Stolen Ishukone Watch vessel located, handed off to capsuleer

New Eden News | YC115-04-06

KORAMA - In a statement released this afternoon, Ishukone Watch confirmed they have relocated the prototype Scorpion-class battleship that was stolen from their shipyard in Luminaire early yesterday morning.

Landea Vrankref, security consultant and investigation lead for Ishukone Watch, made a press release from the security force's office in Korama to confirm that "the vessel has been tracked to the Republic Security Services Logistics station around Moon 5 of Planet 2, here in Korama. It would appear that it was abandoned in a storage hangar after a pursuit that lasted over an hour and crossed the border into the Caldari State."

She continued, explaining that hangar staff at the Republic Security Services station had "initially panicked on discovery of the vessel, and had it moved into a hangar that was initially thought to be un-rented. However, it later came to light that this hangar belongs to a capsuleer who is a Federal Citizen, and is presently on leave with a deactivated pilot's license."

Also present at the briefing was Ishukone Watch Chief Executive Eborimi Shiskala, who thanked Republic Security Services for making contact during a short address, before stating that "the vessel was tracked to the hangar of a Gallente capsuleer by the name of Jack DuVal, who has a solid record of collaboration and assistance with Caldari interests."

She went on to confirm that "while born a citizen of the Gallente Federation, Captain DuVal, who is currently in employment with Viperfleet Inc, maintains positive standings with a number of Caldari corporations including Lai Dai, the Corporate Police Force, the State Protectorate and the Caldari Navy."

In closing, she declared that "given the newfound positive relations between the CEP and Gallente Senate, the Ishukone board of directors has elected to allow Captain DuVal to assume ownership of the vessel as a gesture of goodwill, and as an olive branch to foster further positive relations between the Federation and State."