New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Ministry of Internal Order launches investigation into altered slave records

  • YC110-12-31

    Dakba - The Amarrian Ministry of Internal Order has launched an investigation into the genealogical records of approximately 250,000 slaves belonging to Lord Adash Korta, Holder of the Dabka system. Korta is one of the largest slaveholders in the Amarr Empire. His estates have already freed 300,000 slaves following Empress Jamyl I's edict this past Thursday. Despite these numbers, Imperial officials noted discrepancies in the genealogical histories submitted for the remaining half-million slaves owned [...]

    Minmatar and Thukker Trade Routes Increasingly Threatened by 'Breakaway' Angels

    • YC110-12-30

      Rens, Heimatar - At a joint security conference today between officers of the Republic Fleet and caravan masters of the Thukker Tribe, it was announced that some of the newly-established trade routes between the Great Wildlands and Republic space are under increasing threat from pirate activity. Concern has been heightened by intelligence that suggests these pirates are mainly 'breakaway' elements of the Angel Cartel. 'It is clear that pirates and criminals in general wish to take advantage of the [...]

      Interbus to Offer Free Rides to Emancipated Slaves

      • YC110-12-27

        Following Empress Jamyl I's announcement that all slaves in the Amarr Empire who can trace their lineage back at least 9 generations will be freed from servitude, Interbus has announced that it will provide free passage to anywhere in the cluster to any recently freed slave for the entire month of January. "We understand that many of these freed slaves will lack the means to leave the Empire," said Interbus CEO Haukkakka Pukara. "Some of them will undoubtedly want to go elsewhere. But without money, [...]

        Travel by Minmatar into Thukker Tribe Space Increases

        • YC110-12-26

          M-MD3B, Great Wildlands - Thukker Tribe authorities confirmed today that there has been a sharp rise in passenger traffic between the Republic regions and the Great Wildlands, along with increasing goods trading, since the open borders agreement was announced. While this traffic is two-way, visits from the Republic to Thukker space are cited as the reason for much of the travel. 'I have relatives in the havens protected by the Thukker,' said Rolf Urgalld, while queueing to take his place on a [...]


          • YC110-12-25

            DAM-TORSAD - Empress Jamyl I this afternoon made a special nationwide address to the people of the Empire wherein it was announced that, in a historic turning point for Amarr, a significant portion of the Empire's slaves are being "emancipated from their obligations to our nation and our Lord." "Out there on the event horizon, a new age races toward us," said the Empress in her announcement, "and it is approaching fast. The Lord in his infinite grace has instructed me that the chains that fetter us [...]

            Federal Freight Cleared of Espionage Charges, Penalized for Lax Security

            • YC110-12-24

              Renyn, Essence - In a press conference at the headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Office today, a senior spokesman announced the conclusion of several months of investigation into shipping giant Federal Freight. The inquiries, conducted by the Special Department of Internal Investigations, were aimed at establishing direct involvement in the loss of sensitive data by Federal Freight employees, in addition to ascertaining any possible connections to Caldari intelligence organizations. Much to the [...]

              Tash-Murkon Delegation Visits Imperial Palace

              • YC110-12-24

                Amarr Prime - The Imperial Palace hosted a meeting today between high-level officials from both the Imperial Chancellery and the Tash-Murkon family, at which a member of Catiz Tash-Murkon's immediate family was rumored to be present. The meeting was the first in a series currently scheduled to continue through the end of the week. According to household officials, the meeting was requested with less than 48 hours notice, which, according to protocol expert Odreluk Olnabim, would normally be a [...]

                Amarr Empire announces capture of former Chamberlain

                • YC110-12-23

                  The Imperial Throne this morning released a statement which claims Dochuta Karsoth, former Chamberlain of the Amarr Empire, has been apprehended. According to the release, Karsoth, who defected from the Empire during the Elder invasion earlier this year, had been sheltered by Blood Raider allies in the time since. He was captured by elite Khanid squadrons during the aftermath of one of the Khanid's attacks on Blood Raider holdings last Sunday. The building where the former chamberlain was being [...]

                  Royal Khanid Navy releases statement on Blood Raider attacks

                  • YC110-12-21

                    Royal Khanid Navy Grand Admiral Zidares Khanid this morning released a statement claiming that Khanid Kingdom forces yesterday attacked thirty-three separate Blood Raider Covenant targets - ranging from unmanned installations to fully-defended outposts - in what the release terms "an effort to strike a blow against the spreading blight of willful heresy." The Admiral's statement went on to detail the statistics of yesterday's conflicts, some of which are reportedly still raging. Among the largest were [...]

