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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Caldari State Plays Host to Capsuleer Tournament

  • YC107-12-24

    Earlier today, the Caldari Gaming Commission announced their plans to host the largest capsuleer fighting tournament since the Amarr Championships. Announcing the names of the sixty-four alliances eligible to compete, a state official said "We are expecting to see some of the worlds most skilled fighters at this event, the capsuleer alliances have tremendous strength and our main interest lies in seeing who will come out on top." With surprisingly little time for preparation, each alliance must select [...]

    Mind Control Prototype Fails

    • YC107-12-13

      Late last night the fugitive Caldari scientists, Albert Vance and Vic Stats, broadcast what was ultimately a failed test of their prototype mind control device using the Caldari ftl communication channel. Caldari State pilots, engaging in typical Caldari pod pilot banter, were surprised by the appearance of the ident code of Albert Vance in the monitored Caldari channels late yesterday evening. The scientists, fresh from a close encounter with pursuing authorities last week, announced to the galaxy [...]

      Serpentis Patrol Destroyed: Celestial Apocalypse and Xelas Alliance accused of failing to protect Allies.

      • YC107-12-13

        At 23:23 on Sunday night YZ-LQL was buzzing with com chatter. Admiral Rembran of the Serpentis Corporation had entered the system with a small group of support ships on a “routine” patrol. The Admiral, flying a Moros dreadnought, conveyed the patrol's intentions in the local communication system. Unfortunately Admiral Rembran had entered a system where Xelas had been under heavy attack by a coalition of several forces including: Vertigo Coalition, Fountain Alliance, and Ex-VC and Ex-FA corporations. [...]

        Empire Moves to Deny CONCORD Claims as Internal Investigation Continues

        • YC107-12-12

          The Ministry of Internal Order this afternoon published a report summarizing the progress of the Empire's investigation into the death of Amarr Emperor Doriam II. According to the report, significant progress has been made in uncovering the identities of the Emperor's killers, though several key people remain at large. In addition, the report claims that no high-ranking personnel in any known agency or organization within or outside the Empire appear to be involved at this point in time. The report [...]

          Serpentis Forces Clash in Outer Ring

          • YC107-12-08

            Ships under the command of Serpentis Admirals have been spotted patrolling the regions of Fountain, Outer Ring, and Cloud Ring recently, causing tensions to rise in the organizations inhabiting those areas. Yesterday saw a force of four Vindicator battleships and an Ishtar spar with NORAD forces in the system of 4C-B7X. NORAD forces, alert to the presence of hostiles in 4C-B7X, quickly mounted a blockade of the station. As the Serpentis undocked, the NORAD patrol began to open fire on their ships, [...]

            Protest held above Matar – Ushra’Khan challenges Republic over Insorum controversy

            • YC107-12-05

              Sunday evening bore witness to a vast gathering of spacecrafts descending into the usually tranquil orbit of the planet Matar in the Pator solar system. The intention of this fleet however, was not one of violence and destruction, but that of peaceful protest towards the Minmatar Republic. The demonstration – organised by the Ushra’Khan, was intended to bring public awareness to the apparent inaction of the Republic in providing the Insorum drug for its people. Insorum Bisulfate – created by the late [...]

              Mad Scientists Complete Mind Control Device

              • YC107-12-05

                Two days ago, the now infamous scientists, Albert Vance and Vic Stats, completed the construction of their mind control device before eluding Caldari authorities who had tracked them down to the Genesis region. Local pilots caught sight of the renegade scientists in Genesis-region communications channels during the early hours of yesterday evening. The team of Caldari agents pursuing Vance and Stats, under the command of Pete Sance, were already en route to the Genesis region to act upon a search [...]

                CEP "running short of patience with CONCORD's blunders"

                • YC107-12-05

                  THE FORGE. CONCORD's pathetic inefficiency at keeping order in the Caldari core systems has reached intolerable levels, says Caldari CEP Internal Security Commander. Reaching the lowest point in their relations since referring to CONCORD's findings on the Doriam II's investigation as an "absolute, pathetic zero", the Caldari Chief Executive Panel filed today a formal complaint before CONCORD's Inner Circle after "officials of said agency utterly failed to capture one single mentally challenged pilot [...]

