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Mysterious Weapons Appearing in Starship Hangars Across the Universe

  • YC106-12-22

    Since noon today, hundreds of starship pilots have reported finding a previously unseen form of weaponry in their hangars, along with a stack of gigantic snowballs. The weapon resembles a standard missile bay, except for the distinguishing fact that it seems to have been retro-fitted in order to accommodate the snowballs in question. Much general bafflement has been expressed at the appearance of these mysterious weapons, with most pilots unable to comprehend how they have come to be in their hangars. [...]

    The Scope Profile: Mentas Blaque

    • YC106-12-20

      The Person: Once described as the most intelligent man in the Federation, but also the most cold-hearted, Mentas Blaque is a political hard-liner of the best, or the worst, sort. It all depends on your perspective. While the Federation has always stood for equality, to Blaque some people are more equal than others. While Blaque has never advocated that the Federation should be for Gallenteans only, he has many times stated that it should be governed solely by Gallenteans. In his view, the Gallenteans [...]

      Capsuleer Idolatry on the Rise

      • YC106-12-20

        In its annual report published yesterday, CONCORD's Communications Regulation Agency (CCRA) revealed a number of intriguing facts about current trends in universal communications. Most notable was the rise in popularity of the GalNet forum, a podium venue for the capsuleer community to bring to light issues of concern to them and their associates. Originally intended as a pure communications vehicle for pod pilots, GalNet has, in the course of the last year, become something more. Last February, in [...]

        Providence host to new elusive pirate threat

        • YC106-12-16

          Pilots in the providence region are being advised to be extra vigilant when travelling, as reports are circulating of a group of as- yet unknown pirates have started to prey on lone ships, travelling on the various backwater routes. Reliable information about these individuals is scarce; however, they are using Minmatar ship designs which have been widely agreed to by pilots who have encountered them. The most commonly sighted ships belonging to the frigate class. More reports are expected, as [...]

          The Scope Profile: Souro Foiritan

          • YC106-12-16

            The Person: In the three years since taking office, president Souro Foiritan has gone from one controversy to another. But he has an uncanny ability to turn adversity into triumph, emerging stronger every time. The Federation is distinctly multi-cultural and Foiritan has been extremely careful never to pick sides or show too much favoritism to one side over another. Thus, he can draw his support from all elements of Federation society; from the Minmatar immigrants to his fellow Intakis to the [...]

            Support changes expected as sign-up draws to a close

            • YC106-12-14

              The candidates for the post of the president of the Gallente Federation are ready to start their hunt for emissaries in earnest. Naturally, all of them want only the very best to act as their emissaries, which prompted them to seek the support of the energetic corporations of the pilot community. The move has met with great success for all the candidates, with dozens of corporations already having declared their support. Now the corporation sign-up phase is drawing to a close, but in the final [...]

              Quafe intern in trouble after mystery theft

              • YC106-12-02

                A bizarre story has filtered out of the Quafe Company. A large shipment of Quafe recently disappeared from the company’s warehouse in the Allamotte system. Dune Mirmueren, a spokesman for the company, has revealed that the disappearance was being treated as a theft, with the prime suspect, and also sole witness, being a lowly intern. A reporter for the Scope managed to speak to the intern, Hared Loudier, before he was whisked away by Quafe officials. According to Loudier, a small wormhole appeared [...]

                CONCORD Makes Revolutionary Statement of Recognition For Alliances as Starbase Components Hit SCC Markets

                • YC106-11-24

                  In a surprise announcement at 12:00 EVT today Irhes Angireh, Head of CONCORD’s Inner Circle, declared CONCORD to be in full official support of the outer rim alliances. Further, she stated that official provision had been made for alliances to, for the first time in history, become recorded entities on the level of nation-states. “The last two weeks have been a tumultuous time, with nations, institutions, organizations, even families, split down the middle in disagreement,” said Angireh. “Thusly, in [...]

                  Matari Strikes free thousands of slaves, Imperialists outraged

                  • YC106-11-22

                    Sunday, two weeks ago, Minmatar pilots and their supporters infiltrated Amarr and Ammatar space with a mission. That mission was to strike at the very corporations at the heart of the Amarr empire and free as many slaves as they could find. From reports from the various cells of resistance fighters, the mission was declared a success. Minmatar officials have reported that over 11 thousand slaves were set free and taken into immediate care after only a few hours of intense skirmishes. The slaves that [...]

