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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Network Launched to Relay Nation Assault Intelligence

  • YC112-12-07

    ​ Oruse, Solitude - A corporation named The Roaches have created a communication channel for pilots to transmit and gather intelligence regarding Sansha's Nation invasions. The channel, named "SANSHA RETALIATION" was launched at the start of this week and has since grown in popularity among those who are fighting against the Sansha Nation forces. Deathforu, a member of The Roaches, explained what the channel meant to him. "This channel represents some of the best corps in [New Eden]. I see a lot of [...]

    Alleged CONCORD Mirror Captures Portion of Nation Network

    • YC112-11-28

      Yulai, Genesis - A new database allegedly collated by the Directive Enforcement Division [DED] of CONCORD purports to contain quarantined portions of Sansha's Nation's network traffic and capsuleer documentation of Nation incursions. The site, available at Fluid Router 00068-eo-NATION, is a valuable collection of data gathered by pilots in the course of fighting the Sansha invasions and could prove a useful resource for those new to the battle. Capsuleers can send video footage and camera drone images [...]

      Multiple Sansha attacks reported; low security population left devastated

      • YC112-11-27

        BREAKING NEWS: Yulai - CONCORD has reported to media outlets across the cluster that Sansha's Nation has just undertaken three separate attacks in the systems of Leran, Uedama and Esescama. In a separate press release, local authorities in Pashanai reported that the entire population of neighboring Leran IV had been taken captive aboard Sansha dropships. Capsuleer resistance was reported to be heavy in both high security systems, but eyewitness accounts from Leran claim that there was little [...]

        Colony Directors Defend Suicide Pill Maker

        • YC112-10-05

          LUMINAIRE - The trial of Pierre Allendreau, the man accused of manufacturing and distributing the suicide pill 'Liberty,' saw an unusual turn of events today, when those the prosecution are painting as the case's victims rose to the defense of the accused. "He wasn't out to make a buck. He sold basically at cost, and would make as many as requested. We would have paid a lot more," said Hebark Tooten, director of a mining colony in Postouvin. Another director from the same system, Freid Lefebre, said, [...]

          Paramilitary Organization Pledges To Protect Starkmanir Sages

          • YC112-10-01

            Frarn - A group calling themselves the Starkman Milisi announced earlier today that they intend to provide free security for those Starkmanir sages who request it. This comes in response to the recent killing of Sage Uldas Dreeter in Abudban at the hands of Minmatar opposing the Amarr faith. "We may be the child brother of the Tribes, and people in our tribe may have beliefs that some find strange, but that does not mean we have to turn the other cheek. We have little in the way of culture, but we do [...]

            Starkmanir Religious Leader Killed In Violent Riot

            • YC112-09-28

              Abudban - A Brutor Tribe-owned Minmatar refugee settlement in Abudban endured a violent riot last night, during which visiting Starkmanir Sage Uldas Dreeter was killed by anti-theists who were protesting his public services. The Brutor Tribe has deployed a number of riot police units to the refugee outpost and is in the process of relaying the different groups to segregated habitation modules. As a cleric of the Amarr faith, Uldas Dreeter had been touring the Republic for several months. He had [...]

              Theatre Bombed

              • YC112-09-24

                PATOR - The Minmatar People's Theatre's main stage was bombed this morning, only a few short hours after the opening night of controversial play 'Plantation.' The theatre was empty and there were no injuries. A group calling themselves Free Our Families has claimed responsibility with a statement issued to press. "The Amarrian slave holders in this play are cast as thinly disguised caricatures of Shakor and the other tribal chiefs. This goes beyond racism. If the MPT will not shut down this [...]

                Massive Raid Lands Pharmaceutical Company CEO in Jail

                • YC112-09-23

                  HARNER - A cross-agency Gallente law enforcement task force conducted an early-morning raid on a small, unlicensed and unregistered pharmaceutical company following a week-long sting operation. Acting on information received from an informant, agents posed as mining colony directors attempting to purchase the so-called 'Liberty' pill. Once put in touch with company head Pierre Allendreau, authorities quickly moved to shut down the manufacturer. On-site they found over five million 'Liberty' pills, [...]

                  Preview Marred by Protest - Violence

                  • YC112-09-22

                    PATOR - Social activists opposed to the newest production of controversial 600-year-old play 'Plantation' at the Minmatar People's Theatre on Pator launched a highly visible complaint last night. About an hour before the curtain went up on the preview, the protestors appeared at the front entrance. As a result, the performance started slightly behind schedule. The protest remained peaceful until the curtain closed. As the crowd exited the theatre, the protest shifted gears and became violent. The [...]