                  Biomass harvesters reported in Pure Blind

                  • YC107-11-29

                    Yesterday evening saw several individuals in the Pure Blind region seeking to purchase any available cadavers from local capsule pilots in the area. Sighted in the EC-P8R solar system – the persons, who were identified as members of the Adaptive Provisioning Corporation, were apparently working at the behest of an unnamed client to procure a quantity of biomass. Marn Toril – CEO of Adaptive Provisioning is said to have led the operation and was apparently disinclined to give any details regarding the [...]

                    Gurista Dreadnought Enters Obe System.

                    • YC107-11-21

                      Yesterday saw an astonishing display of firepower as a top-ranking Gurista official jumped into Obe with a task force specifically designed to take out a star base owned by the Takamatsu Trading Exchange. The official, known only by his ID number – 0003 – was piloting a Phoenix-class dreadnought. Escorted by a fleet of Rattlesnake-class battleships and a single Cerberus, the Phoenix jumped into the Obe system from the P3EN-E system and immediately began the siege of the star base. While details are [...]

                      Mordu's Legion Clashes In Syndicate

                      • YC107-11-17

                        Yesterday the Syndicate region and the Orvolle star system witnessed a bloodbath as Mordu's Legion engaged multiple groups of pilots in the PF-346 system. The Legion, under the command of Lt. Amlerik Raun, gathered together a fleet with their allies, Razor alliance. Their mission was to patrol the Syndicate region of space and search for any NORAD or Imperium pilots they found. Setting forth at 1900 hours, their first and second waypoints, in the 3KNK-A and 3MOG-V systems, yielded no hostiles. Recon [...]

                        Eckarine Mitumi-Hnolku resistance is broken.

                        • YC107-11-16

                          A source within the Bloodraiders, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sought contact with me over the last month. The news he brings is distressing. It was well known that the wife of murdered scientist Dr. Ullia Hnolku has been with the Bloodraiders for several months. There had been news already that she has been subjected to ‘blooding’ a ritual within the sect. A fortunate side effect of inhumane treatment is that it effectively breaks down once personality. This too has happened with Ms. Hnolku, [...]

                          Gallente Drinks Inc employee arrested

                          • YC107-11-16

                            Earlier this week Mr. Bills of GDI fulfilled his part of a trade contract with A GOD, rewarding him for his efforts earlier in the week. Much to A GOD and his partners surprise the contract that had cost them in excess of a billion ISK was rewarded with a puny Viator Class Industrial ship. Jetson Bills was arrested for attempted fraud after A GOD informed the Gallente government of his ‘substantial award’. Jetson Bills made it sound that fulfilling his assignment would be well worth the effort of all [...]

                            Pure Blind plays host to the Mordu’s Legion fleet

                            • YC107-11-15

                              Activities in Pure Blind have seen an increase recently with Mordu’s Legion and RAZOR Alliance pilots operating in this region. Initially, a patrol last Thursday surrounding the 5ZXX-K system culminated in the establishment of a no fly zone around the Mordu’s Testing facility - designed to ensure a successful deployment of two Phoenix class Dreadnaughts belonging to the Legion. Three days later another patrol was launched, first covering all the systems surrounding 5ZXX-K then proceeding on to [...]

                              Lunatic recruiter captured.

                              • YC107-11-11

                                ALENIA. An escaped inmate from a mental institution was captured by CONCORD while he was recruiting pod-pilots as a custom officer. With ad-hoc help from local pilots, CONCORD Commander Plavers and Lieutenant Temasi managed to capture an escaped inmate from the Telho-Metremly Sanctuary mental institution. The fugitive, ex-Caldari Navy officer Mikael Kord, offered little resistance and was handed over to the Sanctuary agents to be returned to the institution. Apparently believing he was a custom [...]

                                Takamatsu Starbase Generates Controversy

                                • YC107-11-09

                                  Independent observers have validated that the Takamatsu Trading Exchange has been dumping garbage into their starbase, confirming the worst fears of the native population. Approximately 4.5 million units of garbage were dumped by the sixth planet, and while most was burned up in atmosphere, a substantial amount has been drifting around the moons of the sixth planet for two days now. Children's toys, biomass, fertilizer, tobacco products, and waste debris from dozens of planets now dim the light from [...]

