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Deep Core Mining 'Reluctant' to Commit Rescue Team, Ducia Foundry Offers Assistance

  • YC111-12-30

    Annaro - Deep Core Mining has stated that it is reluctant to commit a rescue team to an asteroid in the Annaro system, where nearly 200 CBD Corporation miners remain trapped. According to reports, six of the asteroid's eight backup oxygen tanks were destroyed in the accident, and estimations by officials predict that the miners have a little less than six days of breathable air. "While we feel deeply for the workers and their families," said a spokesman for Deep Core Mining's Astro-surveying division, [...]

    Mining Accident in Annaro System Traps 200 Miners

    • YC111-12-29

      Annaro -An asteroid in the Annaro system lost stability and collapsed on a team of nearly two hundred miners at a CBD Corporation mining facility. Thirty two miners are confirmed dead and the rest remain trapped below the surface. A dozen or more are reported to have serious injuries. Evvlynne Deermin, spokesperson for CBD, explained the current situation in a press conference shortly after the accident. "We're holding out a lot of hope for the safe return of our miners. However, the situation is [...]

      Guristas Rampage in Mara Causes Billions in Damage

      • YC111-12-20

        Mara - A multi-billion ISK shipment of electronic components was destroyed by a large Guristas force in Mara, after jumping from the Okunda constellation. Striking shortly after 1100 EST today, a significant Guristas force held up and destroyed two Wiyrkomi freighters, along with their escorts from the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps. The engagement lasted almost thirty minutes, and a number of independent pilots attempted to assist the freighters, who broadcast distress signals on all available frequencies. The [...]

        Lai Dai, Sukuuvestaa Facing Sanctions for “Unlawful Anti-Competitive Measures”

        • YC111-12-18

          Maurasi - Following a special hearing of representatives from the Sukuuvestaa Corporation and Lai Dai, the Caldari Business Tribunal announced today that both corporations will be facing sanctions for "unlawful anti-competitive measures." The sanctions come as a response to the past months' series of security breaches and attacks upon assets of both corporations. The CBT deemed these actions to be the deeds of agents working for Lai Dai and the Sukuuvestaa engaging in covert strikes against the other [...]

          Caldari Business Tribunal In Special Hearing Of Sukuuvestaa, Lai Dai

          • YC111-12-17

            Maurasi - According to reports from sources within the Caldari Business Tribunal and the Lai Dai and Sukuuvestaa Corporations, The Caldari Business Tribunal has called for a closed-doors hearing of representatives from the Sukuuvestaa and Lai Dai corporations, according to sources within the Tribunal and the megacorporations. Several directors of Lai Dai and Sukuuvestaa are expected to attend the special tribunal session tomorrow, the details of which remain largely unknown. Both corporations have [...]

            Lai Dai Scientist in Coma Following Cybernetic Attack

            • YC111-12-12

              Elonaya - Holene Vailakkel, a prominent Caldari physicist working for the Lai Dai Corporation, was the target of a digital assault yesterday evening. Hostile software installed into her cerebral implants hijacked the devices and sent her into a coma. All attempts to wake Ms. Vailakkei from her coma have been unsuccessful, and Lai Dai biomedical specialists are currently looking into ways to reverse the damage sustained by her implant systems. The attack occurred while Ms. Vailakkei was downloading a [...]

              Curatores Veritatis Alliance Celebrates 5th Anniversary

              • YC111-12-10

                The Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], one of a handful of the oldest capsuleer alliances in New Eden, celebrated their fifth anniversary on 30.11.111. In Providence, a parade of the Golden Fleet could be seen on patrol in CVA controlled space. A Golden Fleet, according to GalNet, is a fleet of ships consisting of only Amarrian-hulled vessels, used extensively by Amarrian loyalist corporations. The fleet stopped for various speech opportunities along the way and among these speakers was Gangleri the [...]

                Piracy Increases in the Okunda Constellation

                • YC111-12-08

                  Dantumi - Activity by the Guristas Pirates over the last eight weeks within the Okunda constellation have increased, according to reports from traders. "It's getting too risky for peaceful traders like me to operate [in Okunda]," remarked Janhiere Fulvoine, an Intaki trader who has built up his business carrying waste products from the massive factories in the constellation. "It used to be such a peaceful area; the regular patrols of the corporate police forces prevented any large-scale organized [...]

