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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Playboy Enterprises chooses Playmate of the Year!

  • YC105-12-31

    Reported by HighBirdDeuce On the steps leading to the atrium at the Playboy Enterprises Offices at the Calle School at Egghelende, the press was at a fevered pitch upon the announcement of the Playmate of the Year. As Heff mounted the Podium dressed in his red smoking jacket, slippers surrounded by a bevy of beauties, all past winners of the monthly contest, a hush fell over the crowd. “I am very pleased to announce this year’s winner of the Playmate of the Year goes to Ms. Victoria Madison!” At that, [...]

    Emperor Doriam plans to visit every Amarr planet

    • YC105-12-28

      The new Amarr Emperor Doriam II is taking a very hands-on approach to his running of affairs of his domain. Since his inauguration he has been on the move constantly, traveling from one system to another. He states he wants to ‘get intimate’ with his subjects and learn every detail about his vast domain. Some have voiced their concern over this manic approach, saying it keeps Doriam from seeing the big picture, but the populace is ecstatic with the interest their beloved leader is taking in the daily [...]

      DED Security Directive Cites Concern Over Advanced Technology Proliferation

      • YC105-12-23

        JERHESH – A leaked security memo originally circulated internally at DED cites increased surveillance efforts on at least two research facilities due to intelligence reports that scientists operating there may be on the verge of significant technological advancements. The security directive, signed by DED Security Commander Haram Goskakar, states that the “intel indicates with high confidence that technological breakthroughs are imminent at the Viziam Factory in Baviasi II and the Thukker Mix Factory [...]

        Minmatars excited over new technologies

        • YC105-12-22

          The slew of new technologies flooding the Minmatar Republic has spurred many Minmatars to start agitating for taking up arms against the enemies of the Republic. Parliament members from the Brutor tribe, which suffered the most under Amarrian tyranny, are certain that with the host of new weaponry available the Amarrians and the hated Ammatars can be defeated once and for all. The Brutors are being supported overtly and covertly by the Krusual tribe, though political experts say they are only doing so [...]

          Death toll in insecure space rising

          • YC105-12-21

            Red alert! Lately, CONCORD offices have been flooded with reports of entire fleets of pirates outside empire space reclaiming their "sovereignty". In what can only be called a concentrated effort to drive back ore prospectors and bounty hunters, literally hundreds of ships have met their end in the cold vacuum of space to this new threat. "We have no reason to believe that pirate nations and organizations such as Sansha's nation and Serpentis corporation are joining forces - there has been no evidence [...]

            Doriam Kor-Azor renames planets to commemorate Champion – Pirate violence on the rise

            • YC105-12-18

              Amarr Emperor Doriam Kor-Azor has issued a decree stating that planet IV in the Kor-Azor system shall be known as Eclipticum. Its moons will now be named "Black Viperia", "Griklaeum" and "Kileakum". These name changes are to commemorate the champion whose combat skills earned Doriam the throne. Imperial chamberlain Dasham Nestorik was quoted saying "the heroes of our empire are never forgotten, never ignored. Our beloved Emperor wanted to give his champion his place among the stars”. Critics claim [...]

              Ishukone CEO Gariushi unveils Crielere discoveries

              • YC105-12-17

                Otro Gariushi, CEO of Ishukone has announced that recent discoveries made at the ultra secret Crielere labs are to made freely available to the public. Lead scientists at Crielere labs today published a detailed white paper describing possible manufacturing methods using a relatively unknown mineral named morphite. Driven by advances in deep core mining, the team has found an economically feasible method of using the mineral, found in mercoxit ore, for mass production. Research agents throughout the [...]

                Federation Supreme Court rules on minority laws

                • YC105-12-12

                  The Gallentean Supreme Court today sent a clear message to the Senate when it made a ruling on the high profile case of Trakhan Rislander, a Gallentean citizen of Minmatar origin. Rislander had sued the University of Caille when his application was turned down, and the Supreme Court has now ruled that UC was wrong in doing this under the old minority laws, dating since the Minmatar Rebellion when millions of Minmatars poured into the Federation in search of better life. This is the first time that the [...]