                                  Death Warrants issued for fugitive scientists

                                  • YC107-11-06

                                    Caldari Judges earlier today awarded Pete Sance, Jay Pops and the rest of their team a warrant for the hunting down and execution of Albert Stance and Victor Stats, the scientists who are believed to have invented a brain wave control device. The team, led by Pete Sance spared no time and raced to the Yulai laboratories where the scientists were rumoured to be but they had escaped by the time the team arrived. Evidence from the abandoned laboratory indicates that they had made significant progress in [...]

                                    Attendance high when Professor trades skillbooks for Damage Control units.

                                    • YC107-11-04

                                      Professor Corin, an instructor of Electronics and Engineering at the Science and Trade Institute School, made an appearance their communication channel last night. Apparently, Professor Corin has been using his spare time to research some possible enhancements to the firmware of Damage Control units and was recruiting some former students to assist in the acquisition of more units. While he was not specific as to the effects or ultimate goal of his research, he did mention that because he was only [...]

                                      Brainwave control prototype rumoured to be in construction stages

                                      • YC107-11-02

                                        Fugitive ‘Brainwave Control’ scientists Albert Vance and Victor Stats are reported to have made another appearance in an Amarrian FTL Communications channel last Sunday evening. Described as ‘gloating’ about their successful procurement of parts and the inability of anyone to intervene - the scientists allegedly announced that they had begun construction of the prototype for their ‘brainwave control device’. Once again their pursuers, Caldari investigators led by Pete Sance interrupted the scientists’ [...]

                                        Concord defeated in Ignoitton Skirmish

                                        • YC107-11-02

                                          Concord forces have been put on alert after a daring attack on two Concord Officers by two extremely heavily armed Guristas pilots, one of them being infamous Lucash Helmatt. A daring engagement took place in Ignoitton between the Concord forces and the two ‘Rattlesnake’ class battleships, resulting in one of the Concord Battleships succumbing to enemy fire, and causing Commander Plavers of Concord’s Special Forces division to retreat. It is well known that Lucash has crossed swords with Commander [...]

                                          Gallante Drinks Celebrates the Conclusion of Their First Shipping Contract

                                          • YC107-10-30

                                            "A GOD" and "Brecher" arrived in Yulai tonight with their fourth and final shipment, concluding their contract with GDI. A somewhat harried Mr. Jetson Bills arrived late to the meeting, however the two contractors were more than patient and did not seem to mind the slight delay. The last shipment was recieved and both parties were pleased with the results. Both contractors were anxious for any clues Mr. Bills could give them about the surprise reward for the finished contract. When Mr. Bills was asked [...]

                                            Brainwave scientists on the run

                                            • YC107-10-29

                                              Last Thursday night saw another unsuccessful raid on the labs of the much debated ‘Brainwave control’ scientists Albert Vance and Vic Stats. As with the previous raid - the laboratories had been evacuated well before the arrival of the three Caldari agents, who have been pursuing the controversial scientists since the nature of their research was uncovered a fortnight ago. The scientists are believed to have removed much of their equipment and left no clues as to their next destination, leaving the [...]

                                              Formal request to Fed Senate for increased Placid security

                                              • YC107-10-28

                                                PLACID. A formal Citizen Petition was submitted to the Gallente Federation Senate demanding increased security across solar systems in this region, signed by several millions of residents. A copy of the petition uploaded to GalNet has received the support of several pod-pilots who call Placid “home”. According to the petition, “the Placid region has great potential for trade, industry, and yes, even research. The people living there are entitled to the same freedom and the same protection as any other [...]

                                                Controversial ‘Brainwave Control’ Scientists continue their work

                                                • YC107-10-24

                                                  Following their relocation to the Rens solar system last week, scientists Dr Albert Vance and Dr Vic Stats resumed their quest for electronic parts on Sunday. Though their requests were met with the usual hostility and wariness indicative of previous endeavours to acquire supplies, several capsule pilots were eager to assist them. The three Caldari investigators, led by Pete Sance have apparently set up a temporary base of operations at the site of the scientists’ former lab in the Josameto system [...]

                                                  Prominent cloning researcher assassinated

                                                  • YC107-10-23

                                                    A scientist researching new cloning techniques was murdered on Saturday evening while en route to his Yulai laboratories. The man, who was identified as one Dr Tourny – an expert in the field of cloning technology; was apparently set upon by several individuals in the Du Annes solar system and suffered a fatal capsule breach during the altercation. At this time the motive for the killing is unclear, but thought to involve research Dr Tourny had been conducting into a new type of clone. Purportedly [...]

