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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Pilots rush to Minmatar spy's cause

  • YC108-12-22

    SIRSESHIN - Pod pilots rallied to the aid of exposed secret agent Rirokton Teursen in Sirseshin several weeks ago but were unable to affect his escape from forces bent on his destruction. Eurik Karsteinn, Teursen's loyal friend of many years made a plea in Sirseshin for pilots with good standing towards the Minmatar Republic to form up and aid the agent in his escape. A band of twenty or so answered the call and with news of a Caldari Navy patrol in the vicinity, this added urgency to proceedings and [...]

    Sukuuvestaa play down sabotage link

    • YC108-12-19

      SAISIO - Sukuuvestaa Corporation officials have issued a strenuous denial of involvement in the guerrilla attacks on arch-rival Kaalakiota Corporation's property in Sirppala. Masked individuals had launched an attack on a guard post at a Kaalakiota Factory which injured two security employees and left the building defaced with graffiti. The attack was the latest in a growing trend for unrest in the region following a fall-out between KC officials and union leaders over proposed pay-cuts and poor [...]

      Slave Trading Company Halts Capsuleer Operations

      • YC108-12-16

        Amarrian slave traders Imperial Human Resources announced today that they will no longer be conducting business with pod pilots. The decision comes after a series of violent attacks on IHR shipping orchestrated by the Brutor Freedom Front and their leader Alger Skaven. Speaking from his office in Sharhelund, IHR CEO Malachi Bolden stated that the decision was made after “much deliberation and prayer” following his corporation’s failure to pacify Skaven in The Bleak Lands last week. On December 7th, [...]

        Terrorists strike Kaalakiota security

        • YC108-12-09

          SIRPPALA - Executives of Kaalakiota Corporation held an emergency meeting at the company HQ in Nonni in response to developing industrial action taken by workers in Sirppala and Waskisen following an insurgent attack on Sirppala II. A group of masked individuals launched a guerrilla attack on a guard post at the Kaalakiota Factory on the planet, injuring two security employees and defacing the building. Union leaders have been increasingly disgruntled in recent months as industrial relation talks [...]

          Amarrian regional war at stalemate.

          • YC108-12-06

            KOR-AZOR – A war that began two months ago because of a perceived insult to an Amarrian Holders daughter has ground to a stalemate in the Kor-Azor Region. House Darabi, lead by Iraj Darabi, declared war on House Miyan after Touraj Miyan refused to apologize for unflattering remarks he made about Darabi’s daughter Mina. Although House Miyan’s fleet is nearly twice the size of House Darabi’s, creative tactics by Darabi fleet commanders have made both sides somewhat evenly matched and the war looks to [...]

            Caldari PvP Tournament: First Weekend Review

            • YC108-12-05

              The first weekend of the Third Alliance Tournament has finished and as it has come to be expected famous names have fallen by the wayside whilst unheralded groups have invigorated the championships. Going into the second weekend Mercenary Coalition, one of the pre-tournament favourites having little chance to qualify for the later stages, likewise one of the Southern powers Lotka Volterra became the hunted not the hunter. On the other side of the equation four teams have secured maximum points; [...]

              Mind Clash Champion recieves death threats.

              • YC108-12-05

                Only a few days after the announcement of the annual Mind Clash tournament, current Champion Joelyn Donalokos has received death threats warning against his participation. This latest development has put further doubt around the tournament, and has fuelled previously rising tensions between the two empires. In the face of the threats, Donalokos has remained defiant, stating he will not be intimidated and will continue his preparations. Major networks were quick to pick up the threat, which was leaked [...]

                Mind Clash Tournament announcement sparks controversy.

                • YC108-12-02

                  One of the largest and most lucrative entertainment events of the year is coming around once again, as officials announced the beginning of preparations for the annual Mind Clash tournaments. The press conference held today attracted a great deal of attention to the tournament already, with the announcement that this year’s venue would be Caldari Prime. Controversy surrounding the choice of venue has already ensued, following further clarifications from officials stating that it had been requested [...]

                  Offline stargates activate spontaneously, CONCORD officials issue general travel advisory

                  • YC108-11-29

                    At just after 02:00 EVT last night, a large number of offline stargates spontaneously came online, opening access to eight previously closed-off regions of space. CONCORD officials have issued a travel advisory intended to dissuade pilots from entering the newly-accessible regions due to “unforeseeable dangers,” but since CONCORD’s jurisdiction does not extend to these regions they have not been able to issue any mandates. Capsuleers are reported to be roaming the new regions already. The regions were [...]