                    Commerce Between Thukker Tribe and Minmatar Republic Increasing

                    • YC110-12-21

                      Rens, Heimatar - In the month since the historic open borders agreement between the Minmatar Republic and the Thukker Tribe, the volume of trade between the two has increased substantially and continues to rise. Established trade routes between the Republic regions and Thukker holdings in the Great Wildlands have seen a ten-fold increase in activity, while entirely new routes have been forged between the regions by enterprising merchants. 'Trade opportunities have multiplied almost daily since the [...]

                      Khanid forces mounting large-scale attacks against Blood Raider targets

                      • YC110-12-21

                        Reports are coming in that today has seen a major coordinated strike by the Khanid Kingdom against Blood Raider holdings in several separate locations around New Eden. Damage reports are difficult to come by at this point, but at least three deep-space outposts and several dozen planetside installations have been confirmed as infiltrated or destroyed by Khanid forces in the last six hours. Believed to be the largest single offensive ever mounted by an independent nation against a criminal [...]

                        Tribal Liberation Force to Enter Freedom Fighters into Alliance Tournament

                        • YC110-12-19

                          Ebolfer - General Gar Orga announced today that the Tribal Liberation Force (TLF) would be entering a team of its most dedicated pilots into the forthcoming 6th Alliance Tournament. General Orga outlined the arrangements, making clear that the organization of the team would rest primarily on the shoulders of the top fighters within the TLF. "After consultation with the Tribal Chiefs and authorization from our Commander-in-Chief, the noble Sanmatar Shakor, the Supreme Command of the Tribal Liberation [...]

                          State Protectorate to Recognize Top Militia Pilots

                          • YC110-12-19

                            Black Rise - With the Alliance Tournament fast approaching, the leadership of the Caldari State Protectorate announced today that it would be sponsoring a group of militia pilots to take part in the competition. CEO Mumara Kara detailed a comprehensive plan to reward those pilots deemed most influential to the "goals and objectives" of the militia. "Pilots who provide the greatest tangible military and strategic benefit to the Protectorate's operations will be rewarded with the honor and [...]

                            24th Imperial Crusade to have tournament team sponsored by Merimeth Sarum

                            • YC110-12-19

                              -+- FROM THE DESK OF ADMIRAL NALMID LEBON -+- Greetings to the honorable pilots of the 24th Imperial Crusade: The honored Heir, his eminence Lord Merimeth Sarum, has expressed a personal interest in seeing a team of loyal Amarrian soldiers represent the might of the Empire in the upcoming 6th Alliance Tournament. To that end, he has committed a small portion of his fortunes to the 24th Imperial Crusade in order to pay the entree fee into the tournament. Lord Sarum has left the selection of the team up [...]

                              Report Shows Evidence of Offworld Support for Gallente Resistance

                              • YC110-12-16

                                Luminaire - As the six-month mark passes since the invasion of Caldari Prime, a new report from CONCORD claims the increasing sophistication of the pro-Federation resistance on the planet is evidence of off-world support for the rebels. The report comes on the heels of a number of attacks on high-profile targets on the planet, including the sabotage three days ago of a Tovil water treatment plant. CONCORD has been using its assets in Luminaire to maintain a watch over the occupied planet in the hope [...]

                                Caldari Trade Mission Visits Khanid Kingdom, Meets With Tash-Murkon

                                • YC110-12-11

                                  Kihtaled - A Caldari trade mission consisting of executives and diplomats from all eight major megacorporations arrived in the Khanid Kingdom today. To the surprise of many here, the trade mission was led by Haatakan Oiritsuu, dethroned former CEO of the Kaalakiota Corporation, who has been in seclusion since the end of May. The Caldari delegation is tasked with negotiating a number of new trade deals with the Khanid Kingdom, including supply contracts for the Navy and Khanid Innovations. However, [...]

                                  Ardishapur begins initial moves to take control of Ammatar Mandate

                                  • YC110-12-09

                                    Derelik - The first stages of the Ardishapur family's assumption of power over the Ammatar Mandate have begun. The Mandate, which has suffered under a lack of leadership in the six months since the Elder fleet's invasion, will likely see more turmoil before things finally settle down. Ardishapur has begun a series of changes in the Mandate's power structure intended to reshape the region so that it operates more like one of the Empire's core domains. The first stage has already begun, with Ardishapur [...]

