Black Eagles to hold political rally in Villore on 21st at 20:00

New Eden News | YC115-02-20

Villore - The Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, better known as the Black Eagles, have announced they will be holding a "Rally for the Federation" in the Villore system on the 21st of this month. The rally is to run all day, with public speeches which will touch on matters of "loyalty and the Gallente way" beginning at 20:00 EST.

According to SDII director [Mentas Blaque]( Blaque), the rally is intended "to remind the citizens of the Gallente Federation that we are here to protect them. While forces in other nations stamp on freedoms, trample their basic rights, and thrust danger upon them, the SDII is here to preserve the core concepts of the Federation: freedom and justice."

Director Blaque mentioned that, in addition to himself, several notable Gallente will be in attendance to support the rally and urge citizens to "do their civic duty." Recruiters for the Black Eagles will also be present to receive applications from interested Federation citizens who shall then be vetted and contacted at a later date.