Gallente digital activist group vows to “expose Black Eagles corruption”

New Eden News | YC115-03-08

_Luminaire - _The digital activist group "SnipeHunts" has released a statement naming its next target as the [Black Eagles]( Eagles), who the group claims is developing riot control weapons that violate CONCORD treaties. The group, which in the past has infamously defaced the election website of former presidential candidate Daren Fasio and released personal financial details of Senators belonging to the [Sociocrats]( Politics (Chronicle)), says it will "stop at no costs to expose the Black Eagles corruption."

In a one page statement, the group proclaimed, "We are fighters for personal freedom and liberty, two things our great Federation was founded on, but which are being stripped away by the oppression favored by [Mentas Blaque]( Blaque) and his cadre of thugs." It went on to later vow, "We will not be stopped. We cannot be stopped. We are not a solitary voice who sang out but was silenced in the middle of her performance. We are the searing light that will drown the shadows of hypocrisy and tyranny."

A spokesperson for the Black Eagles dismissed worries, claiming, "We deal with hacking attempts of our databases all the time. Hackers like these frequently try to expose sensitive information that would endanger our operatives and compromise the safety of the Gallente Federation. The Black Eagles are not developing any weaponry that violates the laws of the Federation or any treaties we have signed with other bodies. Any excuses of this nature are designed solely as a smokescreen for their nefarious activities."