                    Empires escalate deadspace construction as competition heats up

                    • YC106-11-22

                      All the empires that make up the civilized part of space are putting increased emphasis on deadspace complexes now that the technology behind keeping them secret has been compromised. The empires are keen to keep unwanted parties out of deadspace areas within their borders, and the only way to do that is to occupy them for themselves. This move comes as no surprise, as it is only a matter of time before other factions catch up with the complex technology and start building their own complexes in [...]

                      Bloodshed at Minmatar rally sparks militant action

                      • YC106-11-20

                        As was previously reported, last Sunday saw the Mass gathering of hundreds of Minmatar pilots and sympathisers around the Matari home planet of Matar in the Pator system. Whilst this rally, a protest against the enslavement of a third of the Minmatar race and the legal trade of such slaves even within their own borders, was intended to be peaceful it was marred by sporadic fighting and bloodshed. The first casualty was Dragon Ramirez, who was killed at the hands of a fellow Minmatar because of a war [...]

                        The unhackable warp beacons hacked; scientists shamed

                        • YC106-11-15

                          The deadspace warp beacons, proclaimed as being unhackable by the Caldari scientists that built them, have been hacked. Not by any nefarious government agency bent on industrial espionage. No, the hacker has turned out to be a 17 year old Gallentean girl. The story has been well covered by the Scope. The family of seventeen year old Ladette Russeot was moving to a new home in the Jeon constellation, traveling on a high tech vessel owned by Ladette’s scientist father. Ladette missed her favorite soap [...]

                          Archangels' unexpected expedition - officials baffled

                          • YC106-11-14

                            This Sunday saw one of the largest gatherings of Minmatar anti-slavery campaigners and their sympathisers for a generation. Almost 150 pilots from all over the Galaxy turned up to the planet Matar in the Pator system to protest against the SCC sanctioned trade in slaves that is rife across the galaxy, a practice even allowed within even within the Matari borders, much to the discontent of Minmatar everywhere. The pilots orbited the Matar sculpture located near the planet, planning to make their [...]

                            Scavenger Hunt Hijacked By Angel Cartel

                            • YC106-11-12

                              Tonight's Scavenger Hunt, arranged in the Devoid region by Aurora Vice Admiral Nebulai, took an interesting twist near it's end. Three Arch Angel Cartel members, impersonating the very Vice Admiral himself and two other Aurora members, stole the last can and moved it to a new location. Then, speaking as the Aurora members, attempted to lure the competing pilots to the container for the reward. Several pilots took up the challenge, only to find themselves in the gunsights of the pirates. Even after the [...]

                              New 25ers group to fight empire monopoly on deadspace

                              • YC106-11-11

                                The 25ers were activists that a little over a century ago fought the empires over the freedom enjoyed by independent pilots. The 25ers, their struggle long since won, then faded into obscurity. But now unidentified activists, believed to be Gallenteans, have revived the old grass-root organization to fight the empires over access to deadspace. The original 25ers group laid the foundation of the independent pilot community, unattached to the empires that fostered them at first. The pioneering work of [...]

                                SCC Starbase Disagreements Approaching Critical Mass

                                • YC106-11-10

                                  Over the last few days, the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire have come under fire from various interest groups, who have been exerting tremendous pressure on agencies within these nations to retract their threats of economic sanctions against the ORE Syndicate. As has become widely known, the Caldari State three days ago released a statement proclaiming their intention to institute sanctions against the mining giant for its moves towards making deep-space starbase components and moon mining [...]

                                  Infestation under control; deadspace debate rages

                                  • YC106-11-09

                                    CONCORD has issued a statement declaring that the potential rogue drone infestation has been squashed in its infancy. The infestation was widely feared after the discovery of huge drone hives hidden within deadspace in various locations around empire space. Under the leadership of CONCORD the empires have undertaken a massive clean up operation against the rogue drones, clearing those hives already discovered out. The statement also reveals that the warp beacons used to pinpoint locations within [...]