                  Caldari Business Tribunal Launches Enquiry Into Sukuuvestaa Attacks

                  • YC111-12-08

                    Maurasi - Following the recent incidents at Sukuuvestaa holdings throughout the Caldari State and its held regions, the Caldari Business Tribunal are initiating its own review of the events and Sukuuvestaa's security protocols. The announcement has been met with criticism from Sukuuvestaa and several other megacorporations. The past month has seen multiple attacks against Sukuuvestaa Corporation and its subsidiary security force, the Peace and Order Unit, including the bombing of a Sukuuvestaa station [...]

                    Hundreds Injured, Several Deaths in Explosion At Lai Dai Base

                    • YC111-12-06

                      Nourvukaiken - A Lai Dai Corporation ammunition factory was destroyed late last night following a chain reaction starting in one of the installation's warehouses. Fourteen deaths have been confirmed, with over 500 injured workers in intensive care due to injuries sustained in the event. Lai Dai officials have called the explosion "an act of deliberate sabotage." The event is thought to have started by the detonation of warheads stored in the base's warehouses, leading to the destruction of a majority [...]

                      Further Attacks Against Sukuuvestaa Assets Revealed, Corporation to Increase Defense Spending

                      • YC111-12-04

                        Saisio - Commander Aakonoshin Piertalen, head of Sukuuvestaa's Internal Security division, revealed that the megacorporation has suffered attacks against several of its bases, focused on recently established facilities in the Essence and Verge Vendor regions. "Sukuuvestaa has been the subject of a continuous campaign of aggression," says Piertalen. Several attacks have even taken place in Caldari high security space. "In response to this aggression, Sukuuvestaa will be greatly expanding the budget of [...]

                        Amarr Empire Formally Congratulates Roden, Rebukes Outgoing President

                        • YC111-12-04

                          Amarr - In a statement released through the Amarr Certified News agency, the Amarr Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi formally congratulated President-elect Jacus Roden on his impending "assumption of power" and expressed the hope that the new Federation government will "respect the sovereignty of the Amarr Empire". The chamberlain's statement also welcomed the "fall from grace of the arrogant Souro Foiritan" and rebuked the government of the outgoing Gallente president for what he described as its [...]

                          Republic Greets Roden Election With Optimism

                          • YC111-12-03

                            Pator - The Minmatar government and its people welcomed news of Jacus Roden's election as the new Federation president, with Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor being one of the first to congratulate the president-elect on his victory. Shakor announced that he was looking forward to a "productive relationship" with the new Federation administration. "President-elect Roden and I agree that our nations must cooperate in order to survive and prosper in these trying times. A threat to either nation is a threat to [...]

                            Roden Wins Gallente Presidential Election with Convincing Majority

                            • YC111-12-03

                              Having secured a convincing majority of 58.7% of all votes cast in the December 1st election and easily gaining the required number of districts, Jacus Roden is now President-elect of the Gallente Federation. With votes from all participating districts checked and tallied by the morning after polling day, the Federal Elections Commission was able to declare Roden the outright winner in its formal communication of results to the Gallente Senate. President-elect Roden ran on a broad-based and relatively [...]

                              Caldari Leaders Wary of New Federation President

                              • YC111-12-03

                                New Caldari - State Executor Tibus Heth took time today to speak to the press on the recent Gallente elections. He said that "any attempt to intrude upon the sovereign territory of the Caldari State will be met with an immediate and overwhelming response" by Caldari forces. His statement was seen as a warning to the new Federation administration against attempts to retake Caldari Prime and the Gallente border systems occupied by the State, something which Jacus Roden mentioned several times during his [...]

                                Fasio Withdraws Candidacy, Endorses Aguard

                                • YC111-11-30

                                  Dodixie - Amid slipping poll numbers, presidential contender and retired Rear-Admiral Daren Fasio has announced his withdrawal from the race. Addressing a disappointed but supportive crowd at a press conference this morning, Mr. Fasio took the opportunity to endorse Governor Celes Aguard's candidacy, saying, "though Governor Aguard and I have disagreed on several issues, I feel strongly that she is an able candidate for the presidency. Further, she has the best interests of the Federation at heart, [...]

                                  Hyasyoda 'Seven Sleepers' sentenced

                                  • YC111-11-29

                                    Suroken - The "Seven Sleepers," a name the public have been using to refer to the seven Hyasyoda executives charged with Industrial Espionage, were found guilty and sentenced in Hyasyoda Corporate court today. As is standard practice in a case of industrial espionage, the hearings took place behind closed doors, although the judge's summary was released for public distribution: "I intend to make an example of these men here today," Said Judge Arvamainen Kortegemi in his report. "Their breathtaking [...]