                    Khanid Transport Submits Investigation into Kingdom Economic Woes

                    • YC108-11-28

                      Early this afternoon, Khanid Transport released some of the findings of a three month long investigation into the faltering Khanid economy in a press conference held at their corporate headquarters. The investigation, commissioned by the Khanid government three months ago in response to increasing warning signs regarding the health of the Kingdom’s economy, was headed by Khanid Transport director Isan Anmeal. With the entire report presented to King Khanid and his advisors this morning, Anmeal held a [...]

                      Kaalakiota declare Kassigainen IV situation ‘under control’ amid harsh criticism from international parties

                      • YC108-11-22

                        The Kaalakiota Corporation’s office of public relations released a statement this morning wherein they proclaim the situation at Truiisu Station on Kassigainen IV to be “fully under control.” The statement comes in the wake of steadily-crescendoing voices of condemnation from various international parties over the past week. “The insurgent force has been neutralized as peacefully as was possible under the circumstances,” the statement reads. “A majority of the people on the colony have been [...]

                        Bleak Lands Installations Under Attack by Unknown Forces

                        • YC108-11-14

                          The Bleak Lands region of the Amarr Empire has over the past week played host to a number of attacks perpetrated by forces of unknown size and affiliation. The attacks, mostly targeting independent holder assets and small to mid-sized orbital installations, have in all cases been swift and decisive, usually laying waste to their targets before responding units can be deployed to the scene. Ballistic data from installation wreckage, as well as eyewitness reports from colony attacks, have confirmed that [...]

                          Guristas Leader Escapes Security Patrol

                          • YC108-11-13

                            Late last Monday afternoon a security detachment from the Taladigi Transport & Trading Company tracked down and engaged a prominent Guristas pirate leader, in response to recent attacks on their shipping. Following the loss of a large convoy, which was a major part of a Caldari Navy contract, the previous week TT&T; has made numerous attempts to fulfil the contract using much smaller and faster cargo shipments. However, despite their best efforts, over the course of the week the majority of the [...]

                            Xelas face upto Fountain incursions

                            • YC108-11-09

                              FOUNTAIN - Xelas Alliance were thrust into the firing line of the Band of Brothers versus Ascendant Frontier conflict last fortnight and found themselves facing challenges brought by new enemies and changes to old relationships. However, having endured consistent pressure for some considerable time, claims of their demise appeared premature. Just two days prior to the outbreak of hostilities Xelas was hampered by the loss of over 300 pod-pilots as a breakaway alliance named Horde split from the [...]

                              Gallente Aid Convoy Downed In Kassigainen

                              • YC108-11-08

                                A Gallente Federation aid convoy was shot down in the Kassigainen system yesterday evening by a contingent of capsuleer forces from the Veto corporation. The convoy was carrying food and medical supplies bound for Truiisu Station, a Kaalakiota Corporation-owned mining colony on Kassigainen IV that has over the past two days been the site of fierce rioting. The sudden attack came in the wake of a 30-minute long standoff between the captain of the convoy and forces from the Home Guard, Kaalakiota’s [...]

                                Foiritan Pledges To Send Aid Convoy As Truiisu Station Death Toll Mounts

                                • YC108-11-07

                                  Newly re-elected Gallente President Souro Foiritan has just issued a press release stating his intention to send an aid convoy to Kassigainen IV to assist with what the release terms “a major – and growing – humanitarian crisis.” The release states that the convoy is meant as “a gesture of goodwill, and a hopeful step towards better relations with our neighbors.” Only a few minutes after the announcement, the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel released a statement indicating the situation is “under [...]

                                  Dozens Dead In Kassigainen IV Riot

                                  • YC108-11-06

                                    Rioting erupted this morning at Truiisu Station, a Kassigainen IV mining colony owned by Caldari giant the Kaalakiota Corporation. The exact reasons for the fracas are unclear, but the fighting is reported to have broken out in the wake of an incident where several officers of the Home Guard, Kaalakiota's private police force, allegedly slit the throat of a former colony worker recently laid off by the corporation. Exact numbers of deceased are unavailable at this point, but unconfirmed reports [...]