                                    Empress Jamyl grants Aritcio Kor-Azor Imperial Chancellorship

                                    • YC110-12-04

                                      The Imperial Throne yesterday afternoon issued a decree proclaiming that Aritcio Kor-Azor, royal heir of the Kor-Azor family, is to be awarded the post of Imperial Chancellor. The post, one of the most coveted and influential positions within the Empire, has, according to the decree, traditionally been awarded "only to those servants of Amarr who have distinguished themselves as faithful to our holy empire and its interests above all other things." As Chancellor, Lord Kor-Azor will sit at the head of [...]

                                      Caldari Economy Stymied By Uncertainty

                                      • YC110-12-03

                                        Jita - With close to six months since Tibus Heth and the Caldari Provincial Directorate consolidated power in the State, many investors have begun voicing skepticism about the long-term future of the Caldari economy. The latest news to underline their concerns was yesterday's announcement by the CBD corporation that it would be posting a loss for the third straight quarter -- news which sent their stocks tumbling late in the day. "The question remains: are the fundamentals of the Caldari economy [...]

                                        Citizens throw their support behind the Federation

                                        • YC110-12-03

                                          Luminaire - In the days following Kador's aborted invasion of Solitude, Federation citizens have rallied behind their government and Navy, celebrating among other things a well-executed operation into Kador Region. The Federation has seemed subdued in the recent past, following the embarrassment of the invasion of Caldari Prime, but all this appears to have changed with the devastating performance of their Navy in what is being referred to as "The Kador Issue." "I feel like I can finally look my [...]

                                          Ardishapur dedicates cathedral to St. Articus

                                          • YC110-11-30

                                            ****Ardishapur Prime - The first cathedral in the Ardishapur Family's public works plan was opened yesterday in a grand public ceremony. The new cathedral, located in Ardishapur Prime's biggest city, is one of the largest in the entire Empire. Thanks to a massive investment of slave and free labor, the cathedral was constructed in record time. Yonis Ardishapur, alongside representatives of the Theology Council, christened the cathedral in the name of St. Articus, a move that has surprised some. St. [...]

                                            Ardishapur Family announces Kourmonen Campaign Medal

                                            • YC110-11-28

                                              Ardishapur Prime - The Ardishapur Family issued a press release today stating that it had awarded several pilots who fought with "particular vigor" in the recent battle for occupation of Kourmonen with the "Kourmonen Campaign" medal. The release went on to say that the medals were issued by order of Yonis Ardishapur himself. The medals signify pilots who aggressively helped bring down many enemy installations and thus restored the system to Amarr Empire control. While the Family acknowledged in the [...]

                                              Empress Jamyl places Ammatar Mandate under Ardishapur vassalage

                                              • YC110-11-28

                                                Amarr - Amarr Empress Jamyl I this morning released a statement declaring that, as of noon tomorrow, she would be handing executive oversight of the Ammatar Mandate to Ardishapur Family heir Yonis Ardishapur. The announcement comes after several months of speculation on the empress's intentions for the Five Heirs and how they will fit into her much-vaunted plan for the restoration of the Reclaiming. The empress's decree states that Lord Ardishapur, "pursuant to Imperial directive, shall henceforth [...]

                                                Ardishapur school chancellor appointee draws criticism

                                                • YC110-11-27

                                                  Shuria - Yonis Ardishapur's naming of theologian Derak Tanar to the chancellor post of the under-construction Ardishapur Institute of Education has drawn criticism from numerous Amarrians. Tanar, who had been a professor of theology for over thirty years and a provost of the Royal Amarr Institute for the past fifteen, was appointed chancellor in a nondescript press release earlier this week. Almost immediately, the move drew criticism from across the Empire. The majority of the criticism comes from [...]

                                                  Political Vacuum in Ammatar Mandate Continues; Populace in Turmoil

                                                  • YC110-11-27

                                                    Tanoo, Derelik - Affairs in the Ammatar Mandate continue to be confused months after the extraordinary defection of former governor Ana Utulf to the Minmatar Republic, an event that came in the wake of the so-called Elder Fleet invasions of Amarrian territories. As her last act in office, Governor Utulf called on all Ammatar citizens to join her in defecting to the Republic, and the Mandate has been wracked by the effects of that call ever since. Still leaderless, the Mandate's government, the Ammatar [...]