                                    Political Analysts Question Aguard's Chances Following No-Vote Bill

                                    • YC111-11-27

                                      Following the passing of the bill to deny votes in occupied Federal systems, several political analysts in the cluster agree that presidential candidate Celes Aguard may have lost one of her largest voter blocs. "Aguard's pledge of support for frontier settlements and low-security regions, as well as her wish for a total military effort to reclaim the lost systems gave her a strong base of support in Placid and Verge Vendor," says Arroch Dermani, an expert at Gallente politics working for Amarr [...]

                                      Explosions Strike Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant

                                      • YC111-11-26

                                        Arvasaras - A series of detonations reverberated throughout the Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant in the Arvasaras system , resulting in several parts of the station being without power and life support services for hours. The explosions were centered on a Peace and Order Unit precinct in the station, as well as several key facilities such as power management relays. News crews from the Nugoeihuvi Corporation have reported injured people being saved from the affected areas, but there have been [...]

                                        Governor Aguard Draws Record Numbers to Broadcast Debate

                                        • YC111-11-24

                                          Olide - In an event hosted by the Center for Advanced Studies last week, presidential candidate Celes Aguard attracted the eyes and ears of nearly 19% of the Gallente Federation's estimated daily total audience. In the Everyshore region, the percentage was even higher, with almost 35% of the regional audience having followed the show. The percentages exceed most other programming within the Federation, where it's rare even for the most popular entertainment channels to attract such numbers. The show, [...]

                                          Lai Dai Development Facility Evacuated in Reactor Emergency

                                          • YC111-11-23

                                            Innia - Over 1,000 Lai Dai scientists and engineers were forced to abandon a deadspace starbase yesterday due to a reactor leak. The starbase crew took refuge in an industrial vessel until they were rescued by a Peace and Order Unit fleet on patrol in the system. Nearly 500 cases of radiation poisoning have been reported among the refugees. The cause for the reactor leak has not been reported, but according to Lai Dai officials, the starbase passed all security checks. The latest safety inspection was [...]

                                            Life After Emancipation: Citizenship

                                            • YC111-11-20

                                              Dumkirinur - For emancipated slaves, entering the Minmatar Republic and integrating with its culture is a long and slow process. Entire families have been uprooted as a result of Empress Jamyl's emancipation proclamation last year, and many former slaves have been split apart by the difficulties of leaving the Amarr Empire. Millions of refugees now struggle to find each other again and reclaim an identity they barely knew before their emancipation. "Sometimes I just can't deal with it," says Onyeka [...]

                                              Research Station Up In Flames

                                              • YC111-11-18

                                                Ylandoki - A science facility belonging to the Lai Dai Corporation was destroyed early this morning when its local safety systems failed to control a fire. The planet-bound base was successfully evacuated without casualties or major injuries. Despite attempts by emergency response teams to extinguish the flames, the facility could not be saved. The fire is believed to have been ignited by an electrical problem, made worse by several automated fire response systems failing to engage. General warning [...]

                                                Senate Votes to Deny Votes to Occupied Systems

                                                • YC111-11-17

                                                  Villore - The Federation Senate passed special legislation today to deny occupied systems the right to vote in Federation elections. The bill, which is expected to be signed into law by President Souro Foiritan later in the week, passed with little opposition, the only dissenting votes coming from senators from Placid and Solitude. The bill applies to any Federation territory occupied by a foreign power, which currently includes much of Placid, including population centers such as Intaki Prime. [...]

                                                  Life After Emancipation: Adaptation and Adjustment

                                                  • YC111-11-16

                                                    Dumkirinur - The immigration facilities in Rens serve only as a filter to assist former slaves toward integration with Minmatar society. Unless complications arise, such as medical issues or an extreme unwillingness to incorporate, the new arrivals are moved within the first week to housing programs, where they receive further support and work placements or education. "The numbers of trained and educated refugees we've been seeing are surprisingly high," reports Tjaard Mtaki, one of the career [...]

                                                    Off-duty Military Personnel Hold Pro-Fasio Rally

                                                    • YC111-11-15

                                                      Duripant - Hundreds of off-duty Naval personnel and Federal Navy Academy cadets turned out for a rally to support Mannar presidential candidate Daren Fasio. A retired Rear Admiral, Fasio has received the enthusiastic endorsement of a large segment of military personnel from all of the armed services. Commander Kevet Rivasse, an Academy astrogation instructor who served as an ensign under Fasio, said, "I have the utmost respect for the man and all he stands for. I know from personal experience that he [...]