                                    Feednets Disagree on Kassigainen Incident's Causes

                                    • YC108-11-06

                                      Several Caldari feednets have in the past hour run news claiming that, according to information just received from inside sources at the Kaalakiota Corporation, the ongoing riots at Truiisu Station on Kassigainen IV are the result of "a planned revolt, instigated by double agents from competing corporations." According to the information, the goal of these double agents is "the subversion of the Kaalakiota work force through incitement of anti-corporate ideals." Analysts from other networks have [...]

                                      Privy Council Resumes Tetrimon Exile

                                      • YC108-11-04

                                        Spokespeople for the Privy Council announced a withdrawal of the council’s temporary pardon for members of the cult of Tetrimon on Sunday afternoon; just weeks after the Theology Council disavowed the Tetrimon Scrolls they were investigating. The announcement came shortly after a regular meeting of the Privy Council, the political body composed of the Amarrian heirs and currently leading the empire in the absence of a new emperor. The statement read “After much consideration, due to the fact that [...]

                                        Guristas Pirates strike against Caldari Navy convoy.

                                        • YC108-11-03

                                          OTITOH. Recent unrest in the State shows little sign of letting up, as the Guristas Pirates continue to look for ways to attack Caldari Navy interests. The most recent of attacks centered around a shipment contracted by the Navy, which was subsequently lost and used for bait in what came to be an unsuccessful trap. On the 25th of November, a large convoy owned by the Taladigi Transport & Trading Corporation set out from the New Caldari system bearing a classified shipment for the Caldari Navy. It [...]

                                          Foiritan Triumphs in Close Race

                                          • YC108-10-28

                                            Final election results are in from the Federation: President Souro Foiritan has claimed victory by a narrow margin, beating his opponent, Senator Mentas Blaque, by just a single point. This will make him the first president in Gallente history ever to serve more than one term in office. “I am proud, and I am humbled, to be granted the opportunity to serve this great nation for five more years,” said the President in an address to his supporters, delivered minutes ago from the steps of the presidential [...]

                                            Race Tightens As Border Region Vote Weighs In

                                            • YC108-10-28

                                              According to the latest numbers from the Gallente Electoral Commission, incumbent President Souro Foiritan has gained three points on his opponent, Senator Mentas Blaque, bringing the race to a close two points. The news comes in the wake of a concerted showing of Matari and Intaki immigrants at polls in border regions of the Federation. The cities of Aubruille, Sargai and Sebirouse, the three most populous cities of Sinq Laison, a border region of the Federation, have seen large rallies of Matari and [...]

                                              Blaque in Lead, Early Numbers Suggest

                                              • YC108-10-27

                                                According to early numbers just in from the Gallente Electoral Commission, presidential contender Mentas Blaque currently leads incumbent President Souro Foiritan by a five-point margin. Votes have been fully counted from 233 districts out of 528. An interview with Senator Blaque was aired two hours ago on a popular Gallente feednet, wherein the Senator reaffirmed the driving points of his campaign. “I think Gallenteans should be proud to call themselves Gallente... I, I think that there is such a [...]

                                                Election Day in the Federation

                                                • YC108-10-27

                                                  At 12:00 noon EVT today, polls for the Office of the Presidency opened in the five-hundred-twenty-eight voting districts of the Gallente Federation. With the projected turnout approaching 2.5 trillion voters, today’s election is shaping up to be one of the biggest in the Federation’s history. Booths have been opened in every major city and municipality across the Federation, and already citizens are flocking to cast their votes. Sepault Farina, analyst at the Center for Democratic Advance, a Sovicou [...]

                                                  New Foundation Formed to Represent the Academic Community

                                                  • YC108-10-26

                                                    YULAI. Frustrated by the lack of support from university administration officials; professors, researchers, and students have come together to create the Utopian Scholar Foundation – a multicultural academic institution free from the influence of the Empires. The foundation, headed up by Dr. Rolleniae of the University of Caille, seeks to represent students and professors as well as other scholars from across New Eden. It aims to be the voice of those who wish to promote academic interests, regardless [...]

                                                    New Organisation Emerges in Empire Outskirts

                                                    • YC108-10-23

                                                      Late Tuesday evening a group of ships, from the previously unknown Blood Sephrim, entered Amarr Empire space and gave local capsuleer pilots an ideological sermon before losing a vessel in combat with one of the pilots. Just after 1900 galactic standard time Tuesday, a trio of pilots from what they declared to be the 'Blood Sephrim', an organisation unheard of until this point, entered the Kourmonen system of The Bleak Lands region. They immediately launched into a sermon about maintaining the purity [...]

