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CONCORD Inner Circle Statement on "Caroline's Star" and the "Thera" System

  • YC116-12-12

    YULAI - CONCORD's Inner Circle today issued a preliminary statement regarding the stellar anomaly known as "Caroline's Star" and the revelation of a Sisters of EVE colony in the wormhole-accessed system known as "Thera". Given the significance of these events, the Scope has decided to reproduce this statement in full. Inner Circle Preliminary Statement Concerning Superluminal Stellar Anomaly YC116-11-26 and the Emergence of New Unstable Wormholes By Special Directive of the CONCORD Assembly Standing [...]

    Sisters of EVE "Wormhole Colony Lost"; Sanctuary Scientist Goes Public

    • YC116-12-09

      BREAKING NEWS - In a new development that may be related to the superluminal anomaly known as "Caroline's Star", a scientist with the Sisters of EVE research organization known as the Sanctuary has claimed that contact with a Sisters of EVE colony deep in wormhole space has been lost since the appearance of the mysterious anomaly. Sister Taya Akira has revealed to the Scope - in what she freely admits is a breach of her oath of obedience to the Sisters of EVE - that several years ago the Sanctuary [...]

      Stellar Anomaly Detected By Capsuleers; Scientists Baffled By Superluminal Effects

      • YC116-11-27

        NEW EDEN - Scientists have confessed to being at a loss to explain an apparently superluminal cosmic phenomenon, following the detection of a new and growing stellar anomaly by capsuleer stargazers shortly after 18:00 EVE Standard Time yesterday. Prompted by the observations of noted capsuleer space photographer Caroline Grace, several capsuleers last night detected an apparent "new star" in the local star field and immediately began efforts to triangulate its location. It was quickly realized that [...]

        Directive Enforcement Department: "Unusual Nation Activity In Oasa"

        • YC116-11-25

          BREAKING NEWS - CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has released a revised security alert for CZ-06R, a constellation in the outer region of Oasa. In the update, issued during the last hour, the DED cited "unusual and unexplained activity of Sansha's Nation incursion forces" as the cause for the revised alert. A number of independent security forces have reported that earlier this week a large scale incursion of Nation's True Power division emerged in the CZ-06R constellation. They further [...]

          Gallente Federal Elections Commission Sets Presidential Election Date

          • YC116-11-16

            VILLORE - The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has announced that the Federation presidential election will be held on the 29th of January YC117. The inauguration of the Federation President will take place on the 26th of February. The announcement from the Federal Elections Commission follows a legislative request from the Federal Senate to regularize the timetable for federal elections. The extraordinary presidential election held in YC111, following the ouster of former President Souro [...]

            Eifyr & Co respond to Tukoss messaging

            • YC116-11-07

              ELGOI - In a statement made this morning, Eifyr & Co have made an official response to the apparent reappearance of missing scientist Dr. Hilen Tukoss. Tukoss was registered as a missing person with the Republic Security Services more than two years ago, after vanishing during the initial setup stages of the Arek'Jalaan project. Former Program Director at the Otosela Neuropsychology Center for Zainou Biotech, Tukoss defected to the Minmatar Republic in YC113 and claimed political asylum before joining [...]

              Inner Circle Call Short Notice Wormhole Summit

              • YC116-10-31

                YULAI - The Scope has learned that a special short notice summit has been called by Keraimo Hakanuro, Chief Investigating Officer of CONCORD's Inner Circle, in order to further discuss the report on changes in Sleeper activity in recent months. At this time, the intended outcome of the summit is still unknown, however a number of notable scientists in the field of Sleeper behavioral research and astrophysics from the Science and Trade Institute and Center for Advanced Studies have been seen arriving [...]

                SCC set to increase prices on sleeper components

                • YC116-10-29

                  YULAI - In a press release issued just moments ago, the Secure Commerce Commission released details of a planned increase in authorized payments for Sleeper-related components. A number of types of recovered components from wreckage of Sleeper vessels have been reclassified as potentially hazardous or dangerous, after discussion during a meeting of representatives from the Directive Enforcement Department and CONCORD's Inner Circle earlier today. During the release, Rayla Netho, Chief Financial [...]