                                                      Senate Debates Issue of Voting in Occupied Territories

                                                      • YC111-11-15

                                                        Villore - As the Federation presidential elections draw closer, the issue of voting rights for citizens of occupied systems has been raised by the Senate. Debate over the issue consumed much of the Senate's deliberations today. Senators from occupied space, led by a coalition of senators from the Placid region, have strongly pressed that elections still be held as normal in the occupied systems, despite the logistical difficulties. According to the senators, their constituents are highly invested in [...]

                                                        Retired Naval Officer Daren Fasio Announces Candidacy

                                                        • YC111-11-14

                                                          Dodixie - At a press conference outside his home, retired Federation Navy Rear Admiral Daren Fasio announced his entry into the upcoming Gallente presidential election. The 61 year old retiree, an ethnic Mannar and an unabashed hawk, was openly critical of the previous administration's conduct in the ongoing militia war with the Caldari. "By failing to fully and immediately mobilize the substantial economic and industrial power of this great Federation, President Foiritan has led our nation into a [...]

                                                          Lai Dai Conference Suffers Electromagnetic Attack

                                                          • YC111-11-14

                                                            Kinakka - The Black Rise Development Conference was the target of a widespread electromagnetic pulse last night, causing a number of casualties and an estimated 1.4 million of ISK in damages. No fatalities have been reported, but the pulse caused unshielded cybernetic devices to fail, resulting in 23 individuals being sent to intensive care units and an additional 213 requiring extensive repairs to implants and prosthetics. The source of the pulse has been traced to a number of synchronized warheads [...]

                                                            Development Conference Attracts Pioneers, Public

                                                            • YC111-11-13

                                                              Kinakka - The Lai Dai Corporation's Black Rise Development Conference opened its doors today, welcoming thousands of visitors to see several miles of booths displaying prototypes, technology demonstrations and grand plans. Among the most popular displays were the Zero-G Research Firm's full-scale model of a next-generation orbital habitat - planned for prototype deployment before the end of the year - and a digital link to an experimental deadspace garden module by the Kaalakiota and Caldari [...]

                                                              Hyasyoda Executives Charged with Industrial Espionage

                                                              • YC111-11-13

                                                                Suroken - The Internal Security division of the Corporate Police Force arrested and charged six executives from the Hyasyoda Corporation's Khanid Division. Missing Chief Sales Executive Attakaila Tatimon has been charged in his absence. In a recent press conference, Pietsio Kallenenmen, public relations secretary for the CPF, revealed that "[The CPF] have detained these executives following a lengthy investigation into the recent underperformance in that region. These offenders have been involved in [...]

                                                                Life After Emancipation: Refuge and Resettlement

                                                                • YC111-11-13

                                                                  Rens - While known primarily as Heimatar's largest market hub, Rens also serves as home to the Republic's main immigration facility. The system's close proximity to the Minmatar-Amarr border and its location along the main hisec routes make Rens an ideal harboring point for refugees. As a result, some stations throughout the solar system have difficulties in supporting the influx of immigrants. "One of the problems we encountered early on was that Holders who opted to send their former slaves to the [...]

                                                                  Khanid Navy Announces Maintenance Contract

                                                                  • YC111-11-11

                                                                    Khanid Prime - The Royal Khanid Navy, in conjunction with Wiyrkomi, announced a massive maintenance program for the upkeep of its fleet. Under the terms of the contract, Wiyrkomi have been loaned a maintenance facility within the Royal Khanid Navy shipyards in Kihtaled. The contract has a fixed term of three years, with a possible rolling end-date should the contract be fulfilled to the Navy's satisfaction. Wiyrkomi are to take control of the scheduled maintenance of the Fusion Thruster components for [...]

                                                                    Orthodox Amarr Faith Increasingly Supplanting Ammatar Church

                                                                    • YC111-11-10

                                                                      Tanoo, Derelik - Officials of the Theology Council working in the Ammatar Mandate have released details of a formal 'Survey of Faith' carried out in Derelik during the last three months, the main finding of which is that the Ammatar Church is being steadily supplanted by the orthodox Imperial codification of the Amarr faith. While the Ardishapur regime in the Mandate has taken no steps against the Ammatar Church, and indeed has expressly re-affirmed it as a valid sect of the Amarrian faith, the [...]