                    'Liberty' Pill Identified

                    • YC112-09-21

                      LUMINAIRE - Gallente Customs officials have solved part of the mystery surrounding the 'Liberty' pills seized last week in the Weraroix system. The nanobots each pill contained appear to have been designed to make their way to strategic parts of the body, including the lungs, where they instigate general hypoxia and eventually lead the subject to quietly expire from oxygen deprivation. The Sisters Of Eve have since confirmed the 'Liberty' pill to be behind the mass suicide at Gererique. "We found a [...]

                      Mystery Cargo Seized

                      • YC112-09-17

                        WERAROIX - A routine ore hauler customs check yesterday uncovered a cargo that officials are still at a loss to explain. The ship was carrying supplies to be traded at Yvaeroure, where they were to make their next pick up. Among those supplies was a container of individually wrapped pills, unidentified except for the word 'Liberty' etched into each one. Upon analysis of the pills it was discovered that each one contained a small cluster of nanobots, the function of which is still unknown. The crew was [...]

                        Intertribal Tensions Plague Resettled Thukker

                        • YC112-09-15

                          Ryddinjorn - Ethnic violence broke out today in the normally quiet town of Hrangsdor, as the predominantly Brutor community reacted to the presence of resettled Thukker members of the Fuldis caravan. Formerly nomadic, nearly half of the members of the Fuldis caravan opted to form a permanent settlement last fall, choosing Ryddinjorn as their new home. Since that time, the lukewarm welcome has turned to outright suspicion, culminating in today's outbreak of widespread vandalism and protests. Many [...]

                          Cultural Friction Turns Minmatar Refugee Ghettos Into Battlegrounds

                          • YC112-09-14

                            Rens - Organized crime and culturally motivated violence have become staples of life in the housing shanties dotting Rens and other systems taking in Minmatar refugees. The Sisters of EVE have admitted to difficulties maintaining order in the temporary settlements, and hope to launch joint efforts with help from the tribes and local law enforcement. The mixture of Minmatar who still adhere to the Amarrian faith and Minmatar who possess staunch anti-Amarr sentiments has become a problem. Aggressive [...]

                            Plantation Director Receives Death Threats

                            • YC112-09-10

                              PATOR - Protestors upset with the planned staging of controversial 6-centuries-old play 'Plantation' picketed the box office of the Minmatar People's Theatre today. As the office opened and season passes went on sale, protestors carried signs and chanted slogans portraying the MPT as slave-holders. "This is ridiculous" said the show's director, Jaken Lagos. "I'm receiving death threats over this. The setting is updated to modern day Pator, and all the characters are now Minmatar, so how it can be [...]

                              Mass Suicide on Mining Colony

                              • YC112-09-07

                                GERERIQUE - An Astral Mining ore hauler made a grisly discovery yesterday when docking for its regularly scheduled pickup. After the vessel had proved unable to reach anyone on the colony for over an hour, some of the crew were sent to investigate. They found every man, woman, and child on the colony dead, seemingly by their own hand. According to Lenz Kaaloaka, a Sisters of Eve Agent who was one of the first on the scene: "We're not sure exactly how it was done, but it does appear as though they did [...]

                                Writers Union Backs MPT

                                • YC112-09-06

                                  HEK - The Matari Writers Association, a union representing writers of theatre and holovid pieces, today backed the MPT's decision to produce the highly controversial play 'Plantation.' "While we do not normally condone the adaptation of works outside of their intended millieu, we also do not condone repression of freedom of any kind. We find the actions of those upset with the MPT's decision to stage this play to be reprehensible," said Koto Rydd, the group's spokesman. The play, written 600 years ago [...]

                                  Politician Defends Funding Decision

                                  • YC112-09-03

                                    PATOR - Wentach Mennar, an ex-member of parliament for the Representative Party, issued a statement today defending the decision to award grant money to the Minmatar People's Theatre for their staging of 600-year-old play 'Plantation.' "Grants are made on the basis of the applicant, not on the merits of the project. The MPT has been providing quality theatre here in the capital for over 15 years," said Mennar. "The fact so many people are talking about the play should be proof this troupe knows what [...]

