Federation Navy mount full-scale offensive against Caldari Fleet in Luminaire

New Eden News | YC115-03-22

BREAKING NEWS - The Federation Navy task force seen entering Luminaire approximately 30 minutes ago has engaged the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru and her support fleet in orbit of Caldari Prime.

The news spread across the entire Federation in minutes, with every GalNET channel currently broadcasting announcing breaking news in order to cut to footage of the ongoing engagement in orbit. Businesses across the Federation are beginning to close early, and planet side traffic in many major cities across the regions of Essence, Verge Vendor and Placid has ground to a halt as billboards cut to footage of the Federation Navy assault.

When contacted regarding the ongoing operation, Scope News military advisor Francois Mirelle initially appeared lost for words, before concluding that "there is no doubt about it. This has to be a premeditated and planned assault to take back control of Caldari Prime. This could possibly be the largest offensive undertaken by the Federation Navy since the end of the war in YC12."

The aggression by the Federation Navy comes without any form of prior contact with the Caldari Navy during the course of the day and is being described by tactical experts as a "full scale frontal offensive against the blockade of Caldari Prime."

The office of press for the Federation Navy remains closed for comment at this point, and the CONCORD Assembly has issued a full travel advisory for the Luminaire system. The content of the travel advisory includes the warning that any pilot who ventures into the Luminaire system has no guarantee of safety and will be flagged as a global suspect.

The Directive Enforcement Department are advising all capsuleers to stay clear of the Luminaire system, and have officially confirmed that the CONCORD Assembly will accept no liability for loss of life or property until such time as the situation is brought under control.