                                                    Electronic Parts research under investigation

                                                    • YC107-10-18

                                                      THE FORGE. Alerted by growing concern among Caldari pod-pilots, the Caldari CBT launched a formal investigation into the “Electronics Parts” research effort. After requesting and receiving access to Sukuuvestaa facilities in Josameto, investigators Lt. Sance and Sgt. Pops conducted an armed raid at the lab where researchers Mr. Vance and Mr. Vics were supposedly conducting their “first prototype of our 'Brain Wave Control Technology', aimed at ridding the EVE cluster of criminals”, according to Mr. [...]

                                                      Citizen offers blueprint to CalNav at no cost.

                                                      • YC107-10-18

                                                        THE FORGE. After learning the Caldari Navy’s intention to study the design of the Gurista Gila-class cruiser, a Caldari citizen has offered the blueprint at no cost. As reported earlier this month, Gurista strike forces destroyed a Gila-class cruiser that was to be studied by CalNav engineers. Caldari citizen Logan Xerxes offered through GalNet a free copy of the blueprint, at no cost to the State. “All for the good of many” declared Xerxes in his communication. Sources have reported that the CalNav [...]

                                                        Hunt the Bounty series continues

                                                        • YC107-10-14

                                                          Vincent Aslo returned to the New Caldari solar system this week for another instalment of his “Hunt the Bounty” challenge. The second round of his game show style contest was played out on Thursday where another lucky pilot scooped the two million ISK prize money. After a thrilling chase, Entschlossen laid the final blow that destroyed Aslo’s vessel; later donating his winnings to fellow capsuleer Jenny Spitfire. Interestingly, Aslo’s “Hunt the Bounty” round two was not the only occasion of interest [...]

                                                          Scientists once again appeal to Caldari pilots

                                                          • YC107-10-14

                                                            Dr Albert Vance and Dr Vic Stats, the two researchers working on a top secret project in a Josameto station belonging to the Sukuuvestaa Corporation have once again appeared in the Caldari FTL communication channel appealing to pilots to assist them in obtaining more electronic parts, again offering above the market price for these components. There has been much controversy and speculation surrounding these two scientists over the past few weeks, mainly due to the fact they refuse to release the [...]

                                                            Raids on Placid increasing in the run up to the Election

                                                            • YC107-10-14

                                                              Events in the Placid region of Gallente space took a turn for the worse yesterday when two Vindicators which appeared to be from the Serpentis fleet entered the Ouelletta, destroying several privately owned starships. Following this initial attack a valiant attempt by the locals to repel the invaders was made. It failed dramatically, however, causing a withdrawl to one of the local stations for all those in the defending fleet. Although the losses, which included two battleships, one cruiser and [...]

                                                              Gallente Drinks Inc. starts shipments

                                                              • YC107-10-10

                                                                ESSENCE. Gallente Drinks Inc. officially launched its product to the market last Sunday night. The distribution was outsourced to pod-pilots through Jeston Bills Contract Auctions; according GDI sources two pilots were selected out of the fifteen that took part in the bidding for the hauling contract. This was the first of four shipments of soft drinks to be distributed, according to GDI Logistic Director.

                                                                Strangers seek the help of Caldari capsuleers

                                                                • YC107-10-09

                                                                  Two unusual persons were reported to have entered a Caldari communications channel this Sunday afternoon, apparently requesting assistance from the capsuleer pilots in attendance. The individuals who were of Caldari and Intaki lineage, and have not been named, were apparently seeking aid in acquiring a number of electronic parts. Suspicious of their intentions, the patrons of the galaxy wide FTL communications channel - which is provided for capsule pilots of Caldari nationality as an open forum, [...]

                                                                  Core Empire Systems Straining From Traffic

                                                                  • YC107-10-09

                                                                    A number of Empire solar systems are straining from the massive traffic running through them in recent months, and severe measures need to be taken to rectify the situation. Local authorities are negotiating with mega-corporations who base their business operations in Rens, Oursulaert and Jita to move some of their assets to nearby solar systems so the load on the core areas may be diverted. Pilots and corporations based in the Rens, Oursulaert and Jita systems are encouraged to relocate their [...]