                                    Caldari State Threatens Sanctions on ORE Syndicate – Amarr Empire Follows Suit

                                    • YC106-11-08

                                      Officials from the Caldari Executive Panel yesterday morning released a statement wherein it was indicated that the Caldari State might impose severe sanctions on the ORE Syndicate, should the Syndicate not back down from its declared intention to release moon mining equipment and starbase materials into SCC markets later this month. According to the statement, “The ORE Syndicate and its administration have shown no willingness to accommodate the Caldari State nor its neighbors in our wish for [...]

                                      CONCORD admits to hiding facts regarding infestation

                                      • YC106-11-06

                                        The Inner Circle of CONCORD released a rare press statement yesterday. The statement confirms the authenticity of the report that was leaked earlier in the week. A rogue drone hive was indeed found recently well within empire space, though the exact location is still held secret. CONCORD officials state that the rogue drones discovered constitute a new breed and their exact nature is still to be determined. CONCORD wants to make sure that these new rogue drones are not capable of spreading their evil [...]

                                        Empires Meet With ORE Founder

                                        • YC106-11-05

                                          Representatives from the four empires yesterday met with Orion Mashel, founder of the ORE Syndicate, along with key ORE administrative personnel at an undisclosed location somewhere in the Outer Ring region. The subject of their meeting was ORE's recent announcement that come November 17th, they would commence SCC-market retail of starbase components and moon mining tools previously available only to empire governments and megacorporations. According to reliable reports, empire representatives were [...]

                                          Rogue drone infestation discovered but kept secret

                                          • YC106-11-04

                                            A report filtered out from reliable sources within the Inner Circle of CONCORD has revealed that a huge infestation of rogue drones was found well within empire space. There is a strong indication that the recently discovered swarm constitutes a new breed of the drones. The leaked report further states that this discovery was made some weeks ago, but has been carefully kept under wrap by CONCORD since. The reason given is that the exact nature of this new breed is as of yet not fully understood and [...]

                                            ORE Syndicate To Retail Previously Unavailable Technologies on SCC Markets

                                            • YC106-11-03

                                              This afternoon the ORE Syndicate announced its intention to begin SCC-market sales and distribution of moon mining equipment, as well as components and building blocks for the construction of deep-space starbases. The type of equipment in question has not, up until now, been made available on open markets due to the immense startup costs associated with its use. According to ORE CFO Nase Bekour, however, the concurrent release of revolutionary new moon mining equipment into the open markets will [...]

                                              Corporations to sign sponsorship deals with candidates

                                              • YC106-10-25

                                                In the true spirit of lobbyism, the prolific pilot corporations can now sign up as supporters for one of the candidates competing for the presidency of the Federation. This will open up a formal path for them to follow later on, where the pilot corporations will compete amongst each other to become official sponsors of their chosen candidate. Apart from the rewards reaped for this, the victorious corporations will get to nominate one of their own to become an Emissary for the candidate in one of the [...]

                                                Presidential campaign heats up as candidates clash.

                                                • YC106-10-22

                                                  Even this early in the campaign for the Federation presidency it is becoming evident that this will be anything but a quiet campaign fought on issues alone. Already the candidates are getting their smear machines into gear, ready to throw every bit of dirt at each other that they manage to dig up or fabricate. The negative image this generates is already spreading to the supporters and culminated last night when opposing groups clashed at a mud wrestle match, fittingly enough. Political pundits are [...]

                                                  Theology Council to Lift Suppression Edict for Tetrimon Case

                                                  • YC106-10-20

                                                    In a surprising turn of events, the Theology Council has stated that it is officially investigating the veracity of the claims made by the Order of St. Tetrimon. The Suppression Edict is being lifted for a period of two months to allow the Tetrimon Order to prepare its case and bring all relevant evidence before the Council. Deacon Azir of the Theology Council has said, "It's put up or shut up time for the Tetrimon. Either they support their words with facts, or they will be declared heretics. Either [...]

                                                    Presidential candidates to seek support from corporations

                                                    • YC106-10-19

                                                      Three candidates have emerged as forerunners in the upcoming presidential elections in the Federation. The three all have sizeable backing within the Federation, guaranteeing them a place on the ballot. Souro Foiritan has been working diligently to become the candidate for the Progressive Party and his official nomination is now merely a formality. Mentas Blaque has already been named the candidate for the Sociocrats. The third candidate is the eminent humanitarian Eman Autrech, who’s liberal agenda [...]

