Caldari Navy stands down, remains secretive

New Eden News | YC115-02-19

New Caldari ** - **After over three weeks of heightened activity and military action, the Caldari Navy officially stood down today. The Navy had, along with the [Caldari Provincial Directorate]( Providence Directorate) and the [State Protectorate]( Protectorate), been participating in orbital bombardments and ground combat against Caldari-held worlds across the cluster, drawing anger and confusion from disparate segments of the interstellar spectrum.

The exact reasons for the action remains under scrutiny, with Caldari officials refusing to answer direct questions about the matter. "The Caldari Navy was dealing with internal security issues against armed combatants who were dangerous to both Caldari citizens and the cluster at large," said Sami Okuuda, a spokesperson for the Navy. "No individuals targeted by Naval forces were Caldari citizens. Every megacorpation has acknowledged the legitimacy of the operation and all other lawful corporations in the State who were affected by the matter were informed prior to commencement. Those who acted for the benefit of the State were spared needless collateral damage."

He continued to say, "At present, while the State continues to battle some stragglers, these engagements are minor in nature and can be handled without the full strength of the Navy behind it. Citizens can rest assured that their lives will continue on as normal. Executor [Tibus Heth]( Heth) offers his full thanks to those who stood beside the Caldari State in this difficult time and wishes to reiterate that loyalty to the Caldari people is paramount and shall be properly rewarded."

Many have parsed the words unfavorably, however, especially as the statement was bereft of explicit details. Discontent has been expressed, particularly among capsuleers, at the refusal of the Navy to give concrete details about the targets of the military action. Most often cited is the lack of names, the reasons the targets were considered a danger, and the continued silence of some of the supposedly-complicit megacorps.

Additional concern was raised about the supposed stamping on corporate rights by the Provists, who interrupted court proceedings between the Intara Direct Action and Kaalakiota Corporation. Intara had filed suit, claiming slander and harassment, but the case was thrown out after an executive cease-and-desist order was issued by Tibus Heth. As the fighting in the State continued, other corporations seemingly affected refrained from issuing suits, which some considered a sign of Provist intervention.

Opinion among Caldari citizens is largely stratified, with the majority of working class individuals expressing support for the actions. "If it's for our safety, I don't care if a few toes get stepped on," said a worker for [Lai Dai]( Dai) who wished to go unnamed due to corporate regulations preventing unauthorized media interviews. "All I hear complaining are people with millions of ISK and corporate heads. But they're not the ones who have to worry thanks to their private security! I mean, even Executor Heth was shot at a public rally! What would have happened to someone like me?"

No Caldari executive contacted was willing to discuss the matter, even on condition of anonymity. Other involved parties have also remained silent.