                                                    Kor-Azor Institutes New Settlement Incentive Policy

                                                    • YC110-11-26

                                                      Kor-Azor - In the latest of several shake-ups of the way his holdings are administered, Amarr heir Aritcio Kor-Azor has announced a new policy of granting incentives (including low interest loans and tax breaks) to veterans of the various Amarrian armed services who start developments or business ventures within certain areas of the Kor-Azor domain. The size of the incentive is prorated based on time of service, and special consideration is to be given to veterans who are highly decorated or have been [...]

                                                      Gallente Customs React Cautiously to Republic-Thukker 'Open Borders'

                                                      • YC110-11-25

                                                        Eglennaert, Sinq Laison - Customs officers in the Gallente Federation have expressed cautious concern regarding the implications of the recently agreed 'Open Borders' accord between the Minmatar Republic and the Thukker Tribe. The Gallente Federation has a large border with the Republic encompassing multiple links between the Sinq Laison region and the Metropolis and Heimatar regions of the Republic. Admiral Harvisard Stollimaere, Federal Customs Commander for the Sinq Laison Region, spoke in an [...]

                                                        Tash-Murkon Family Receives Khanid Innovation Delegation

                                                        • YC110-11-24

                                                          Tash-Murkon Prime - Khanid Innovation, the Khanid Kingdom's largest industrial corporation, has sent a delegation of executives, engineers and scientists to the court of Catiz Tash-Murkon. Arriving today, the delegation is yet more evidence of growing ties between the Kingdom and the Tash-Murkon Family, ties already strengthened considerably by the Tash-Murkon rescue of several Khanid vessels last month. The delegation had been planned for the last few weeks, but after the Kador assault on Gallente [...]

                                                          Republic Fleet bring rescue operations in Aset to an end

                                                          • YC110-11-24

                                                            Aset - The Republic Fleet announced today that it was bringing to an end rescue operations that have been ongoing for the last few weeks at the site of the asteroid mine collapse. In a statement issued this morning, the Fleet claimed it had recovered over 500 miners, most of whom only sustained relatively minor injuries thanks mainly to the protection afforded by the Deep Ore Mining Units [DOMUs] they were operating at the time. The Fleet stated that 78 miners were currently undergoing treatment, but [...]

                                                            Tash-Murkon Family Assumes Minority Stake in Carthum Conglomerate

                                                            • YC110-11-22

                                                              Pimebeka - Amarr Certified News is reporting that the Carthum Conglomerate's major shareholders, the Lai Dai Corporation and the Sarum Family, have agreed to a special stock issue for the purpose of raising capital from the Tash-Murkon family. The deal, signed yesterday, gives the Tash-Murkon family a 9% stake in Carthum in return for a cash outlay 5% below the current market price for Conglomerate stock. This deal is the end of what has been nearly a month-long search for solutions to Carthum's cash [...]

                                                              President Foiritan announces capture of renegade Admiral

                                                              • YC110-11-21

                                                                Luminaire - President Foiritan addressed the Gallente Federation today in the wake of the Federation Navy's first instance of direct military action within the Amarr Empire's borders in over three decades. "In response to intelligence received yesterday, this morning I authorized our military forces to cross the border into the Amarr Empire and conduct a forced extraction of the traitor, former Grand Admiral of the Navy, Anvent Eturrer," said the President, speaking to an assembled crowd of thousands. [...]

                                                                Fighting in Kador Prime ceases

                                                                • YC110-11-21

                                                                  Kador Prime - The heavy fighting that just moments ago was occurring in Kador Prime seems to have ceased, all reports coming in indicate that the Federation Navy vessels that were involved in the combat have left the system. We have no further sightings of the Federation Navy fleet and we have no further information at this time.

                                                                  Breaking News: Reports of heavy fighting in Kador Prime

                                                                  • YC110-11-21

                                                                    Kador Prime - Reports have just come in about ongoing heavy fighting in the Kador Prime system, apparently concentrated around the Kador Family Bureau station at the system's first planet. Combat has also been reported at several other points in the system, but these reports remain unconfirmed still. Several feeds from eyewitnesses at the station appear to show Gallente forces clashing with ships aligned to the Kador Family. Amarr Navy fleets have been sighted not three systems away, but appear to [...]

                                                                    Breaking News: Unauthorized Gallente presence confirmed in Amarr space

                                                                    • YC110-11-21

                                                                      Aridia - Earlier reports that a fleet of Federation Navy vessels had crossed over the Gallente-Amarr border into Aridia have now been confirmed by several independent sources. Amarr Navy scout squadrons have reportedly been scrambled and are conducting long-range reconnaissance, but have made no move to engage yet. The Gallente vessels have failed to respond to all hails directed towards them, and top sources within the Federation Navy have reportedly disavowed any knowledge of their actions. The [...]