                  Imperial Navy Declares Success In Research Race

                  • YC116-10-28

                    SAFIZON - In a statement released this morning, the Imperial Navy claimed that loyalist capsuleer assistance has allowed naval research and development staff to achieve the first in what is likely to be a series of breakthroughs involving Sleeper technology. Speaking during a press conference from Imperial Navy headquarters, Admiral Ren Karetta declared that "assistance from a number of sources within the capsuleer loyalist bloc has allowed us to make further advancements in downsizing Sleeper derived [...]

                    Breaking News - Navies request capsuleer assistance

                    • YC116-10-07

                      ORVOLLE - The Scope has learned this morning that the navies of the Empire, Federation, State and Republic have begun to request specific components from sleeper vessels in order to determine the source of the recent spike in sleeper activity in recent weeks. Speaking from Federation Navy headquarters in Algogille, Admiral Auver Bauvon of Tripwire Intelligence and Command expanded on the rumors, saying "the Federation Navy believes that this change in Sleeper activity presents an enormous opportunity [...]

                      Sisters of EVE release sleeper research findings

                      • YC116-10-06

                        X-7OMU - In a research report released this evening, the Servant Sisters of EVE noted an unusual increase in Sleeper activity in recent weeks, and a number of key changes in the behavioral profiles of various classes of sleeper vessel. Speaking from the headquarters of The Sanctuary in a press conference that accompanied the release of the paper, Sister Anza Sagera of the Aulari Chapter expanded on the report's findings, saying "while we remain unsure of the exact cause of the change in behavior, we [...]

                        Muryia Mordu issues Operation Highlander Decoration

                        • YC116-08-21

                          5ZXX-K, PURE BLIND - Mordu's Legion Command have completed the issue of a decoration today, honoring pilots who were involved in the orbital battle above Caldari Prime on March 22nd, YC115. The battle, which was triggered by Operation Highlander - the Federation Navy's assault against the Caldari Navy's Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru - brought an end to the five year siege of Caldari Prime, the historical capital of the Caldari State and home world of the Caldari people. In a statement released by [...]

                          Ishukone Accepts Formal Handover Of Arcurio

                          • YC116-07-01

                            LUMINAIRE - The Chief Executives of Ishukone and Material Acquisition placed their signatures on an agreement that concluded the formal handover of the City of Arcurio to Caldari Administration this afternoon. The ceremony occurred in front of the Operation: Highlander memorial in District 24 of the city and was greeted with a roaring cheer from employees of both corporations as Mens Reppola and Ontre Ildrie shared a handshake after the official handover of the city. The agreement specifies that the [...]

                            Federal Government announces handover of Arcurio

                            • YC116-06-10

                              LUMINAIRE - The Gallente Senate has announced this afternoon that the City of Arcurio will be placed under Ishukone administration on July 1st. The move comes after lengthy negotiations between Ishukone Administrators on Caldari Prime and Senate representatives in Luminaire. In a joint press conference today, Ishukone administrative personnel stood alongside those from Material Acquisition as details of the handover were announced. The agreement places the three most populous cities on the planet - [...]

                              Ishukone re-opens flagship station

                              • YC116-06-03

                                MALKALEN - The Ishukone Corporation has declared their headquarters fully operational today, six years after the attack by rogue Federation Navy Admiral Alexander Noir left it crippled and cost the lives of scores of civilians. The announcement comes as the corporation increasingly appears to be positing itself, with its projected independence and strength, at the forefront of corporate messaging. CEO Mens Reppola was on hand to greet and address Ishukone workers who had arrived to witness the [...]

                                Caldari Navy distributes bounties for destruction of Provists

                                • YC116-04-25

                                  Perimeter - The Caldari Navy has distributed the bounties to the capsuleers who participated in the slaying of the renegade 37th 'Octopus' Squadron members who stole over a dozen capital ships from a naval shipyard in Otsasi. In total, 685 Pilot License Extensions (PLEX) were handed out of a pool of 700 available bounties. Two bounties were unpaid, because the corpses of ringleader Kossen Jaikka and lieutenant Verkkomi Obanin were undelivered. Despite this, the Navy is confident the two were slain. [...]

