Black Eagles rally in Villore draws huge crowds as celebrities endorse civil service

New Eden News | YC115-02-23

_Villore - _The Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security is calling their rally a "massive success" after thousands of civilians and hundreds of capsuleers showed up to attend. The rally, which was held on board the Senate Bureau station in Villore, was hosted by Black Eagles administrator Thoun Gaterau and featured speeches from various celebrities and Director Mentas Blaque himself.

The rally began at just past noon, with recruiters handing out flyers, offering demonstrations of Black Eagles techniques, playing videos of training regimens, and answering questions from citizens. Particularly well-received were miniature "boot camps for kids" which replicated official Black Eagles training exercises as obstacle courses and games for children under 13. The festivities continued until 20:00, when Thoun Gaterau took a podium and kicked off the system-wide speeches to close the day.

Vincent Aslo, famed Gallente game show host, took the podium first and delivered a speech advocating service to the Federation and belief in the Black Eagles. While peppered with several groan-inducing references to his past shows, his words were fairly well received by the attendees, many of whom shouted out words of agreement.

Up next was often-times controversial singer Midna Lyre, who sported a t-shirt emblazoned with the Federal Eagle. While proving to be much more popular with the crowd than Aslo, her speech also focused on the good the Black Eagles are doing for the Federation. The singer expressed how her earlier hesitancy was alleviated by a meeting with Director Blaque and urged fans to be vigilant and honest in their dealings with the Black Eagles.

With the celebrity speeches finished, Mentas Blaque took the podium and delivered a rousing speech. He reminding those in attendance about the strength of the Federal military, but warned against falling "into a false sense of security." He cautioned about "threats to the Gallente people" which "may come from not only from outside our borders, but from within." He went on to say that while some may find the methods of the Black Eagles unsavory, their actions are solely "To ensure the safety and wellbeing of citizens across the Federation."

He closed his speech with harsh words for the Caldari State, referring to the titan in orbit of Caldari Prime as "a wall of Provist steel." He declared the continued war with the State a result of "racist prejudice brought against us by those who would seek to attack the fundamental principles of our constitution."

After the speech, Director Blaque answered several questions from the crowd before departing. The celebrities stayed after to sign autographs and take pictures for a short period before retreating from the enthusiastic and fired up masses.