                                                                      Breaking News: Gallente navy vessels seen entering Aridia

                                                                      • YC110-11-21

                                                                        Aridia - Breaking news at this hour: A number of Federation Navy ships have reportedly been spotted crossing into Amarr territory from Gallente space. Neither the Amarr government nor Amarr Navy High Command have commented on the situation, though it is rumored that Amarr Navy vessels have been scrambled to monitor the incursive squadron. More on this situation as it develops.

                                                                        Bones of St. Aman transported to Dakba

                                                                        • YC110-11-19

                                                                          Dakba - The bones of St. Aman, a holy figure favored by the Ardishapur Family, were safely excavated from his resting place in Kourmonen and transported to Dakba yesterday. The recovery of the bones was a focal point of the fight for occupancy of the system that ended six days ago. Yonis Ardishapur, who had expressed his wish to the 24th Imperial Crusade that the bones be recovered, was present in Dakba to accept the bones as they arrived alongside a heavy guard. The Heir spent a moment praying before [...]

                                                                          Reform Guidance Board Dissolves Amidst Recriminations

                                                                          • YC110-11-15

                                                                            New Caldari - The Reform Guidance Board (RGB) was dissolved by executive order of the Chief Executive Panel (CEP) yesterday, following a tense but short meeting that ended when corporate representatives declared themselves unable or unwilling to work with the board. Provist Director Suvasemi Aikinen immediately declared the reforms package "on track and perfectly safe under the guidance of the Caldari Providence Directorate." The RGB was established by the CEP in response to the absence through [...]

                                                                            Ishukone CEO Crisis Continues as Guinna and Ruivannen Resign

                                                                            • YC110-11-14

                                                                              Investors and employees looking toward the end of the Ishukone corporate crisis were shocked today as two of the corporation's brightest stars, Ms. Denalia Guinna and Mr. Joga Ruivannen, announced that they have resigned their corporate positions in the last week, ending their bids for the CEO chair. Ishukone's stock price dropped several percentage points in moderate trading on the news. After both candidates had ramped up their efforts to secure support for the top position, a number of reports came [...]

                                                                              Empress Jamyl reprimands Heir Kador, confiscates fleet

                                                                              • YC110-11-14

                                                                                Amarr - Empress Jamyl I made a short address to the Empire today, chastising Imperial Heir Uriam Kador for his abortive military incursion into Gallente space and announcing the full integration of the remains of the Kador Family home fleet into the Imperial Navy. Speaking via public address systems from the Emperor Family station in Amarr, the Empress said "I made a promise that I would respond in kind to actions affecting the wellbeing of our great and holy Empire, be they good or ill. The failure [...]

                                                                                The Bleak Lands back under Amarr control

                                                                                • YC110-11-13

                                                                                  Kourmonen - The Kourmonen system was reoccupied by forces from the 24th Imperial Crusade yesterday. This marks the last Amarrian system that was held in enemy occupancy. The Tribal Liberation Force had initially made large inroads into Amarrian territories in the Bleak Lands, with a cohesive push occupying many Amarr systems. This push effectively halted in August when forces from the 24th Imperial Crusade retook Huola. Since this point the Imperial Crusade has made steady progress reclaiming systems [...]

                                                                                  Minmatar Republic and Thukker Tribe announce open border policy.

                                                                                  • YC110-11-13

                                                                                    Pator - The Minmatar Republic and the Thukker Tribe have formed an open border policy, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and Thukker Chief Einnar Aeboul jointly announced at a press conference today. The agreement, coming after a week of talks between the two leaders, will allow Minmatar and Thukker citizens to travel freely between their respective territories. The agreement, notably, also extends to the Starkmanir and Nefantar tribes currently sheltered in Thukker territory. "With this historic agreement, we [...]

                                                                                    Tash-Murkon State Visit Cut Short, Naval Forces Placed On Alert

                                                                                    • YC110-11-12

                                                                                      Tash-Murkon Prime - Catiz Tash-Murkon has cut her state visit to the court of Uriam Kador short by two days, returning to Tash-Murkon Prime under heavy escort by her personal guard. The Amarr Certified News is also reporting that Tash-Murkon forces have been placed on their highest state of alert, with all shore leave canceled and training exercises being scrubbed. The Tash-Murkon Family spokesperson evaded questioning on whether this impromptu return was related to recent events in Solitude. "Lady [...]