                  Sarum forces, Amarr Navy increase presence in Sarum Prime - security status change imminent

                  • YC105-12-11

                    Following the suicide of Jamyl Sarum at the Imperial inauguration ceremony two weeks ago without naming an heir to her seat, House Sarum has floundered in an apparent power vacuum, with few official commands issued and day-to-day administration seen to by senior councillors. However, reports have recently come in that House Sarum have been diverting much of their considerable combat-ready forces and bringing them closer to Sarum Prime, consolidating their position in their home system. Independent [...]

                    Caldari and Gallente dignitaries attend conference at Crielere - Foiritan causes stir

                    • YC105-12-10

                      Last weekend emissaries of the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation gathered at the Crielere Research Laboratories to confer about the future and direction of their joint research project, estimated to have cost the two governments in excess of 100 billion ISK in the relatively short period of time since its instatement. Jorouette Duvolle and Otro Gariushi (CEOs of Duvolle Laboratories and the Ishukone Corporation, respectively) played host to attendees, which numbered many high-ranking [...]

                      Seas quieting for Amarr

                      • YC105-12-10

                        In the two weeks since the events surrounding Amarr Emperor Doriam Kor-Azor's inauguration, the average Amarrian's life has been full of whispered half-truths and uneasy speculation. Rumors have run rampant from corner to corner of the vast empire, the normally subdued arenas of Amarr political debate have been close to erupting in violence on several occasions, and the Amarrian stock market has had to face record instability. "It's really a matter of the Empire's self-image, more than anything else," [...]

                        Ishukone Vessel Missing in Domain Region, Reward Offered

                        • YC105-12-05

                          The Isukone Corporation late today issued a statement disclosing the apparent disappearance of Ishukone-owned transport and hauling vessels in the Domain region. Carrying an undisclosed cargo, the convoy disappeared after stopping for refitting and repairs at an Ishukone Corporation factory station in the Mista system en route to its pre-filed destination at a Zoar and Sons factory station in Misaba. Ishukone is offering a 50M isk reward for information leading to the safe return of its pilots and [...]

                          “Slave Farm” Scandal Investigation Exposes Amarr and Ammatar Plot

                          • YC105-12-04

                            Skiks Alfotada, Commander of Security for Republic Security Services, today issued a statement implicating Amarr and Ammatar “infiltrators” in the recent Slave Farm scandal. The statement is the culmination of nearly two weeks of investigation by the RSS into the tragic discovery of an “illegal and immoral expatriation facility” in Minmatar space. The statement read, in part, “… there can now be little doubt that Ammatar and Amarr agents, masquerading as Minmatar citizens and taking advantage of the [...]

                            Roden Shipyards Granted Extensive Federation Construction Contracts, Competitors Protest

                            • YC105-12-03

                              Extensive construction and maintenance contracts have been awarded to Roden Shipyards by a Gallentean Federation Senate subcommittee in a process that has evidently circumvented the usual bidding process. Representatives of rival corporations as well as representatives of watchdog organizations are crying foul and calling for further investigation. According to some reports, these contracts were “rubber stamped” through the bidding process from within Senate oversight committees. The contracts, valued [...]

                              Uriam Kador calls for Investigation!

                              • YC105-11-30

                                As one of his first acts as the new Family Kador Heir, Uriam Kador calls for an investigation into the security failure that surrounded the Imperial Inauguration. He issued the following statement less than an hour after being informed of what had transpired at the inauguration. "Our Emperor was visciously attacked during this most sacred time. I call for the immediate resignation of those who where charged with providing for his security, and a purge of the military of all those traitors to the [...]

                                Doriam Kor-Azor Inaugurated as other heirs commit Shathol'Syn - Ceremony disturbed

                                • YC105-11-29

                                  At an undisclosed location today, Emperor Doriam Kor-Azor was inaugurated in what has been described as the most tense moment in modern Amarr history. Doriam's first duty was to order the other Amarr heirs to commit Shathol’Syn, or ritual suicide. When only Jamyl Sarum remained left to end her life, Sarum fleet warships interrupted the ceremony. Combat broke out in what was intended to be a highly secure venue as unknown assailants launched missiles at Doriam's ship. It seems, as the assailants were [...]

                                  Amarr Imperial fleet on alert as Inauguration draws closer - Miner executed

                                  • YC105-11-29

                                    Captains of the Amarr Imperial fleet have received notification that they are to be "alert and ready" today as security measures are stepped up all throughout Amarr space. Convoys of ceremonial ships have been seen travelling at the outer edges of Empire space today surrounded by large military fleets. In an unfortunate incident, a lone miner was detained and later executed for "suspicious curiosity” after contacting passing Imperial Fleet ships and asking, “where they were going with all those guns”. [...]