                                                      Presidential elections to be held! Senate votes Foiritan out!

                                                      • YC106-10-14

                                                        The Federation Senate voted this morning on whether president Foiritan was to hold his office or be booted out. Almost 80% of the Senators voted for Foiritan to be stripped of office, much more than the two thirds needed. This means that presidential elections will be held next December, where the public get their say on whether Foiritan is fit to continue as president or if he should leave the political arena for good. The Federation has been in an uproar over the last days following Foiritan’s [...]

                                                        Caldari State Issues Statement of Condemnation On Curse Alliance Response

                                                        • YC106-10-12

                                                          Kisiras Haakenen, Caldari Executive Panel Director of Public Relations, at a press conference yesterday evening let fall harsh words regarding the Curse Alliance and its response following the much-publicized COLOSSUS Qualifier incident the week before last, where a racer from a corporation flying under the CA banner pod-killed two of her fellow contestants before the race's scheduled start, despite explicit warning from race organizers. "The Curse Alliance has made no bones about its response to the [...]

                                                          Senate to hold a vote of no confidence on the president!

                                                          • YC106-10-11

                                                            Sensational news from the Federation Senate yet again, as Mentas Blaque has managed to have the Senate hold a vote of no confidence on president Foiritan. The vote is scheduled for later this week and if it passes then Foiritan will be forced out of office and presidential elections held at the earliest opportunity. As two thirds of the Senators need to vote against the president, Foiritan still has some hope of passing this unscathed. Indeed, if he does so he will emerge stronger for having fended of [...]

                                                            Senate repercussions anticipated in the wake of election results

                                                            • YC106-10-07

                                                              This week has seen several stormy sessions in the Federation Senate, where the Sociocrats, egged on by their leader Mentas Blaque, take turns blasting Foiritan and his comrades in the Senate. Blaque is sensing the faltering resolve of many Senators hitherto considered staunch supporters of the president. It is widely known Foiritan applied extreme pressure on several Senators in an attempt to get his referendum on constitutional changes pushed through the Senate awhile ago. Now the time of reckoning [...]

                                                              Results just in for elections. Foiritan prevails!

                                                              • YC106-10-04

                                                                Official results have finally been announced in the Federation elections that ended yesterday. President Foiritan's controversial referendum on constitutional changes was accepted by the people, despite continuous unofficial polls claiming otherwise. A spokesman for the president spoke briefly to the press a few moments ago, saying that the president was relieved and very grateful to the citizens of the Federation for their support. The spokesman said the president had gone on a much needed vacation [...]

                                                                Is Foiritan losing it? Federation leaders on edge.

                                                                • YC106-10-02

                                                                  As the elections in the Federation draw to a close, rumors from inside the presidential palace in Caille describe president Foiritan as being unusually irritable and edgy when outside the public spotlight. It’s said that Foiritan’s foul temper has brought some of his aides to tears, while the staff of the palace are keeping their head low to escape being the brunt of one of his irrational tantrums. If true, this strongly indicates that Foiritan is feeling the pressure as wave after wave of unofficial [...]

                                                                  Holder Family Moves to Reclaim Prestige

                                                                  • YC106-09-30

                                                                    The Edarion Holders, an old, declining Holder family, marked the recent graduation of their three sons Galvus, Steban and Carlos with what appears to be an attempt to reclaim some of their former glory. The three brothers, armed with more ISK than a small colony earns in a year, recently advertised their intention to buy large amounts of slaves for the purpose of populating up-until-now neglected Edarion factories on Kenenhehab 3. Other purchases included Vitoc, slavers and marines to keep the slaves [...]

                                                                    Election turnout surprisingly good; narrow margin outcome expected

                                                                    • YC106-09-30

                                                                      The public elections where the citizens of the Federation vote on whether president Souro Foiritan can run again in two years time started yesterday. Political analysts had predicted a very low turnout, but first indications show otherwise. With the elections still only in their second day the turnout is already almost 20%, with three days still remaining. The media is forbidden from making actual polls with the elections ongoing, but a few unofficial polls have been circulating. Again the analysts [...]