                                  Provist remnants slaughtered in Usi

                                  • YC116-04-20

                                    Usi - Seven Provist Chimeras and one Wyvern were destroyed in Usi by a force of over 1000 capsuleers. The Wyvern, piloted by Kossen Jaikka, was destroyed after a little over an hour of fighting. The Caldari Navy has confirmed kills on all members of the renegade 'Octopus' Squadron members who had absconded with the capital ships, bringing an end to the massive manhunt which has captured attention over the past week. The battle seemed to favor the Provist forces at the beginning, as even several [...]

                                    Provists escape Taisy due to Pandemic Legion assistance

                                    • YC116-04-19

                                      Taisy - Three Provists piloting stolen Caldari Navy Chimeras escaped Taisy after the capsuleer alliance Pandemic Legion protected them from the fleets that had come to destroy them. Numerous capsuleer ships were destroyed, both by the carriers and Pandemic Legion forces, without any Provist losses. After roughly 45 minutes of combat, the Provist forces thanked Pandemic Legion for their assistance, declared their operation complete, and then jumped out of the system to an unknown destination. The [...]

                                      Two more Provists slain in Torrinos

                                      • YC116-04-17

                                        Torrinos - Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila, two Provist commanders piloting stolen Caldari Navy Phoenix-class dreadnaughts, were killed in Torrinos today by a force just shy of 400 capsuleers. Despite the losses, several high-value capsuleer ships were lost in the fighting, including a Tengu and a Kronos. Despite the capsuleer losses, the Provist forces lost even more, as 4 stolen Raven Navy Issues were also destroyed by capsuleer forces. The Caldari Navy is calling the operation a victory, saying, [...]

                                        Provists routed in Mastakomo

                                        • YC116-04-16

                                          Mastakomo - A force of roughly 300 capsuleers captured and killed Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko, two of the Provist renegades who stole Chimera-class carriers from the Caldari Navy. The firefight, which took roughly 35 minutes and occured around the stargate to Uchoshi, saw the destruction of dozens of capsuleer ships as they strove to take down the wanted forces. Four additional Scorpion Navy Issues, also piloted by Provist members, were destroyed in the fighting as well. The Caldari Navy is [...]

                                          Two Provists slain in Okagaiken

                                          • YC116-04-15

                                            Okagaiken - Uehuma Inikas and Arano Kokkara, two Provist commanders, were killed by capsuleer forces in the Okaigaiken system. The two were spotted piloting a Phoenix-class dreadnaught and a Chimera-class carrier shortly after 18:00. A force of over 500 capsuleers converged on the system shortly after. In an hour of intense fighting, which saw many capsuleer groups turning on each other seemingly for the bounty rewards, the two were finally slain by their attackers. Additionally, four Raven Navy [...]

                                            Tsatei Uppas killed by capsuleers in Samanuni

                                            • YC116-04-14

                                              Samanuni - Capsuleers located and killed Tsatei Uppas, a former "Octopus" squadron commander and member of the rogue Provist wing that recently absconded with several Caldari Navy capital ships. Uppas, guarded by three other defectors from the "Octopus" squadron flying stolen Scorpion Navy Issues, was downed by a fleet of roughly 200 after a 30-minute firefight around the tenth planet in the Samanuni system. Uppas himself was flying a Chimera. "It is a moment of great justice for the Caldari State," [...]

                                              Provist Tovas Tagahaiken slain in Akkio

                                              • YC116-04-13

                                                Akkio - Provist commander Tovas Tagahaiken was slain after a sustained firefight in Akkio earlier today. Tagahaiken, one of the Provist militants who had stolen a number of Caldari Navy capital ships, was found in orbit of the third planet in the solar system. Flying a Chimera-class carrier, he was escorted by a trio of stolen Caldari Navy Ravens. Despite a strong resistance from the Provist forces, they were eventually destroyed. CONCORD records show that 815 pilots were involved in the combat, which [...]

                                                Caldari Navy announces manhunt for Otsasai aggressors

                                                • YC116-04-12

                                                  BREAKING NEWS - In a statement made from Caldari Navy Headquarters in Perimeter just moments ago, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado gave details of the largest manhunt in the history of the Caldari Navy. The announcement comes after the release of more information pertaining to the attack in the Mito constellation yesterday morning, during which a number of Caldari Navy capital class vessels were hijacked. Korrado confirmed in the statement that those responsible for leading the attack have been [...]