                                                                    Blood Raiders strike at the Khanid Empire

                                                                    • YC107-10-06

                                                                      A savage and ruthless attack on the Khanid Prime shipyards by force of the Blood Raider Covenant this week resulted in the theft of more than half a dozen of the venerated Navy Issue Apocalypse battleships. This is following reports of the blood raiders spying on military convoys and mineral shipments over an extended period of time, and in the process building up a network of mysterious devices in a grid stretching from Gehi to Khanid Prime itself. Whilst the main purpose of these devices is unknown, [...]

                                                                      Serpentis sighted on Gallente borders – Citizens look to Foiritan

                                                                      • YC107-10-05

                                                                        Scattered reports have been arriving today of mysterious ships apparently lingering on the fringes of Gallente space. Local space farers along the border regions of the Federation have reported sighting the vessels, which appear to be concentrating in several key systems. While the sightings vary in their detail, one shocking consistency has emerged in that all reports mention the ships bearing the markings of the notorious Serpentis corporation. Rumour of the sudden increase in Serpentis activity has [...]

                                                                        Guristas Rescue operation thwarted

                                                                        • YC107-10-04

                                                                          Last week saw the unusually daring infiltration of a Guristas strike force into core Caldari systems following the capture and subsequent escape of a notorious terrorist from Caldari Navy forces. The captured Guristas pilot known as Kallia Corpium had surrendered to Navy forces on Thursday after a prolonged fire fight in the Torrinos system. Corpium, who had been flying a Gila class cruiser, was travelling under heavy police escort after officials had ordered transportation of the mysterious cruiser [...]

                                                                          Gladiators sighted within the Empire.

                                                                          • YC107-10-02

                                                                            Reports have recently been pouring in that the escaped gladiators have been sighted within the borders of the Amarrian Empire. Armed with ships and modules that would put most private armies to shame, the ex-slave warriors carved a route through the heart of Amarrian space, reportedly searching for a new place to call home. Starting in the Imperial system of Mai, they plotted a course taking them through Zaimeth, Khopa and Penirgman, where they reportedly got into a war of words with the locals, [...]

                                                                            Beverage distributor announces operations

                                                                            • YC107-09-30

                                                                              Gallente Drinks inc. – A newly established corporation specialising in the procurement and distribution of beverages announced it would begin operations this week. Speaking in an announcement today, CEO Jetson Bills announced that Gallente Drinks inc. would be handing out lucrative supply contracts to those members of the capsuleer community who could fill the corporation’s needs. Stating that the contracts would be offered up at a later date, Bills went on to remark that he was especially impressed [...]

                                                                              Federation rewards charitable organisation

                                                                              • YC107-09-29

                                                                                The Eve Relief Effort Corporation, renowned for their charitable nature, have recently been awarded an Obelisk class freighter by the Gallente Federation. "...For a kindness, sincerity and drive that every Gallente citizen should strive towards," said Thuire Dercoucon, speaking on behalf of President Foiritan at the award ceremony. Efficient as always, the ERE have already put their new freighter to good use. The massive transport ship was spotted moving from Algogille to Bei, aided by a formidable 16 [...]

                                                                                Gallente Elections - A Planetside perspective

                                                                                • YC107-09-27

                                                                                  From the beginning of the Gallente election campaign, the three candidates and their delegates have been working tirelessly to win the favour of the voting public. Despite numerous setbacks in the initial months of the election process, Souro Foiritan and his two rivals Eman Autrech and Mentas Blaque have chosen their emissaries from the most capable and enterprising of the capsuleer elite that the Gallente Federation has to offer; and are now focusing their colossal political machines on the main [...]

                                                                                  Yulai in decline - The numbers

                                                                                  • YC107-09-23

                                                                                    In light of the decline in trades in the former trade center Yulai, the Secure Commerce Commission released figures today supporting the view that Yulai is on its last legs. Three months ago, on the fifth of Juli, Yulai numbered 8067 trades for the day. Two weeks ago, the total number of trades was recorded at 3020, a decline of 62.56 percent. Comparing that to the emerging trade hub Oursulaert, which numbered 8340 transactions on the fifth of juli, the sevent saw a staggering increase 150.50%. 12552 [...]

                                                                                    Rogue Drone expedition goes awry

                                                                                    • YC107-09-22

                                                                                      After announcing their intentions the previous fortnight, prominent scientists Dr. Palask and Dr. Stubbs embarked on the first of many expeditions into a Rogue Drone hive last Sunday. Accompanied by several capsule pilots, the researchers from the Independent Studies Corporation entered the complex and began making scans of the Rogue Drone technology. After their would be bodyguards fended off several counter attacks from the Rogue Drone infestation, the researchers began moving towards the core of [...]