                                                                                      Information on Hyasyoda Explosion Released; Company Announces Restructuring Plan

                                                                                      • YC110-11-12

                                                                                        Rajateri Zehiman, one-time Deputy Vice-President of Public Relations for Hyasyoda, today provided reporters with information regarding recent reports of an explosion at a Hyasyoda facility in the Urlen system. "It was a secret project. [CEO Ahtonen] Osmon was obsessed with the creation of new mining laser technology. A significant amount of ISK was diverted from other company projects to secure funding. "The project's leaders were secretive and paranoid," said Zehiman, "and getting worse with every [...]

                                                                                        Explosions Reported at Hyasyoda Refinery

                                                                                        • YC110-11-10

                                                                                          Early morning operations at Hyasyoda's Urlen refinery station came to a brief halt this morning as the facility was shaken by several internal explosions. The cause of the explosions is unknown at this time. Despite panicked initial reports to the contrary, both the Caldari Navy and the State Protectorate both report that the incident was not caused by enemy actions, and that the station's superstructure and systems security remains unbreached. Company officials have refused to answer questions or [...]

                                                                                          Federation Navy Crushes Kador Invasion

                                                                                          • YC110-11-08

                                                                                            Luminaire - In an emergency press conference, the Federation government announced a "decisive victory" against forces loyal to House Kador of the Amarr Empire. Spokespersons for the Federation Navy and the Foiritan Administration told reporters that Kador forces had launched an "unprovoked attack" on Federation assets in the border region of Solitude. Heir Uriam Kador has previously been characterized as friendly to the Federation. He visited the Federation on several occasions during the interregnum [...]

                                                                                            REPORT: MASSIVE FEDERATION COUNTERATTACK UNDERWAY - KADOR FLEET ESTIMATED TO BE OUTNUMBERED 4:1, SUSTAINING MASSIVE LOSSES

                                                                                            • YC110-11-08

                                                                                              Ratillose - Forces loyal to Amarr Heir Uriam Kador are being routed in what is being described as an "epic" counterattack by Federation Navy forces, and are reportedly outnumbered by a factor of almost 4:1. The military action follows an unprovoked invasion of the Gallente Federation just under an hour ago and emphatically described as "unsanctioned" by the Amarr Ministry of War. Scope News has confirmed that no Imperial reinforcements have arrived to support Kador's fleet. We will continue to update [...]

                                                                                              BREAKING REPORT: WARSHIPS REPORTEDLY ACTING ON ORDERS FROM AMARR HEIR URIAM KADOR

                                                                                              • YC110-11-08

                                                                                                Solitude - The Amarr war fleet which crossed the Federation border in Solitude is reportedly acting under the direct command of Amarrian Heir Uriam Kador. Spokespersons for the Heir are unavailable for comment as of this time. Federation warships have been sighted moving towards the Gallente system of Ratillose. This is a breaking news story. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

                                                                                                IMPERIAL FLEET SPOKESPERSON: 'WE HAVE NOT SANCTIONED THIS ATTACK'

                                                                                                • YC110-11-08

                                                                                                  Amarr - The Imperial Navy issued an emergency press release explicitly stating that the Kador invasion was not sanctioned by the Ministry of War and that all military actions by his forces should be considered rogue and not representative of the Amarr Empire. Meanwhile, heavy fighting continues as the Federation is reported to have launched a massive counterattack to support forces in Ratillose. This is a breaking news story. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

                                                                                                  REPORT: KADOR FLEET LAUNCHES INVASION OF GALLENTE FEDERATION IN SOLITUDE - HEAVY CASUALTIES REPORTED AS FIGHTING IS UNDERWAY

                                                                                                  • YC110-11-08

                                                                                                    Ratillose - Amarrian Heir Uriam Kador has launched a personal invasion of the Gallente Federation. The unprovoked attack follows a series of misdirection actions by the Kador fleet in the last 24 hours. Heavy fighting is underway in the Ratillose System on the Federation side of the border, which is home to at least two Federation Navy bases. This is a breaking news story. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

                                                                                                    BREAKING REPORT: AMARRIAN WARSHIPS CROSS FEDERATION BORDER IN SOLITUDE

                                                                                                    • YC110-11-08

                                                                                                      Aridia - An Amarrian war fleet has just been sighted entering sovereign Federation space through the border region of Aridia. The action represents the most significant military action in the history of the cold war between the Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation. This is a breaking news story. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.