                                                  Caldari Navy confirms attack on border region staging facility

                                                  • YC116-04-12

                                                    OTSASAI - Rumors of an attack on a Caldari Navy shipyard in the Northenmost constellation of Lonetrek were confirmed this afternoon in a release made by newly appointed Caldari Navy Caspuleer Liaison, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado. Korrado confirmed that "after a sustained firefight, a number of as yet unidentified assailants were able to commandeer over a dozen vessels, including one Wyvern-class supercarrier and a number of Chimera-class carriers", before stating that "the fate of these vessels [...]

                                                    Ishukone administrators announce Arcurio takeover bid

                                                    • YC116-04-10

                                                      LUMINAIRE - The Ishukone Corporation has revealed the finalization of talks with representatives from Material Acquisiton and the Gallente Senate, with a view to returning the city of Arcurio to Caldari administration. The city, which was heavily damaged during the siege of Operation Highlander and the subsequent destruction of the Leviathan-class Titan CN Shiigeru, remains the only one of the three largest cities on Caldari Prime not under Caldari administration. Allocated to Material Acquisition [...]

                                                      Ishukone executives called to Chief Executive Panel hearing

                                                      • YC116-04-07

                                                        BREAKING NEWS - Nugoeihuvi News has confirmed that the presence of Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola and the corporation's Board of Directors has been demanded in a CEP hearing to take place this evening. The demand, believed to be the first of its kind issued in over two decades, centers around allegations of corruption and inappropriate foreign relations which Ishukone's leadership will answer to in front of the special CEP hearing. Upon issuing the demand, Hein Karnuras, Director of Internal Security for [...]

                                                        Ishukone actions called into question after further talks with Gallente Senate

                                                        • YC116-04-04

                                                          NEW CALDARI - Further unrest was reported in both Malkalen and New Caldari this morning after revelations that Ishukone executives remain in talks with the Federal government on Caldari Prime. The negotiations sparked outrage in the State two weeks ago, but were believed to have been concluded after the unveiling of a monument to lives lost during the conflict for control of the planet early last year. In the wake of continued contact between the Caldari megacorporation and the Gallente Senate, [...]

                                                          Imperial mining outfit posts first quarter slump in profit

                                                          • YC116-03-31

                                                            LADDIAHA - Ducia Foundry has posted its first downturn in profit for almost half a decade, in the wake of increased activity by independently managed mining corporations across Imperial border regions, a shareholder report confirmed this morning. The corporation, best known for its risky and aggressive prospecting and resource harvesting strategies, has attributed this reduction in profit to both increased output from capsuleer-led industrial organization and higher levels of pirate activity Derelik [...]

                                                            Caldari Prime administrators unveil Operation Highlander monument

                                                            • YC116-03-22

                                                              LUMINAIRE - Arcurio stood silent this evening as administration staff from Material Acquisition and the Ishukone Corporation unveiled a monument honoring lives lost one year ago today. The structure, a 120 meter long, 6 meter high section of titanium diborite armor plating from the hull of the Leviathan class titan CN Shiigeru, standing on a solid base carved from granite sourced from the Kaalakiota mountain range - resides in District 24 of the city, the area in which former Caldari Navy Admiral [...]

                                                              Ishukone meets with Gallente Senate on Caldari Prime

                                                              • YC116-03-20

                                                                LUMINAIRE - Media outlets across the State were thrown into a frenzy of activity this morning after it was revealed that the Ishukone Corporation's administrative directorate on Caldari Prime have initiated private talks with the Gallente Senate. Originally reported by the chief Caldari Prime correspondent for Nugoeihuvi, the revelation came after a convoy of Ishukone branded transports arrived in central Arcurio this morning, flanked by an armed escort of Mordu's Legion's 31st Armored Division [...]

                                                                Boundless Creations reveals technological breakthrough

                                                                • YC116-03-15

                                                                  HAGILUR - Rumors of a significant breakthrough in gravity well generation technology were confirmed by Boundless Creations earlier today, after leaked holo recordings that showed prototype hardware were received by The Scope yesterday evening. The footage shows testing of the most compact gravity well generator ever built, according to a press release made by Dr. Bogekur Alpur, Chief Researcher for Boundless Creations, earlier this afternoon. Dr. Alpur refrained from giving specific details relating [...]