                                    Sarum Symphony a glorious triumph

                                    • YC112-09-02

                                      Mekhios - From the hushed and pensive opening notes to the stirring triumphal finale, Khitian Maritak's choral Sarum Symphony held listeners entranced for the entirety of its three-hour length. "I wanted to express [the Empress'] rise to power as the journey of her lifetime, to make the audience feel her experience," the honored composer stated later in an open interview. Home viewers may not have received quite as powerful an experience as the attendees, but the program has been recorded to produce [...]

                                      Media Watch-Group Outraged

                                      • YC112-09-01

                                        PATOR - The Minmatar People's Theatre announced their new season today, drawing fire from media watchgroups outraged at the inclusion of what they call a "rascist" play. The MPT, who were the last group to receive funding from the now-defunct parliament, will stage a version of the 600-year-old 'Plantation' by Ammatar author Dekkameron. Though the play is considered by many a classic, at least one of the groups, Equality in Action, plans to protest the show. "There is no redeeming social value in this [...]

                                        Settled Thukker Deal With Tribal Identity Crisis

                                        • YC112-08-31

                                          Rens - As Thukker tribesmen integrate into Minmatar society in greater numbers, many are giving up their nomadic roots and settling down. This has raised questions within the tribal community as to what it truly means to be a Thukker. Hugh Gunnur, a Thukker by birth, has relocated his family to Symhafen, a metropolis on the bustling planet of Rens. He sees the move as worthwhile. "My family have been maintenance techs on the station in EO2-IK for four generations. We were never part of a caravan, and [...]

                                          Second Seyllin Conference To Be Held This Weekend

                                          • YC112-08-13

                                            The Second Seyllin Conference will be held this weekend, August 14th and 15th at 22:00. The conference will convene in Seyllin at the CreoDron Warehouse located at moon 8 planet 14. The Synenose Accord will be continuing their discussions of wormholes, Sleepers, and any possible connection with the recent Sansha Nation invasions. Organized by Julianus Soter, The Synenose Accord held their first Conference on the 18th of July last year. Among many topics discussed, one that stands out most was the [...]

                                            Thukker Political Integration Sees Difficulties and Delays

                                            • YC112-07-29

                                              Pator - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor publicly expressed frustration after yet another in a series of delays plagued negotiations with Thukker tribal leaders. For months the Sanmatar's staff has been moving forward in trying to assemble a new Council to represent the seven Minmatar Tribes. "It was my fervent hope that this process would go more smoothly," said Shakor, "but dealing with representatives of the Thukker tribe in particular has imposed a number of difficulties." Amongst the problems that the [...]

                                              Thukker Caravans Increasingly Present in Minmatar Space

                                              • YC112-07-29

                                                Illinfrik - After many generations of wandering throughout the Great Wildlands in relative isolation, Thukker caravan fleets are becoming an increasingly common sight in Minmatar Republic space. As the caravan of the Vulder clan pulled into docking slips at the Trust Partners Trading Post station this morning, the occasion was marked with little fanfare, indicative of the frequency with which Thukker caravans have begun plying this route. On the whole, the reintegration of the Thukker clans into wider [...]

                                                Former Nefantar holders attempting to become tribal leaders

                                                • YC112-07-21

                                                  The vast majority of Ammatar who returned to the Republic to reform the Nefantar Tribe were commoners in the Mandate. They are now coalescing into the new tribal leadership. Among those former Elite who defected, however, are some who believe they should lead the tribe's rebirth. "I was more or less a Holder in the Mandate," said Rafin Chorda, who was the owner of a large number of slaves during his time in the Mandate. "I know how to organize the masses, how to keep proper account of funds and [...]

                                                  Nefantar Elite make best of their situation

                                                  • YC112-07-18

                                                    While many of the ex-Ammatar elite who returned to the Republic following the Elder War have found the transition difficult, there are a good many who have retained the optimism that led them to defecting in the first place. Omad Durgen was a Vice-Admiral in the Ammatar Fleet before the Elder Invasion. He and a group of loyal officers commandeered a ship and defected to the Republic, even aiding the Elders for a brief time before the ship sustained too much damage to continue. "It was glorious," [...]

                                                    Aftermath of Nation attacks ''eerie'' and ''disturbing''

                                                    • YC112-07-16

                                                      Ation - Nearly 750.000 Federation citizens were abducted from the Ation system by Sansha's Nation in a recent raid. Much like in previous raids the Nation left the attacked sites nearly devoid of human life, carrying off everyone from the newly born to the elderly. Estigone, a settlement of nearly 200.000, was one of the main sites of the Sansha attack. Before the attack it was a bustling industrial community in growth, centered around several factories belonging to Aliastra. Now it lies deserted, [...]

