Ishukone access to Caldari Prime approved, full negotiations still ongoing

New Eden News | YC115-03-25

LUMINAIRE - The Ishukone Corporation has been granted full authorization to cross the border between the Federation and the State in order to access Caldari Prime, the Gallente Senate has announced in the last hour.

After an unopposed vote in the Senate chambers, following a humbling speech on Saturday by Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola, the Senate reached a unanimous decision to allow the corporation access to the Luminaire system in order to assist with the ongoing relief effort.

After news broke of the Senate's decision, the Ishukone Corporation CEO immediately called a conference with the interstellar press, expressing that the corporation was "absolutely elated with the decision to allow access to Caldari Prime." Reppola also thanked the Senate for what he called their "empathy and understanding at such a troubling time for the Caldari people" and lauded the Senate and President for "an astonishingly kind gesture in a dark time of conflict between our two nations."

Reaction among the Caldari mega corporations has been varied, with a number of Kaalakiota and Lai Dai executives openly expressing their dissatisfaction with Ishukone's actions when questioned by the interstellar press. Conversely, Ahtonen Osmon, CEO of the Hyasyoda Corporation has expressed his approval of Ishukone's stance after events on Friday.

In a press release a little over ten minutes ago, he expressed that "while some might not agree, Mr Reppola has made the correct decision. Carrying on Otro Gariushi's legacy of placing the Caldari people before his corporation's pride is a solid gesture and a bold step back into the limelight for Ishukone. The Hyasyoda Corporation would like to express our respect and thanks for Ishukone's fast and decisive response to the recent troubles."

While the situation regarding ownership and oversight of Caldari Prime remains unclear, and the Caldari Providence Directorate continues to refrain from public comment on Friday's events, rumors are beginning to surface that the Ishukone Corporation may be negotiating for the planet to be declared a demilitarized zone.