Heth responds to loss of Shiigeru and Ishukone contact with Gallente senate

New Eden News | YC115-03-26

NEW CALDARI - Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth made an aggressive address this evening, in response to the loss of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru in Luminaire and the subsequent revelation of Ishukone's negotiations with the Gallente Senate.

In the statement, broadcast from the front of Caldari Providence Directorate headquarters on New Caldari Prime, Executor Heth repeatedly mentioned the "atrocities committed against both the Caldari Navy and the Caldari People by Gallente armed forces." He went on to promise that "the aggressive action of the Federation Navy will not go unchecked" after the destruction of the Shiigeru on Friday evening. He vowed that "the Gallente have chosen to tear a burning scar through our heritage with their defacement of the Kaalakiota Peaks. In time, we will return this gesture with interest, and will ensure that the Federation is aware that we will not be so easily deterred from taking back what is rightfully ours."

After starting the address with a relatively controlled and calm disposition, Executor Heth became more animated by the minute, and repeatedly had to pause during his statement to compose himself and regain his breath. In the closing stages of his speech, he repeatedly berated the Ishukone Corporation for their cooperation with the Gallente Senate, and stated that "if Mens Reppola truly had any idea what was best for the people, and indeed for the Ishukone Corporation, he would not be openly consorting with enemies of the State."

Executor Heth then promised a full investigation into the actions of both Admiral Visera Yanala, pilot of the Shiigeru, and wing commander Sami Okuuda of the Caldari Navy's 37th 'Octopus' Squadron. His departure soon after was met with hushed applause, save for several jeers from the assembled crowd.

Reaction to the speech was generally positive in the State, although a number of media outlets have begun to comment on Executor Heth's physical condition after his most recent set of public appearances. Questions are also being raised across the State regarding what will happen next, after the Caldari Navy sustained its heaviest losses in over a century during Friday's contact with Gallente Forces.