                                                      Many Nefantar Elite find adapting to Republic life difficult

                                                      • YC112-07-15

                                                        Following the Elder Invasion over two years ago, thousands of the Ammatar Mandate's former elite defected to the Minmatar Republic. For many of them, the road to reintegration into the Minmatar tribal system has been lined with hardship. Stripped of their former power and coming to a nation that views them with centuries of built-up suspicion and hatred, the Elite have been faced with challenges that many of them have not been able to overcome. "I oversaw an entire planet in the Mandate," said Ramius [...]

                                                        Calls for Return of Coalition of Empires go unanswered

                                                        • YC112-07-14

                                                          As Sansha's Nation continues its renewed offensive against the citizens of New Eden, many have called for the four empires to band together, as in centuries past, and destroy the threat as one. These calls, however, appear to have so far fallen on deaf ears. "Sansha's Nation was a threat over a century ago," said Professor Fontine Mereux of the University of Caille, a leading expert on the history of CONCORD. "But in the cluster's darkest hour, all of the empires banded together to smash them. [...]

                                                          Lists of Sansha Abductees Increasingly Inaccurate

                                                          • YC112-07-13

                                                            Yulai - As Sansha's Nation continues its raids into Empire space, the number of those abducted rises. While official numbers report over two million missing, the stark reality is that many of those abducted remain simply a number on a ledger. "Approximately one million are reported missing from Schmaeel," stated a Kor-Azor family official tasked with keeping track of the raids. "However, we have a list of names numbering barely half that many. We know the numbers are right, but we do not know the full [...]

                                                            Former Ammatar Elite speak about defecting to the Republic

                                                            • YC112-07-12

                                                              The invasion of the Ammatar Mandate by the Minmatar elders, an event which took place two years ago in YC110, is perhaps best known today for having allowed millions to reclaim their heritage as part of the Nefantar Tribe. Among those millions were thousands of the Mandate's elite; former overseers, planetary governors, and Holders in all but name. The most difficult thing for those involved was making the move. "My family had been given a special station in the Mandate," said Rafin Chorda, a slave [...]

                                                              False Media Report Sets Off Panic

                                                              • YC112-07-08

                                                                Pator - A story carried by The Scope news service and relayed by various media outlets throughout the cluster sparked panic today on Pator. The story, which turned out to be fraudulent, gave explicit details about a Sansha fleet on its way to invade the Minmatar homeworld. The local stock market on the planet took a steep dive following the false news story. Some areas saw mass looting in their retail districts, while fires broke out in some residential districts in major metropolitan areas. The [...]

                                                                Sansha Sympathizers Arrests Sparks Legal Debate

                                                                • YC112-07-05

                                                                  New Caldari - A State appeals court yesterday backed the Provist's power to indefinitely detain a citizen captured on State soil without any criminal charges being laid. The ruling came at the hearing of 6 men arrested last week, who officials said were involved in a plot to lure Caldari citizens into space where they were to be offered to Sansha's Nation. A host of civil liberties groups weighed in on the accused men's behalf, calling on the State to supply evidence and charges. The presiding judge [...]

                                                                  Luminaire's Market Affected by Nation Raids

                                                                  • YC112-07-01

                                                                    Luminaire - Retailers in Luminaire blame recent Sansha raids for sharply declining sales this week across almost all sectors. As the Sansha attacks have increased a new poll finds that people have cut back their shopping time. Some have also stopped buying altogether. Eighty percent of those polled in a recent Garoun Investment Bank study say they are "somewhat concerned" about Sansha incursions. A majority of those asked said they have stopped buying luxury items and no longer eat out. Of the [...]

                                                                    Honored Composer to Commemorate Empress

                                                                    • YC112-06-29

                                                                      Amarr Prime - Renowned composer Khitian Maritak, whose numerous canticles earned her the coveted Theology Council title "The Holy Inspired" and whose recent historical opera, "The Trials of Jiustan and Daro," won acclaim across the cluster, has announced the her latest creation, a choral titled "Sarum Symphony." Jamyl Sarum's mysterious and explosive return to power two years ago signalled the beginning of a new era for the Amarr Empire. This symphonic piece is to be performed in the Grand Nave of the [...]