                                                                      Life After Emancipation: The Road Home

                                                                      • YC111-11-08

                                                                        Bittanshal - In the months following Empress Jamyl's emancipation announcement, millions of released slaves have made their way to the welcoming arms of the Minmatar Republic. Millions more still remain within the Amarr Empire, however, hindered by the fear of leaving behind everything that they have ever known. Onyeka Djekatro was a twelfth-generation slave maintaining production line equipment for the Inherent Implants factory in Bittanshal. When the emancipation order was issued , the corporation [...]

                                                                        Republic University Trustees Hold Hearing on Gorra Grant; Uphold Decision

                                                                        • YC111-11-06

                                                                          Hulm - Relenting to pressure from both conservative members of the Republic Parliament and a group of vocal faculty, Republic University's Board of Trustees held hearings on the controversial grant given to Velys Gorra, whose research on the role of the Amarr in shaping Minmatar society has come under fire. The trustees heard from nearly 100 speakers, including both supporters of Gorra and her detractors. After the three days of hearings, the Board of Trustees held a closed-door discussion and voted [...]

                                                                          New Governor Takes Up Duties in Ammatar Mandate

                                                                          • YC111-11-04

                                                                            Tanoo, Derelik - Governor Ekroz Salaf arrived in Tanoo system yesterday to take up his duties as plenipotentiary of Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur in the Ammatar Mandate. Ammatar Consulate officials have stated that Governor Salaf will spend a few days familiarizing himself with the latest Mandate developments before embarking on a tour of inspection across Derelik region. As head of the Ammatar Consulate, Governor Salaf will run the civil administration of the Mandate on behalf of House Ardishapur. The [...]

                                                                            Poor Sales Reports for Hyasyoda, Executive Vanishes

                                                                            • YC111-11-03

                                                                              Khanid Prime - Attakaila Tatimon, Chief Sales Executive for the Hyasyoda Corporation in the Khanid Region, has disappeared following the publication of poor quarterly figures. Against a backdrop of good growth figures for the Caldari megacorporation, the Khanid Division has displayed a markedly underwhelming performance. While every other regional division's profits have grown by an average of five percent, including a remarkable sixteen percent growth in The Citadel division, Hyasyoda's share of the [...]

                                                                              Deep Core Mining Releases Strong Earnings Report

                                                                              • YC111-11-02

                                                                                Paara -- Deep Core Mining Inc. announced their quarterly earnings this week, exceeding analyst expectations by nearly 10%. While many of the gains have been company-wide, as infrastructure investments facilitated by CAESA funds have finally begun paying dividends, the greatest improvements have been in their Tasen and Otawasa operations. The latter recently went through a significant reorganization after an accident at the Kaunokka III-1 facility several months ago, which many analysts believe [...]

                                                                                Lai Dai Announces Black Rise Development Conference

                                                                                • YC111-10-31

                                                                                  Kinakka - As another step towards the settlement and development of Black Rise - the region of space unveiled by the Caldari State just over a year ago - the Lai Dai Corporation has announced that it will be hosting a scientific conference in the Kinakka system. The Black Rise Development Conference will open its doors in two weeks, with representatives from numerous corporations attending the station to display technological advances and participate in talks and Q&A sessions. Among those invited are [...]

                                                                                  Presidential Candidate Aguard Holds Political Rally for Jin-Mei

                                                                                  • YC111-10-30

                                                                                    Lirsautton - Celes Aguard, Governor of the Mies system and candidate in the upcoming Gallente Federation presidential election, attracted a crowd numbering in the thousands for a political rally at the planet Chakaux in the Lirsautton system yesterday. Aguard spoke at length of her Jin-Mei heritage and the promise to sponsor the development of "fringe worlds and minority communities," gaining positive reactions from those assembled. "When frontier settlements starve under Caldari blockades, and riots [...]

                                                                                    Political Pressure Intensifies on Republic University Trustees

                                                                                    • YC111-10-30

                                                                                      Hulm - Fenn Khuhurit, a prominent Sebiestor MP, added his voice to those questioning a research grant awarded to Prof. Velys Gorra by Republic University. Khukurit remarked on this issue during an interview with Sebiestor Tribal Broadcasting. "There's quite clearly a disconnect between the University's charter and this kind of apologist nonsense. How is this kind of spending at all in the public interest? Research money should be going towards progressing Minmatar achievements, not extolling Amarr [...]