                                    Imperial Inauguration set to start at 16:00 GMT, tomorrow Saturday Nov 29th

                                    • YC105-11-28

                                      The Imperial Inauguration Event will begin tomorrow Saturday Nov 29th at 16:00. Acceptance emails will be sent out at around 12:00 GMT tomorrow. There are already more than fifty applicants to the event, so some will have to keep track of events on an ingame chat channel. We hope that the event goes as planned and the heirs will do their duty to the Empire and wish Doriam Kor-Azor good luck.

                                      Call for a vote of no-confidence over prime minister Midular

                                      • YC105-11-27

                                        Disbelief, sorrow, anger. These three words don't do justice to the feelings of Minmatar freedom fighters who have been fighting and dying for the cause for years now. To them, the slave farms run by their own countrymen are even worse than Amarr slavery. A betrayal of this magnitude serves to eliminate all that they have worked for. "Prime minister Karan Midular no longer represents our people." said Makkar , veteran warrior of the Oracle tribe, earlier today during a rare interview. "We would have a [...]

                                        Tight security surrounds Emperor Inauguration as applications pile up for attendance

                                        • YC105-11-27

                                          A veil of secrecy shrouds preparations for the most talked about event in modern Amarr history. Next Saturday, Doriam Kor-Azor of House Kor-Azor will be inaugurated Emperor of Amarr, succeeding Heideran VII who recently passed away. The ceremony is expected to be fraught with tension, as the four Amarr heirs whose champions failed to secure them the throne, are expected to commit ritual suicide while Amarr's most sacred priests sanctify Doriam's god-like reign. Historically, most heirs have performed [...]

                                          Foiritan claims Senate out of touch with public

                                          • YC105-11-26

                                            In a surprising turnaround President Foiritan has gone from defense on to the offense in his struggle with the Senate. Only yesterday he had to fend off allegations that he was using taxpayer's money to fund his own hobby interests, but now the table has turned with him vehemently attacking the Senate, declaring it out of touch with reality and lacking connections with the public. The President's outburst came at a fund-raising gala last evening, where money for terminally ill children was being [...]

                                            President Foiritan defends research expenditure

                                            • YC105-11-25

                                              Federation President Foiritan has come under increasing pressure in the last few weeks because of his extravagant expenditure on research. The Senate has frowned upon the independent research activities directed by the President ever since he came into office, stating that such activities did not befit the most powerful man in the Federation. Many Senators have even gone so far as to say that the research efforts are just a cover up for Foiritans obsessive expenditure on hi-tech gadgets. It is a [...]

                                              Podkill tragedy boosts Crielere funding chances

                                              • YC105-11-24

                                                Sparring continued yesterday outside the Federation halls of power, the subject of contention still the infamous Crielere Project and the funds President Foiritan is hoping to secure that will facilitate it's conclusion. During a two hour mediacast the President, The Leader of the Senature and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court were all given free reign to debate the issue in front of a 'live' studio audience. Chaired by the popular right-wing media host Jarveshier Melanger it was no surprise that [...]

                                                CONCORD Confirms Amarr Ceremony Disrupted By ‘Joint-Strike’ Military Operation

                                                • YC105-11-24

                                                  AMARR – CONCORD authorities today confirmed that several military Special Forces units “from traditionally opposing factions” converged on the Theology Council Tribunal station during the Amarr Championship Award Ceremony and engaged in a fierce firefight that left all of the elite tactical units, dozens of station security personnel, and 7 high-ranking advisors and military officers loyal to Doriam Kor-Azor dead. No survivors were left at the scene, and the identities of the attackers are unknown. [...]

                                                  Amarr Champions receive awards in private ceremony

                                                  • YC105-11-22

                                                    Due to a serious malfunction in the stargates leading into the Amarr system, resulting in widespread loss of camera drones and sensors for pilots entering the system, the Amarr Championship Award ceremony will not be open to guests as intended. The Emperor's family has released a statement expressing their sorrow because of this and promised a full investigation into the reasons for this serious breakdown in traffic into their throne system. The Champions will receive their awards shortly and the [...]