                                                                                      Placid trader expands dealings

                                                                                      • YC107-09-15

                                                                                        Apparently unfazed by the now unbridled public speculation surrounding his activities, and the mounting bounty placed on his head by various capsuleer organisations, having ostensibly judged his actions as detrimental to their representative factions; Jevako Niedboux has placed several more buy orders along Placid trade routes yet again demanding additional quantities of the now infamous Caldari officer insignias and small arms caches. He also requested several thousand more marines at prices far in [...]

                                                                                        MMC holds third round of mining lottery

                                                                                        • YC107-09-14

                                                                                          In what is expected to be the penultimate round of their lottery, the Minmatar Mining Corp held its third session without disturbances earlier this week in the Eystur system. As reported in early August, MMC sponsors a lottery where five participants will win a Rupture Class Cruiser each. Every unit of unprocessed ore is counted as one ticket, winners to be selected as soon as the 1 million units quota is fulfilled. The resources will be destined to the construction of infrastructure inside the [...]

                                                                                          Gladiatorial mass grave discovered in Zaimeth

                                                                                          • YC107-09-10

                                                                                            In the past few hours over 70 bodies belonging to Minmatar slaves and gladiators have been found lying in a disused hanger in the Amarrian Navy's Assembly Plant in the system of Zaimeth. The bodies, heavily decomposed, were only discovered after complaints about the smell emanating from the warehouse were made to regional authorities by guests at the station. Laid out in a way indicative of traditional Amarrian burial rites before a small, makeshift altar, the bodies all bore the hallmarks of severe [...]

                                                                                            Research effort on Rogue Drones.

                                                                                            • YC107-09-09

                                                                                              Researches on rogue drone technology and behavioural patterns are requesting the help of pod-pilots on one of their field research projects. Dr. Palask and Dr. Stubbs from Independent Studies Corporation have been carrying out diverse studies on the Amod Rogue Drone hive for the last week; according to Dr. Stubbs the research team located a number of “interesting technologies” inside, yet was for the moment unable to reach them for lack of enough combat forces to keep the Rogue Drones at bay. The Hive [...]

                                                                                              Possible new overseer of the Mordus Legion exodus?

                                                                                              • YC107-09-09

                                                                                                In an earlier broadcast from an unknown source, data apparently taken from the highly guarded communications systems of the Mordu's Legion have indicated a flurry of activity in the wake of last week's exodus from ORE space. In particular, communications have pointed to the office of a senior member of the Legion's staff, an individual that has yet to be identified from the snippets of seized data circulating through the black markets of the information community. The events of last week have seen a [...]

                                                                                                Can you beat the tank?

                                                                                                • YC107-09-08

                                                                                                  Vincent Aslo, the eccentric ex-host of the popular Gallente TV show "What's That Holoreel" has recently begun a new event. "Beat The Tank!", as he calls it, involves challengers attempting to beat his Raven's shield tank setup. Aslo, a very rich and adventurous young man, is famous for his frivolous expenditure and loves to entertain his adoring fans. The first winner of "Beat The Tank!", Spikum, earned himself two million isk and with more rounds of "Beat The Tank!" planned, as well as several more [...]

                                                                                                  Humanitarian organisation thanks capsuleers for assistance

                                                                                                  • YC107-09-07

                                                                                                    Following an industrial accident on a moon in the Algogille system last fortnight which caused the destruction of a power plant and left several hundred people in the area without access to food or medical supplies, the CEO of a local aid organization bestowed his gratitude upon members of the capsuleer community for their invaluable support. Karl Newton, CEO of the Eve relief effort corporation was the first to pledge aid to the small community after the power plant explosion, which is thought to [...]

                                                                                                    Walkai Terraforming Industries seeks help in kidnap ordeal

                                                                                                    • YC107-09-06

                                                                                                      In a statement today, a spokesman for Walkai Terraforming Industries issued a request to the capsuleer community for information leading to the safe return of one of its lead scientists - reported missing last month. Speaking on behalf of WTI CEO Kentanen Koimota, the spokesman stated that he was less than impressed with Concord’s investigations thus far. Concord officials still maintain that the WTI scientist is simply “missing” despite numerous appeals from Mr. Koimota to treat the scientist’s [...]