                                                                      COLOSSUS Contestant Fires Prematurely, Kills 2 - Caldari Gaming Commission Perturbed

                                                                      • YC106-09-30

                                                                        This afternoon in an undisclosed system in The Forge, as Qualifier 5 for the Wiyrkomi Corporation's COLOSSUS team was getting underway, a contestant activated her weapons before the race was officially started, pod-killing two of her fellow contestants despite being explicitly warned by race coordinators that such behavior would result in disqualification. The Caldari Gaming Commission has reacted to the news with much anger, immediately disqualifying the contestant in question and barring her and her [...]

                                                                        SCC Approves New Market Items -- Backlash From Captain Community At Large

                                                                        • YC106-09-29

                                                                          The SCC Advisory Council yesterday approved a variety of new sales commodities for general release on SCC-regulated interstellar markets. Notable among them are such items as long-anticipated learning skill packs from the Society of Conscious Thought, material which will give advanced students the possibility of, as a SOCT press release puts it, "taking their potential to the stars and beyond." The University of Caille and the Republic University yesterday also released the fruits of what has been [...]

                                                                          Election booths open tomorrow for Gallente pilots

                                                                          • YC106-09-28

                                                                            The first public elections in the Federation in two years are scheduled to start tomorrow at noon. Excitement is mounting, though turnout is predicted to be poor. The political future of president Foiritan may hinge on the results of these elections, even if they will have little direct implications for the ordinary citizen. Supporters of the president are counting on the goodwill of the general public and urging everyone to vote. The president's opponents in the Senate have in the meantime tried to [...]

                                                                            Richer pickings as world grows wealthier

                                                                            • YC106-09-25

                                                                              The Golden Age of inter-stellar travel has brought great riches and wondrous discoveries into the world, but at a price. The lure of plunder has reduced many former upstanding citizens to petty thievery and piracy. Strong freighter escort in the outer region has saved many from pirate ambushes, yet more and more fall pray to these dregs of society every month. As new, advanced equipment enters the market it is only to be expected for this trend to continue in the foreseeable future, as CONCORD seems [...]

                                                                              It's election time in the Federation - public gets to decide

                                                                              • YC106-09-24

                                                                                The independent committee charged with finding a compromise solution to the serious political deadlock that emerged from last week's Senate session has finished its work. The solution they came up with should come as no surprise to those familiar with Gallentean democracy: the matter will be resolved in a public elections. The elections are scheduled to start on Wednesday next week. Due to the size of the Federation they will be open for five days, ending on Monday the week after the next. All [...]

                                                                                Folklore idols irk DED who warns against hero-worship.

                                                                                • YC106-09-22

                                                                                  As the space industry expands and becomes a more integral part of the economy of EVE, more and more people are becoming aware of the heroes and villains that ply the vast inter-stellar trade routes. Some of the pirate factions are now established enough that they are known by the majority of the populace. Consequentially, the leaders of these nefarious organizations are becoming known to the world at large, often through dramatized holo-reels based more on fiction than fact. The branch within CONCORD [...]

                                                                                  Federation leaders clash as committee commences work

                                                                                  • YC106-09-20

                                                                                    The committee charged with coming up with a compromise solution to the fierce debate raging between the Senate and president Foiritan held its first meeting this weekend. The committee, populated with independent legal experts and scholars, must decide whether or in what way the constitutional changes advocated by president Foiritan can come about. These changes would allow him to run for the presidency again in two years time. The leaders of the Federation, notably Souro Foiritan and Mentas Blaque, [...]

                                                                                    Stormy Senate session ends on a compromising note

                                                                                    • YC106-09-17

                                                                                      Yesterday saw the most heated Senate sessions in years, as Souro Foiritan clashed with the leaders of the Senate in an attempt to push through constitutional changes allowing him to run again for the presidency in two years time. Foiritan’s ambition is to stay in office until a full and decisive victory can be called in the fight against the UDI. The president is rallying all the support he can in the Senate in a bid to overturn the stranglehold the Sociocrats have on it. Favors are being called in [...]

