Wave of enthusiasm sweeps Minmatar space

New Eden News | YC115-02-20

_Pator - _Following the historic commencement of the Tribal Council, enthusiasm and excitement is at an all time high inside the Republic. Opinion polls have found that people are more optimistic about the future of the Republic than at any other time in its history, including the previous high shortly after the naming of [Maleatu Shakor ](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Maleatu Shakor)as Sanmatar in YC110.

"We are marching toward a unified future," said Tobias Efrit, a former parliamentarian for the Krusual Tribe who has been placed in charge of overseeing the tribe's trade assembly. "The tribes shall always remain distinct, but now we are moving towards unity under a Tribal Council that shall enable us to govern efficiently without conflict and political backbiting."

[Kyrak Stollyk](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Thukker Tribe), secretary of the Trust Partners Council of Caravans, agreed with those sentiments. "There were four tribes working together before with three tribes returning to the fold. There have been difficult hurdles to overcome even in getting to this point, but we overcame them. The Minmatar people have overcome so much, it is impossible to believe we won't overcome these last few disagreements to make ourselves the greatest nation in New Eden."

"Already there is much progress across the Republic," said Olaufin Jastl, a religious advisor to Starkmanir chief Jeoran Setul. "Tolerance and acceptance between the tribes is greater than ever. We can now begin the task of rebuilding what generations of infighting has destroyed. Schools, hospitals, churches... We must bring these to even the most impoverished of areas, not just the core worlds."

"We must not forget that many of our brothers and sisters remain enslaved," reminded Domash Kroil, a member of the Nefantar tribal delegation. "Once the Tribal Council has closed and our new government is underway, we can finally begin a concerted effort to free them from the chains we so recently cast off."

Sebiestor spiritual leader [Vuld Haupt](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Vuld Haupt) added that he has seen a religious invigoration among his tribe. "In the past few days, I have heard more young people talking about becoming shamans and adopting our great customs than ever before. It is a wondrous time to be Minmatar."

An elder leader of the Brutor Tribe, Raelan Kahoku, was also impressed by the cultural leaps the Minmatar have been taking. "I know the Brutor do not have the reputation as artists, but I have seen many great things in the past few days from my tribesmen. Photography, song, dance, even a few sculptures. There is an outpouring of pride in being Minmatar."

But perhaps best summing up sentiments was Yuce Velkhamme, a member of the Vherokior Tribe's mercantile board. "I am proud to be Minmatar."