                                                                  Body of disgraced Caldari Navy officer found on Caldari Prime

                                                                  • YC116-03-06

                                                                    LUMINAIRE - Mordu's Legion Command confirmed this afternoon that the body of former Caldari Navy officer Sami Okuuda has been found in Kairiola Park, central Tovil, on Caldari Prime. A public relations officer for the independent mercenary contracting corporation, which was drafted in to provide security for the contested planet after it was declared a DMZ in April YC115 stated that "Mr Okuuda was found at approximately 13:00 hours this afternoon, seated at a public rest area beside Lake Osara in [...]

                                                                    Caldari Navy announces discharge of courts-martialled officers

                                                                    • YC116-02-27

                                                                      PERIMETER - A spokesman for the Caldari Navy confirmed today that a total of fifty-seven officers have been dishonourably discharged from the Caldari Navy, after a week of legal proceedings that saw a number of arrests relating to incidents during the administration of the Caldari Providence Directorate. Publicly, it appears that all those involved were relieved of command under the umbrella charge of "actions performed against the best interest of the Caldari State and People". Sources within the [...]

                                                                      Caldari Navy announces “Octopus” Squadron courts-martial

                                                                      • YC116-02-20

                                                                        PERIMETER - The Caldari Navy have confirmed the arrest of Wing Commander Sami Okuuda this afternoon, after several rumors began to circulate regarding his whereabouts. Placed on administrative leave after the failure of Operation Spectre in November YC115, in which hundreds of Caldari loyal capsuleers suffered extensive combat losses, Okuuda was also involved in the failed defence of the Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru, which was destroyed in March last year during Operation Highlander. At the same [...]

                                                                        Caldari Prime salvage plans announced

                                                                        • YC116-02-05

                                                                          LUMINAIRE - A press pack released this afternoon by Material Acquisition outlines plans for the initial stages of a clean-up and salvage operation to remove the wreckage of the Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru, which was partially destroyed in orbit and impacted the planet's surface on March 22 last year. The lengthy document, which gives a detailed report on the environmental impact of the event and covers the current conditions in the 1.2 million square kilometre debris field, contains proposals [...]

                                                                          Ishukone Announces Investment In Malkalen Reconstruction

                                                                          • YC116-01-28

                                                                            MALKALEN - In a press conference called this morning, Mens Reppola, Chief Executive of Ishukone, formally announced plans for the reconstruction of the corporation's headquarters in orbit of Malkalen V - Moon 1. The station, which was partially destroyed by the impact of FNS Wandering Saint during a Caldari-Gallente economic summit on May 15 YC110, has remained the operational headquarters of Ishukone for the past six years despite being in a severe state of disrepair due to the corporation's [...]

                                                                            Secure Commerce Commission press conference concludes YC115 financial retrospective

                                                                            • YC116-01-23

                                                                              YULAI - The SCC closed the interstellar ledgers for the YC115 fiscal year this afternoon, bringing an official end to a time period whose steady but miniscule economic growth is increasingly falling behind the immense activity in the capsuleer-run industry. Within Imperial borders, the markets continue to remain relatively stable, with most corporations posting financial reports that fall within expected ranges. Heavy industry in the Empire has seen a small slump in profit, however, particularly in [...]

                                                                              Federal Intelligence Office responds to Guristas activity in Placid

                                                                              • YC116-01-13

                                                                                COVRYN - Colonel Thoun Gaterau, Lead Field Agent for the Black Eagles, held a press conference this afternoon in response to media queries, including a number from independent capsuleers, regarding Guristas presence in Placid last Friday. The questions center on kill reports that show the destruction of a group of Rattlesnake-class battleships at the hand of a capsuleer force, which included two dreadnoughts and a rare Mimir-class heavy assault ship. Colonel Gaterau explained that the Federal [...]

                                                                                Minmatar Tribal Assembly Closes After Ratifying New Political Order

                                                                                • YC116-01-01

                                                                                  Pator - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has declared a "new political order in the tribal republic", after the Minmatar Tribal Assembly ratified its decisions on the reorganization of the Minmatar Republic, just before closing its business today at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar. Principal among the declarations by the assembly is the formal assertion that the Tribal Council, which consists of the Sanmatar and the Chiefs of the Seven Tribes, is the collective head of state of the Minmatar Republic. The [...]