                                                                      Imperial Fleets On High Alert Following Evidence Of Sansha Capital Fleet in Jove Space

                                                                      • YC112-06-26

                                                                        Amarr - In reaction to the data acquired by capsuleer Mouse Nell, indicating a major Sansha military presence within the borders of the Jove Empire, the Amarr Empire has set all its military forces to a state of high alert. This marks the first time the entirety of the Empire's main capital force - The Imperial Domain Fleet - has been mobilized since the invasion in YC110. In addition to the activation of the Imperial fleets, Amarr Certified News reports that the regional forces of the Royal Houses [...]

                                                                        Capsuleer Probe Scouts Other Side of Nation Wormhole; Returns Images of Jovian Space.

                                                                        • YC112-06-26

                                                                          3-CE1R - The recent Sansha's Nation attacks took a dramatic turn yesterday after a probe launched by capsuleer Mouse Nell recovered the first images from the other side of the wormhole used by Nation vessels. Imagery relayed by the probe revealed a massed Nation fleet idling outside a station of Jovian design. DED Signals Intelligence has confirmed the feed as authentic and CONCORD Special Operative Haeldone Dorgiers has also confirmed the station as the Prosper Vault in 3-CE1R, the same system where [...]

                                                                          Alliance Tournament VIII from IC

                                                                          • YC112-06-05

                                                                            As the participants prepare for Alliance Tournament VIII, the Interstellar Correspondents announce the launch of their coverage website, offering everything from catch up videos to full statistics in one place: [ ]( The website provides match schedules and results, news reports, match images, ship by ship statistics and high definition videos of every match (when they become available). There will also be interactive charts, alliance biographies and statistics. [...]

                                                                            CONCORD Releases Missive on Imminent "112 Land Rush"

                                                                            • YC112-06-04

                                                                              Begin Transmission June 4th, YC 112 00:00 CONCORD Secure Commerce Commission For immediate release to all registered capsuleers: In accordance with the Planetary Development Treaty, which will come into effect on June 8, YC 112, capsuleers will be permitted full access to surface resources, allowing them to purchase and operate facilities on most planets in New Eden and in wormhole space. The SCC has reviewed all possible scenarios that accompany the rapid expansion of capsuleer influence in the [...]

                                                                              Sansha Kuvakei's Resurrection: Truth or Trickery?

                                                                              • YC112-06-03

                                                                                Yulai - Sansha's Nation continues to assault settlements of all four empires, with the total number of abductions rising into the millions. The sudden intensity and frequency of the attacks has fueled rampant theories about their motives and the nature of their resurgence. Most distressing to some is the possible revival of Sansha Kuvakei. The founder of the Nation, Kuvakei has long been assumed dead, killed during the invasion by a coalition of the empires under the then-nascent CONCORD. While his [...]

                                                                                Umokka Raided By Sansha's Nation, Abductions Escalate

                                                                                • YC112-05-16

                                                                                  Umokka, Lonetrek - In the evening of 112.05.13, a Sansha's Nation raiding fleet attacked Umokka II and VIII simultaneously. During the raid, which lasted no more than thirty minutes, an estimated 50,000 citizens were abducted from planet VIII, while the Sansha claimed that Ummoka II was "completely harvested," and some 100,000 people have been reported missing. According to Yoshitaka Moromuo, who was leading Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Division's response fleet, the Nation vessels entered Umokka through a [...]

                                                                                  Calls rise for Ardishapur to be given more authority

                                                                                  • YC112-05-13

                                                                                    As Yonis Ardishapur's speaking tour winds down, an upswell of support for the Royal Heir has led to calls he be given expanded influence over the Empire's affairs. Perhaps inspired by the open courts Lord Ardishapur has held in his own domains, many have suggested that Ardishapur be given judiciary powers across the Empire. Many supporters have also pointed to the "near-miraculous" recovery of the Ammatar Mandate as reason for an expansion of Ardishapur's powers. Currently, the calls remain disjointed [...]

                                                                                    Ardishapur refutes claims he has overstepped bounds of power

                                                                                    • YC112-05-10

                                                                                      The popularity of Lord Ardishapur's speaking engagements have continued to rise, with events now selling out stadium-sized venues and being broadcast to millions system-wide. The engagements have not been without some controversy, however, as some claim the Heir has overstepped the traditional bounds of his power. The claims began after an incident in Dantan, where two long-feuding Holders approached the Royal Heir for advice to resolve their dispute. According to one of the Holders, they "have been [...]