                                                    More pressure for Prime Minister in wake of ‘Slave Farm’ discovery

                                                    • YC105-11-22

                                                      Incredible footage was released today of Minmatar Police vessels making a co-ordinated planetary swoop on what was thought to be one of the largest 'Slave Farms' in existence. Although only a few hundred malnourished captives were set free, according to the Police who have seized records left at the site, close to a million Minmatar slaves had been ‘processed’ there in the last two years - most, we must assume, destined for various plantations and factories within the Amarr Empire. But what has caused [...]

                                                      Amarr Championship Award Ceremony to take place tomorrow at 16:00 EVE time

                                                      • YC105-11-21

                                                        The Amarr Championship Award Ceremony will take place tomorrow ( Saturday ) at 16:00 EVE time ( GMT ). The location of the cerimony will soon be made public. Various Amarr dignitaries are expected to show up, along with representatives from the Imperial Fleet Assembly Plants whose engineers have been working day and night completing the prize ships. Champion Ecliptical and his wingmen are expected to receive handsome awards for their service to the Empire. More later.

                                                        President feuds with Senate over technology funding

                                                        • YC105-11-20

                                                          Hardly a week has passed by when the Gallentean government hasn't fallen out with itself over some internal issue or other and this past few days the populist President elect has again come under fire from the Gallente Senate, this time over the thorny issue of funding, and, as ever, it is the central legislative body the Supreme Court who are caught in the political crossfire. An ardent technology buff, President Foiritan has always approached research and technological issues with an almost [...]

                                                          Sarum forces patrolling Amarr prime

                                                          • YC105-11-20

                                                            AMARR: A strange sight meets those who fly through Amarr prime these days - police vessels. Actually, what makes them strange is that they all bear the markings of "Sarum surveilance". Nearly all police and military vessels met there belong to the Sarum navy. Even more alarming, this fact hasn't been publicly advertised in any way, so many Amarr citizens just assume that the ships belong to the Amarr navy, or perhaps the security forces of the old emperor. And why would they think otherwise? Not [...]

                                                            Tension on the rise... CONCORD warns of troubled times.

                                                            • YC105-11-18

                                                              With the recent inter-Empire conflicts, reports of widespread banditry and raiding have come flooding in. While exact figures are not published by CONCORD, the total number of ship-kills is expected to increase for the sixth straight month. Sales figures from the major ship-building cartels have also been on the rise, indicating a healthy market for replacement ships. While the Empires of EVE have not broken out in open warfare, all indications point towards increasing political turmoil ahead. As [...]

                                                              Gallente fury over Caldari inactivity

                                                              • YC105-11-15

                                                                Following the news that the Caldari State had declined to offer any kind of compensations or aid to the victims of the foul Protein Delicacies, Gallenteans everywhere have expressed their outrage and shock. For the last few years the relations between the two nations has been steadily improving, but all that has been carefully built up in that time is now under threat of being undone. The Federation Senate has been in uproar since the Caldari made their decision and many senators have been extremely [...]

                                                                Powercore meltdown delays award ceremony - Engineer Injured

                                                                • YC105-11-14

                                                                  Expert ship builders of the Imperial Fleet Assembly Plants are working day and night completing a batch of ships that were expected for delivery this weekend at the Amarr Championship Award Ceremony. Due to an unfortunate incident at the docks, delivery of the fleet was postponed. An experimental new power core of an Imperial class battleship overheated, torching dozens of slave shipbuilders to their death. One Amarrian engineer was somewhat injured, causing the Amarrian Imperial Succession Council [...]

                                                                  Caldari Chief Executive Panel decides not to compensate

                                                                  • YC105-11-13

                                                                    After careful scrutiny by the Chief Executive Panel into the Protein Delicacies crisis, it has decided not to follow through with any further actions. Offering a rare glimpse into the power setup of the panel, it has been revealed that the panel was roughly divided into three camps. In one camp, headed by the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, it was argued that the business practices employed in the manufacturing and marketing of Protein Delicacies were not untoward and in perfect harmony with what normally [...]

                                                                    The Federation makes a formal request for compensations

                                                                    • YC105-11-12

                                                                      The Gallente Federation has issued a request to the Caldari State demanding indemnities for the selling of contaminated food products within Federal space. After inspecting the claims for that past several days, the Senate Committee pushed for the request to be made. It is the conclusion of the committee that Sukuuvestaa Corporation, the manufacturer of the tainted Protein Delicacies, was aware of their product’s defective nature, but had willfully decided to sell it to the Federation nonetheless. The [...]