                                                                                      Wiyrkomi, Lai Dai Add to Teams as Second Round of Qualifiers Kicks Off

                                                                                      • YC106-09-14

                                                                                        Four speed demons last Sunday made it to the final teams of megacorporations Wiyrkomi and Lai Dai in the Caldari State's monumental sporting event, the COLOSSUS Championships. In the former race, contestants Nelno and Lord Azraiel sped through the finish line first to join last week's winners, Trooper B99 and Jeffrey Lebowski, on the Wiyrkomi team, while the latter saw racers Alewood KJ and bsspewer take their place on the Lai Dai team's roster. As the corporations' teams slowly come together, sports [...]

                                                                                        President Foiritan planning for the future

                                                                                        • YC106-09-13

                                                                                          Souro Foiritan, president of the Gallente Federation, is poised to push through constitutional changes that would allow him to run again for president when his current term expires in two years time. The current constitution mandates that the president can only serve a single term of five years. But Foiritan wants to ensure he has enough time to act out on his promise to hunt down the UDI terrorists that have been plaguing the Federation for months, culminating in the infamous Elarel massacre a little [...]

                                                                                          Kaalakiota, Nugoeihuvi Qualifiers Rife With Violence As Masses Cheer

                                                                                          • YC106-09-10

                                                                                            Yesterday and Wednesday saw the first qualifier heats for the Kaalakiota and Nugoeihuvi corporations light up the skies in the Venal, Catch and Curse regions of space. In Wednesday's qualifier sixteen pilots ventured through the Venal region, where they encountered heavy resistance from a blockade of Reikoku and Evolution forces. Numerous contestants were confirmed pod-killed, with one brave soul who lost his ship nevertheless limping to the finish line in his pod to place in the top five. Pilots [...]

                                                                                            New Ship Class Released Exclusively to Pod-Fitted Pilots -- Columnist's Column Causes Stir

                                                                                            • YC106-08-25

                                                                                              Much has been made in local media recently over the release of a new standardized class of capsule-fitted space vessel, the assault frigate. Hitting the space-lanes with little to no advance warning on Tuesday of last week, these vessels have been the subject of much speculation - why did every major designer of capsule-fitted ships put their prototypes up for patent finalization on the exact same day? And why is this class of ship intended exclusively for the relative elite that comprises the pod [...]

                                                                                              Minmatar Border Patrols Report Caldari Corp Police Border Zone Activity

                                                                                              • YC106-08-10

                                                                                                Republic Navy Operations Command yesterday reported Ishukone Watch patrols making incursions into Minmatar-controlled territories, performing unsolicited ship scans and questioning passers-by on closed frequencies. This is the sixth time in the last two weeks that Ishukone forces have been seen in the area. Border systems Todrir and Eust have both played host to ships from the privately-controlled police force, resulting in stepped-up patrols from Republic Navy forces in the vicinity. According to [...]

                                                                                                Mordu's Legion and Guardian Angels clash in Fountain region

                                                                                                • YC106-08-03

                                                                                                  The task force led by Muryia Mordu into Serpentis space was pinned down yesterday by Guardian Angels forces led by Brynn Jerdola and Setele Schellan and forced into combat. The Guardian Angels have been trying to corner Mordu ever since the latter entered the Fountain region, but he has always managed to slip out of their grasp just when they thought they had him. Whether this is due to Mordu's tactical brilliance or the aid of unknown gadgets at his disposal is not known, but it wasn't until the [...]

                                                                                                  Mordu infiltrates Serpentis space but avoids conflict

                                                                                                  • YC106-07-27

                                                                                                    A Mordu's Legion task force under the leadership of Muryia Mordu himself infiltrated Serpentis space in the Fountain region yesterday and moved deep into its territory. The task force refrained from any direct conflict with Guardian Angel ships or Serpentis ships. Instead, the task force headed straight for Serpentis Prime in the Phoenix constellation and approached the chemical refinery orbiting the second moon of Serpentis Prime VIII. As the station readied its defenses Mordu's task force halted and [...]

                                                                                                    Mordu’s Legion mobilizing, what is ORE up to?

                                                                                                    • YC106-07-23

                                                                                                      Muryia Mordu, the venerated leader of Mordu’s Legion, has ordered for a full mobilization of the Legion’s forces. According to sources inside the Legion Mordu is putting together a task force with strike capabilities, which he intends to lead himself. Legionaries everywhere are left bewildered by this development as no explanation has followed in the wake of the order. Pilots on leave have been recalled to duty and ships in dry-docks hurried back into service. The biggest employer of the Legion in [...]