                                                                                      Ducia Foundry Team Target of Mysterious Attack

                                                                                      • YC112-05-07

                                                                                        X-7OMU - Following up on an anonymous report, The Scope has obtained classified sensor data from a Sisters of Eve search vessel sent deep into w-space. The operation was undertaken at the request of Ducia Foundry for the recovery of a team which was reported missing earlier in the week. The leaked sensor data reveals damage visible on recovered ships and outpost structures which is minimal and does not follow known Sleepers attack patterns. All members of the missing team are as yet unaccounted for [...]

                                                                                        Ardishapur holding public court during engagements in own domains

                                                                                        • YC112-05-05

                                                                                          Sasta - In an unusual move, Lord Yonis Ardishapur has begun holding public court while touring his domains. Following his speaking engagements, the Heir has been opening his ears to the grievances of his underlings. During a recent speaking engagement in the Ammatar system of Sasta, Lord Ardishapur held a public court, encouraging all members of society to bring their problems before him. While it is common for the Heirs to hold Royal Courts and hear the grievances of Holders under their rule, it is [...]

                                                                                          Crielere Project Scientist Released

                                                                                          • YC112-04-28

                                                                                            New Caldari - Dr. Tamo Kintonnen, research scientist for Hyasyoda, has been released by Provist investigators after a week of what has been described as "intensive interviews." The Press Office of Hyasyoda released the following statement about the scientist's detainment: "We have made a formal complaint to the CPD over this matter. Hyasyoda employees and their professional intellectual property belong to the Corporation. It is against the founding principles of the State for an outside agency to [...]

                                                                                            CEP Approves Stricter Controls on Quafe Holdings

                                                                                            • YC112-04-27

                                                                                              New Caldari - The Chief Executive Panel met again today to discuss the Caldari Providence Directorate's petition to revoke Quafe Company's corporate status. The panel concluded to postpone further consideration until a future, as yet unspecified, date, but a motion was approved to implement stricter auditing of Quafe operations within State borders. Quafe Company is one of the largest corporations in New Eden and is allowed to operate in the State as a domestic company, subject to the same laws, [...]

                                                                                              Initial Ardishapur speaking engagements ''doing well''

                                                                                              • YC112-04-26

                                                                                                As Yonis Ardishapur's speaking tour continues through the Empire, initial reports indicate the events are gaining in success. Held mainly in churches and other areas of religious gathering, the Heir has attracted sizable crowds. While many of the venues can hold several thousand safely, seats have been taken quickly, leading to some being turned away at the door. In addition to those in attendance, tens of thousands have watched broadcasts of the engagements. Commenting on the popularity of the [...]

                                                                                                Boundless Creation Marketing Holo Banned

                                                                                                • YC112-04-24

                                                                                                  Hagilur - A review panel at the Republic Justice Department has ordered a ban on the latest marketing holoreel produced by Boundless Creation after fierce opposition from a Minmatar-Gallente based pressure group. The group, named "Reconcile," is a pro-peace movement seeking to move the major governments of New Eden toward a peaceful end to current hostilities. Reconcile filed a petition with the Republic Justice Department several days ago, stating that the upcoming Boundless Creation marketing [...]

                                                                                                  Senate Proposes Easing Restrictions on Quafe Corporation

                                                                                                  • YC112-04-23

                                                                                                    Villore - Citing economic concerns, Senator Faron Shu confirmed to the Scope today his intention to introduce legislation that eases restrictions against Quafe Corporation trading and other operations in the Federation. This announcement comes in the wake of rumors concerning meetings between Quafe Company officials and representatives of both the Federation Senate and the Minmatar Parliament. Sources indicate a similar motion has been brought forward in the Republic. Speaking outside his office, [...]

                                                                                                    Crielere Project Scientist Detained by Provists

                                                                                                    • YC112-04-21

                                                                                                      Kaaputenen - Dr. Tamo Kinttonen, one of the leading research project managers for the Hyasyoda Corporation, has been detained for questioning by Provists at a CBD Sell Division station in Kaaputenen. It is understood that Kintonnen had prepaid for passage on an unidentified ship to Penirgman system in the Domain region. Kintonnen worked on the Crielere Project as part of a Hyasyoda team concerned with cloaking technology. Although divorced now, he was married at the time to Dr. Sycia Tillbeaux, a [...]