                                                                      Are Protein Delicacies responsible for student cognitive dysfunction?

                                                                      • YC105-11-11

                                                                        Recent studies have indicated that there is a clear link between the consumption of Protein Delicacies and decreasing IQ. The studies were conducted as part of the investigation being made into the dismal results of last seminar’s test scores, as well as the increase in juvenile delinquency within the Federal school system. It is most certain that the moral outcry following this new piece of information will have lasting effects on the already strained relationship between the Federation and the [...]

                                                                        Ishukone Decries Delicacies Scandal, Offers to Reimburse

                                                                        • YC105-11-10

                                                                          In a surprising move today, Ishukone Corporation issued a statement criticizing Sukuuvestaa’s involvement in the manufacture, shipping, and sale of the so-called "protein delicacy" line of products. The statement read, in part, “No good can come of the sort of predatory and mercenary scrambling after profits that this sort of behavior belies." This is the first time in recent memory one of the major Caldari corporations spoke out against the practices of a peer. Long known for their lobbying in favor [...]

                                                                          Caldari denounce industrial spying

                                                                          • YC105-11-09

                                                                            While Sukuuvesta Corporation has been in the spotlight these last few days because of the Protein Delicacies scandal, it has until now kept quiet about the whole thing. Yesterday they spoke for the first time about the matter. That Protein Delicacies are made from garbage was not mentioned at all. Instead, a scathing attack was made on the Quafe company for their unethical industrial espionage. An agent working for Quafe managed to breach the security of the Sukuuvestaa Corporation and infiltrate one [...]

                                                                            Freed Slaves Reportedly Dying of Vitoc Withdrawal

                                                                            • YC105-11-07

                                                                              Among the slaves and prisoners freed by an edict of Emperor to-be Doriam Kor-Azor are reportedly “hundreds” of those infected with various viral control agents. Originally designed as a method to enforce compliance in Minmatar slaves, these viral control agents kill their victims unless a constant supply of the antidote drug Vitoc is administered. Minmatar and neutral organizations are receiving reports of freed slaves dying in transit or while waiting for transfer to ships that would carry them to [...]

                                                                              Jamyl Sarum: Another Khanid?

                                                                              • YC105-11-07

                                                                                Speculation is running high that Jamyl Sarum, head of the militant Sarum house, will not commit ritual suicide at the time of the Succession ritual of Doriam Kor-Azor. It is thought that Jamyl may follow in the footsteps of Khanid II and break away from the Amarr Empire, effectively seceding and forming an independent state comprised of current Sarum holdings. If this were to happen, many analysts consider it a precursor to a Sarum family war against the Minmatar Republic, elements of the extant Amarr [...]

                                                                                Inquiry launched into Protein Delicacies scandal

                                                                                • YC105-11-07

                                                                                  The Federal Senate today agreed to lodge a formal inquiry into the scandal surrounding the recent revelations that the popular Protein Delicacies are actually made of organic waste, second grade biomass and station sewage. The inquiry will look into how Sukuuvestaa Corporation managed to conceal this fact, especially from the health organizations responsible for approving the product as suitable for human consumption. It is widely believed that at the bottom of this matter lies an even bigger scandal [...]

                                                                                  Emperor Kor-Azor Extends the First Olive Branch to the Minmatar Republic

                                                                                  • YC105-11-06

                                                                                    AMARR – In a move considered by political analysts as “a continuation of the Heideran legacy”, the soon-to-be crowned Doriam Kor-Azor today ordered the release of thousands of imprisoned Minmatar slaves, POW’s, and even some MIA’s unaccounted for by the Minmatar Republic for decades. “The power bestowed to me bears a greater responsibility that extends beyond Amarr’s borders,” read a statement released by Kor-Azor’s representatives. “The passions of mankind are shared by all of the races; history will [...]

                                                                                    Chief Executive Panel promises an investigation into Delicacies claims

                                                                                    • YC105-11-06

                                                                                      The Caldari Chief Executive Panel, the highest authority within the Caldari State, has decided to look into the grave matters surrounding the Protein Delicacies manufactured and distributed by the Sukuuvestaa Corporation. The Panel will decide whether there is a cause for any further actions to be taken in the matter. The Federation has already sent stern protests to Caldari authorities through diplomatic channels within CONCORD, and spokesman for the Federation said he hoped this investigation by the [...]