                                                      Unease amongst student population grows.

                                                      • YC108-10-22

                                                        ESSENCE. Throughout the universities of New Eden, a number of student protests have turned violent leading to arrests as tensions rise between students and the administrative bodies regarding a recent resurgence in the desire to leave the control of the four empires, and see the fostering of new inter-empire relationships. In many universities, capsuleer and planet bound students are feeling pressured by the overbearing presence of the university administration boards allowing the politics of New Eden [...]

                                                        Imperial Navy Destroys Tetrimon Installation

                                                        • YC108-10-14

                                                          In an alarming display of strength last Wednesday evening, a fleet from the Amarrian Imperial Navy, at the behest of the Theology Council, destroyed a large installation belonging to the Order of St. Tetrimon on the fringes of Amarr space. The Navy fleet, comprised of seven Revelation-class dreadnoughts and three Archon-class carriers, was dispatched from the Amarr solar system by Theology Council representative Deacon Lorenzo Azir shortly after 1900 New Eden standard time. Adressing the fleet leader [...]

                                                          Blood Raider Hub Decimated

                                                          • YC108-10-05

                                                            BLEAK LANDS. The Blood Raider hub decimated by Amarrian loyalist forces last Sunday has been described by a Cult of Catechization High Priest as being "just a leftover of their Bleak Lands forces." According to High Priest Delsiah of the Cult of Catechization – who was responsible for the operation – the hub’s Blood Raider personnel had remained in the region and strangely "did not leave in their exodus last year." The Amarrian loyalist forces, lead by a Cult of Catechization fleet and supported by [...]

                                                            State Denies Recession Claims

                                                            • YC108-10-05

                                                              Representatives of the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel issued a public statement this morning, refuting several claims recently put forth by noted economist Arvelan Tokaru. In an in-depth article published in respected economic journal The Wiramar Index last Monday, Dr. Tokaru warns that numerous signs indicate the Caldari State may be headed for a major recession. Foremost among these, she claims, are rising unemployment numbers and crippled supply chains stemming from rift trade agreements [...]

                                                              Blaque In The Lead As Election Day Approaches

                                                              • YC108-10-04

                                                                As the Federation shifts into election gear, billions of voters across Gallente space prepare to cast their votes in what looks to become one of the most hotly contested elections in the nation’s history. According to the latest numbers from the Federation’s polling bureaus, presidential candidate Senator Mentas Blaque is currently in the lead with a public support rating of 54% to incumbent President Souro Foiritan’s 46%. This past summer has seen a steady increase in incendiary political speech by [...]

                                                                Serpentis appoints ORE administrator to Lord Admiral Position

                                                                • YC108-09-29

                                                                  OUTER RING. In a surprising change of policy, the Serpentis Corporation have appointed a former Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) station administrator – Fazin Oorund – to the position of Lord Admiral. He is now responsible for communications between ORE and Serpentis, and will assist with decisions between the executive boards of both Corporations for their combined strategic benefit. This appointment follows the Serpentis' hostile takeover of ORE, after Mordu's Legion had departed the region, taking a [...]

                                                                  Rescue Ships Finally Reach Disaster Planet Surface

                                                                  • YC108-09-18

                                                                    Last Wednesday a convoy of rescue ships finally landed on the surface of the planet Reschard V, seven months after the planet was reduced to an uninhabitable wreck by an as yet unexplained disaster. The convoy of rescue ships, under the aegis of The Servant Sisters, were finally able to land on the surface of the planet during the first lull in the planet-wide megastorms since the incident occurred. Despite the scale of the destruction - and the significant period of time which the entire surface of [...]

                                                                    New Jump Drive Prototype Fails

                                                                    • YC108-09-09

                                                                      It has been reported that a live test of a new jump drive system created by InoTech Star Drive Solutions failed in spectacular fashion late last Sunday evening, resulting in the destruction of a small Caldari Navy taskforce. Shortly after 2100 New Eden standard time, InoTech initiated a major test run of its highly advanced Jump Drive Technology. The Jump Drive prototypes, which had previously been used in a series of relatively successful but limited tests within Caldari space, were installed in a [...]

