Unrest on Caldari Prime results in bombing of Provist headquarters

New Eden News | YC115-03-18

LUMINAIRE - After a series of attacks on Provist assets and personnel earlier in the day, it has now been confirmed that the operational headquarters of the Provist occupation force on Caldari Prime was destroyed less than an hour ago.

The 102-story Shintoko Tower, which was used as a Caldari State embassy and House of Records repository prior to the arrival of the invasion force in June YC110, toppled into a neighboring building before collapsing completely, after a series of powerful explosions rocked its foundations at approximately 9:30pm.

Eyewitnesses claim that the series of explosions, which appear to have completely destroyed the ground floor and sub-basements of the building, were heard as far 20 kilometers away. The resulting blast also caused cosmetic damage to surrounding buildings, blowing out most windows in the immediate vicinity.

Rescue efforts are ongoing, with an estimated death toll of 800, and at this time the Caldari Provincial Directorate remain unavailable for comment with regards to the situation. Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that Brigadier General Rus Kartaka, who made a statement to the press only hours ago to reassure the public that the situation was under control, may be among those dead.

A senior CPD officer who requested to remain anonymous has confirmed that operational headquarters for the Provist occupation force have been moved to a heavily fortified secure location in response to the attack.