                                                                                      Quafe spy claims organic waste, biomass, main ingredient in Protein Delicacies

                                                                                      • YC105-11-05

                                                                                        Quafe has released information it’s acquired that proves beyond doubt that the main ingredient in Protein Delicacies is organic waste, processed station sewage and second grade biomass. An agent hired by Quafe managed to infiltrate one of the heavily guarded Sukuuvestaa factories manufacturing the popular product and there discovered this ugly truth. This stunning revelation casts a new light on why Sukuuvestaa managed to produce the Delicacies so very cheaply. Ordinary organic waste is processed [...]

                                                                                        Fast selling wonder food - quality questioned

                                                                                        • YC105-11-03

                                                                                          Protein Delicacies, product of the Sukuuvesta Corporation, has taken the food market by storm in the last few weeks. This delicious, yet nutritious and healthy food has especially made great headways within the Gallente Federation, where it has been hailed as the best thing since self-inflated bread. But rumors the product is not all as it seems have been persistent ever since it first appeared on the market. Some have, for instance, questioned why there is no domestic demand within the Caldari State [...]

                                                                                          Minmatar Faction Calls for Raids to Stop!

                                                                                          • YC105-11-02

                                                                                            Tenerhaddi Dykon, head of the Krusual Tribe, issued the following statement just minutes after the identity of the new Amarr Emperor, Doriam Kor-Azor, was announced. "I call upon Doriam Kor-Azor to put a stop to the Amarr raids upon our outlying systems. We Minmatar can no longer stand passive as our homes are destroyed, our families murdered, and our kin are again bound by the cruel yoke of slavery. Never again I say! We live for our freedom, and we are willing to die for our freedom!" This marks his [...]

                                                                                            AMARR: Imperial succession committee declares Doriam Kor-Azor emperor - Doriam reaction: humble and exultant

                                                                                            • YC105-11-02

                                                                                              Long live the emperor! Following Ecliptical's stunning display in the championships, the imperial succession committee came out with the following declaration after only an hour of contemplation: "It is our solemn duty to testify that Dorian Kor-Azor has indeed bestowed divine strength unto his champion, and thus led him to victory over his peers. This prooves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Doriam is the rightful emperor and leader of the Amarr people. Our sole function is now to see that the [...]

                                                                                              Doriam Kor-Azor Will Be the Next Emperor

                                                                                              • YC105-11-02

                                                                                                In a show of what can only be called dominance, Kor-Azor champion Ecliptical has bested all challengers, winning the day for House Kor-Azor and securing the Emperor's Throne for the peace-loving and diplomatic Doriam Kor-Azor. Spectators of the highly secretive and guarded championship fights are calling this a "stunning and decisive victory," for Doriam Kor-Azor, who, as Emperor, is expected to continue in the path of the late Heideran VII in working to form deeper relationships and ensure peace [...]

                                                                                                Low test scores for Gallentean students

                                                                                                • YC105-10-31

                                                                                                  The test scores for the last semester in Federal schools are in and the results are very bleak. The average is down by a whole 2 points all over the board. Education authorities are baffled by this ominous development and have launched and investigation into the matter. The terrible test outcome comes only days after reports about increase in student truancy, disciplinary problems and even delinquency have flooded in from all over the Federation. The matter has reached the highest echelons of the [...]

                                                                                                  Gallente citizens voice concerns with Sukuuvestaa deal

                                                                                                  • YC105-10-31

                                                                                                    It may not have been a planet-shattering announcement, but the announcing of the Gallente Federation/Sukuuvestaa deal has sent ripples of concern through Gallente ranks. "I don't much like Caldari in general. They are humourless and dry business-first types, but I tend to give them grudging respect. Not so with Sukuuvestaa. Our government might as well make a deal with pirates." Said a prominent Gallente captain who wishes to remain anonymous. Few outside Caldari understand the intricate corporate [...]

                                                                                                    Protein Delicacies in all Federal schools within the next few days

                                                                                                    • YC105-10-30

                                                                                                      The Department of Education in the Gallente Federation has announced that it has made a breakthrough deal with the Sukuuvestaa Corporation to supply all Gallentean schools with Protein Delicacies. The deal is thought to save the department billions of ISK that can then be used in other areas of the education system. Protein Delicacies have already become widely popular within the Federation and the government is certain the students will applaud the change of diet in their cafeterias. Sukuuvesta [...]