Numerous Caldari management resign; Heth promises “significant investigations”

New Eden News | YC115-03-05

New Caldari - A mass resignation of Caldari management occurred today. The first resignations, among executives belonging to [Kaalakiota]( Corporation), began roughly after noon and spiraled from there. Resignations from [Caldari Constructions]( Constructions) and [Home Guard]( Guard) began shortly after, with the first turning in their resignations at 01:30 EST. As news began to spread, it incited additional resignations across the State, with virtually every megacorp and security force reporting some number of resignations.

The initial resignations by the Kaalakiota executives were spurred by "continued questionable decision making by corporate leadership", according to reports, with a group of twenty executives turning in their resignations en masse at the Kaalakiota HQ in Nonni. The resignations that followed, though not apparently part of a coordinated protest, expressed similar discontent with the current state of affairs within the megacorps.

As the resignations cascaded through the State, the [Caldari Provincial Directorate]( Providence Directorate) moved to quell confused and angered mobs of workers. The CPD, which remains hardline in support of State Executor [Tibus Heth]( Heth), broadcast reassuring messages, urging people to return to work and remain calm despite the sudden turnover in executives.

"This just shows you how out of touch they [the executives] are," shouted one CPD officer through a megaphone. "They don't realize they can be replaced. They believe themselves more important than you, the workers. The workers are the real life blood of the State and by turning in their resignations, they've only made it simpler for you to take their places."

Early numbers are rough, but reports seem to indicate that roughly 3% of all megacorp-aligned management and executives in the State have tendered their resignations. These numbers are nearly unprecedented in the history of the Caldari, only being surpassed by the numbers post-Morning of Reasoning.

Executor Heth vowed to launch a full investigation into the resignations, saying, "It seems virtually impossible these were not coordinated attempts to weaken the State. The CPD is already hard at work collecting data on the individuals involved in this so-called protest. There will be significant investigations into all their activities. If a hint of foreign or criminal influence is found, we will not hesitate to act and make examples of those who were involved. Considering the increasingly belligerent language from the Federation recently, I would not be surprised to find it's the work of Federal black ops."

Confusing matters are rumors that some of the Kaalakiota executives who resigned were involved in ordering the massacre of protesting workers last week. However, as the investigation initiated by Executor Heth has yet to produce concrete answers, these rumors remain unverified.

Admiral Visera Yanala, a venerable Leviathan pilot with the [Caldari Navy]( Navy), commented on the events in her weekly service broadcast, saying, "These resignations are tantamount to treason. If members of the Navy had resigned like this, they'd all be brought before a military tribunal. It is unconscionable for them to do this, in the middle of a war, with the Gallente growing more and more hostile. Executor Heth has proven his insight to the Navy and we should not be questioning our leadership at a time like this."

The megacorps have all made announcements indicating their continued stability despite the resignations. The release from [CBD Corporation]( Corporation) was representative, saying, "Though the loss of leadership will cause some mild interruptions in our normal service, CBD is staffed by professionals from the top to the bottom and we will crunch to ensure minimal impact to our customers."

The latest reports indicate the resignations have ceased, while the mobs of State citizens have dispersed.