                                                                      Loyalist Capsuleers obstruct theft of Khanid Carrier

                                                                      • YC108-09-06

                                                                        The Khanid carrier 'Equinox' was at the centre of further controversy last week, as Capsuleer forces loyal to the Kingdom were called upon to intervene in an attempted theft of the capital vessel. The 'Equinox', skeleton crewed and fresh out of the Dark Amarr Creations (D-AC) shipyards, was on its way to be delivered to the Royal Khanid Navy's fleet yards in the Irmalin system, where it was scheduled to receive its full crew complement and begin operations testing in preparation for active service. [...]

                                                                        Federation Mothership Stolen, CONCORD Ships Destroyed

                                                                        • YC108-09-05

                                                                          LUMINAIRE – Last weeks daring theft of a Federation Navy mothership by Admiral Siral of the Serpentis Corporation resulted in not only the loss of the stolen ship, but the destruction of four CONCORD Special Operations vessels. The stolen Federation Nyx was destroyed in the PFP-GU system of the Syndicate by a combined fleet of Goonswarm and 3rd Front Alliance vessels. However the CONCORD losses occurred in Stacmon where they were the victims of an unruly gang of capsule pilots that had been originally [...]

                                                                          Order of St. Tetrimon Condemns Pilot for Heresy

                                                                          • YC108-09-05

                                                                            Grand Master Horm of the Order of St. Tetrimon excommunicated an Amarrian pilot for heretical acts against the Order and the Amarr Empire earlier this week. The pilot, Revan Neferis, recently sought redemption from the Order but was unable to complete the conditions for a full pardon according to Horm's judgement. The Grand Master then condemned Revan " burn in the pits of damnation and heresy." Revan Neferis was originally condemned as part of the Tetrimon Order's denouncement of the Verisum [...]

                                                                            Port Redemption slave facility destroyed

                                                                            • YC108-09-05

                                                                              BLEAK LANDS. Ushra'Khan forces destroyed a slave processing facility located in the Sahtogas system at the end of July. The starbase, known as Port Redemption was operated by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Slaves (SPCS); a subsidiary of the Amarrian loyalist organization PIE Inc. Port Redemption was classed by the SPCS as a Slave Receiving Facility (SRF), a starbase designed to take in Minmatar Slaves to be educated before being sent into the Amarr Empire. The Facility also assisted with [...]

                                                                              Order of St. Tetrimon petitions Theology Council.

                                                                              • YC108-08-07

                                                                                Grand Master Horm of the Order of St. Tetrimon has called upon the Theology Council to remove the privileges granted by the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order in a GalNet publicized petition, openly challenging the Theology Council to act. The Grand Master named a particular pilot in this petition, Golan Trevize, who currently works for the Mercenary Coalition but is a former member of the 1st Praetorian Guard an Amarrian loyalist organisation. He was awarded the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order, one of [...]

                                                                                Sansha's Nation showing signs of revival

                                                                                • YC108-07-26

                                                                                  STAIN - Following early rumours regarding increased probe activity throughout Stain and lower Catch, the once dormant Sansha’s Nation organization has apparently begun to rise from its slumber. Rumours have been circulating between capsuleer alliances and empire corporations alike in the past two months as several pilots reported seeing a build-up in Sansha forces throughout Stain. Recently, a CONCORD scouting expedition to the area confirmed that several ships have been following old Sansha [...]

                                                                                  Furby Epidemic Strikes Amarr

                                                                                  • YC108-07-25

                                                                                    AMARR : Hordes of small furry creatures have been making strange whiny noises, insisting on reading the website of a fictional game. Many religious figures have called it "The beginning of the end", calling on the Amarr navy to bombard the afflicted areas with tachyon beams.

                                                                                    Tetrimon Grand Master granted sainthood

                                                                                    • YC108-07-23

                                                                                      DOMAIN. The Order of St. Tetrimon held a vigil for the late Grand Master Elata Ardo on July 5th at the Theology Council Tribunal station in the Amarr system. During the memorial service Grand Master Groven Horm publicly announced Ardo's elevation to sainthood within the Order, proclaiming him Saint Elata Ardo of Tetrimon. The ceremony was held to commemorate Ardo's death during a dangerous mission to bring Amarrian Holy Scriptures to the Tribunal station from the Gukarla system. Arriving at the [...]