                                                                                      Ardishapur Orders Reconstruction Funds and Redemptionist Brigade to Ezzara

                                                                                      • YC111-10-29

                                                                                        Ardishapur Prime - Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur has personally ordered a massive injection of funds to be made available to the 24th Imperial Crusade for the purposes of reconstruction in the war-torn Ezzara system. Ezzara has been the scene of bitter fighting between the 24th Imperial Crusade and the Tribal Liberation Force since the beginning of the conflict in YC110. The system has changed hands several times and its infrastructure is significantly degraded. In addition to the funds, the Ammatar [...]

                                                                                        Wiyrkomi announce new Khanid contract

                                                                                        • YC111-10-28

                                                                                          Dantumi - Wiyrkomi announced that they have won a significant contract with Khanid Transport, expected to be worth nearly fifty billion ISK. According to the terms of the deal, Wiyrkomi will ship almost forty million cubic meters of high grade electronic components from their factories in Lonetrek to Khanid Prime. The components are mainly deep space communications arrays and navigational computers for the aging Khanid Transport distribution fleet, expected to be used as a massive mid-life upgrade to [...]

                                                                                          Governor Celes Aguard Confirms Rumors of Presidential Candidacy

                                                                                          • YC111-10-27

                                                                                            Mies - A new candidate confirmed her bid for the upcoming Federation presidential elections. Celes Aguard, Governor of the Mies system, announced her candidacy, promising to turn the tide of the war, Aguard pledged to "empower and strengthen outlying systems" and to "eradicate the factors that have turned our great Navy into a slow, lumbering beast." The announcement was made at a press conference held at Aguard's residence, confirming a rumor that had been circulating Gallente political circles for [...]

                                                                                            Initial reaction to Garioss's Presidential campaign mixed

                                                                                            • YC111-10-27

                                                                                              Reactions to Senator Vilard Garioss's Presidential bid have proven to be mixed, with supporters citing his positive reputation in the senate, commitment to peace, and background in economics, while detractors point to his low profile in Federation politics, opposition to the war, and inconsistent voting history on non-economic policies. "Senator Garioss has long been popular with his constituents," said Kep Ekatemi, political analyst for the University of Caille. "He has been a stable hand in the [...]

                                                                                              Republic University Amarr Research Grant Under Scrutiny

                                                                                              • YC111-10-27

                                                                                                Hulm - Senior faculty members at Republic University have asked the school's Board of Trustees to reconsider a grant awarded to Velys Gorra, an associate professor of history and anthropology. The request, signed by over 100 faculty members, raises objections to Gorra's work, which deals with the influence of the Amarr on Minmatar culture, and other controversial papers from her academic career. Prof. Lillaka Uithmil, the organizer of the protest, views the research grant as particularly insensitive [...]

                                                                                                Senator Vilard Garioss announces Presidential campaign

                                                                                                • YC111-10-23

                                                                                                  Today marked the official entrance of Senator Vilard Garioss into the upcoming Federation Presidental race. Garioss made the announcement from his home system of Egghelende, surrounded by family and hundreds of supporters. For weeks, speculation has run rampant as to the identities of candidates who would rise to challenge Jacus Roden in the historic election. Garioss is one of the first to emerge, perhaps spurred by the continued occupation of dozens of Gallente systems by Caldari militia forces. [...]

                                                                                                  Penal Brigade Drawn from Ammatar Mandate Sent to Support 24th Imperial Crusade

                                                                                                  • YC111-10-23

                                                                                                    Sasta, Derelik - A freshly assembled penal brigade drawn from the Ammatar Mandate has been given orders sending it to support the efforts of the 24th Imperial Crusade. Grand Admiral Hastar Jibril of the Ammatar Fleet has posted orders transferring transport units of the Ammatar Fleet to temporary secondment with the 24th Imperial Crusade, and it is understood these will carry three full regiments of penal troopers to the Bleak Lands to serve as ground support for the 24th Imperial Crusade fleets. The [...]

                                                                                                    CBD Takes Drastic Steps in the Wake of Kaunokka Incident

                                                                                                    • YC111-10-21

                                                                                                      Muvolailen - The CBD Corporation has announced a number of large-scale management changes at its subsidiaries, Deep Core Mining Inc. and Spacelane Patrol. Most experts are sure these steps are directly related to an incident at a DCMI moon mining facility in Kaunokka last month which claimed the lives of 25 workers, the aftermath of which was perceived as being very poorly handled, inciting criticism from the Caldari Providence Directorate among others. Besides a number of middle-tier managers in the [...]