda, a representative for the [Caldari Navy]( Navy), issued a statement saying, "We are aware of the armed insurrections taking place on Caldari Prime. We cannot comment on their nature, but we are confident the Caldari armed forces can handle the situation and restore peace in short order."