                                                                                      Caldari Corporation Announces Breakthrough In Jump Drive Technology

                                                                                      • YC108-07-17

                                                                                        Earlier this week the Caldari State corporation InoTech Star Drive Solutions announced that they had successfully achieved a breakthrough in the advancement of interstellar jump drive technology. Developed as a part of the ongoing research into the advancement and refinement of interstellar travel, InoTech Star Drive Solutions CEO Dr. Inoki Shotsu described the technology as a "terminal point independent jump drive system - or in other words a jump drive that does away with the cynosural field [...]

                                                                                        Senior Manager Departs Dark Amarr Creations In Controversial Fashion

                                                                                        • YC108-07-08

                                                                                          Yesterday afternoon Thelus Duant, a high ranking manager from Dark Amarr Creations, and several hundred of the corporations work force left their jobs without notice in an alleged dispute with management over the corporations most recent contract. Duant, a project leader with Dark Amarr Creations, reportedly had strong objections to a newly issued contract from the Royal Khanid Navy for the construction of an Archon-class Carrier. Although Dark Amarr Creations has a long history in the construction of [...]

                                                                                          Daring theft in Outer Ring leaves officials baffled.

                                                                                          • YC108-07-08

                                                                                            OUTER RING. Recent ORE-Ishukone trade deals have come to a halt this week, following one of the largest losses of assets in interstellar history. Officials are still trying to determine how several billion ISK worth of minerals carried aboard a Charon-class freighter, owned by Outer Ring Excavations, managed to vanish off the map. The plan was for an Ishukone Watch escort squad to rendezvous with the freighter at the ORE refineries in 4C-B7X. From there, they would escort the shipment back to Ishukone [...]

                                                                                            New Caldari corporation will offer relaxation services

                                                                                            • YC108-07-07

                                                                                              ESSENCE - The newly formed Caldari Pleasures Corporation began acquiring goods, services and personnel from the Oursulaert system last week. The corporation’s founders recently announced their intention of setting up an entertainment and relaxation centre in the Sivala System of the Citadel region. Viga Monten and Grenall Vek started the company with the idea that Caldari business travellers need a place to relax and unwind that will rival even the most luxurious of the Gallente pleasure hubs. Grenall [...]

                                                                                              Freighter containment field testing fails. Further testing required.

                                                                                              • YC108-07-03

                                                                                                Weekend testing of the cargo containment software has revealed a flaw with the system and the upgrade will not be deployed tomorrow. While the software worked as intended, the potential release of numerous cargo containers presented navigational hazards in simulations where freighters were destroyed. These hazards slowed or even stopped movement through systems and caused communications delays as Gal-Net became flooded with the sudden appearance of container transponder beacons. CONCORD agents were [...]

                                                                                                Prominent Republic Fleet captain declared outlaw.

                                                                                                • YC108-07-01

                                                                                                  MOLDEN HEATH. Questions are finally starting to be answered in relation to The Minmatar Republic’s 'Alfhild' Mothership-class vessel that went missing nearly three weeks ago. While initially there was hope that there was no connection between the disappearance of the 'Alfhild' and prominent Republic captain Karishal Muritor, such hope has proven to be in vain. Captain Muritor confirmed his possession of the 'Alfhild' several hours ago. Muritor made his claim by transmitting the following message to [...]

                                                                                                  Mordu's Patrol Engaged by Unknown Force

                                                                                                  • YC108-07-01

                                                                                                    Late last week a patrol force of Mordu's Legion vessels, tasked with removing Guristas elements from several systems in the Pure Blind region, suffered significant losses after being caught in an ambush by an as yet unknown pirate fleet. The five ship patrol fleet embarked from its current base of operations at the Mordu's Legion Testing Facilities in the 5ZXX-K system on a wide pattern patrol through several constellations of the Pure Blind region. The fleet, centred around the Caldari Navy Raven of [...]

                                                                                                    Ice Fields in Inner Empire Regions exhausted, Conservationists up in arms!

                                                                                                    • YC108-06-29

                                                                                                      Concervationists have called for a day of mourning today. Strip mining operations have depleted numerous Ice Fields in high-traffic, high-security Empire regions. Initial reports state these resources will not replenish, and other Ice Fields are in danger of the same fate. "Today is a very sad day, knowing that these once vast stretches of natural ice and beauty are forever gone," said Marcalin Chronet, a noted champion of resource and new Capsuleer protection rights. "How many more fields will suffer [...]