BREAKING NEWS - Drifter Autopsy Press Conference Interrupted!

New Eden News | YC117-04-24 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - A live broadcast from DED Headquarters was interrupted moments ago, when a Drifter battleship suddenly appeared outside the station in orbit of Yulai X and began emitting what was believed to be a high frequency broad-band data stream that crashed fluid routers and switches across five separate solar systems in the area.

The broadcast, hosted by The Scope Galactic News Network, was set to include a DED press conference with the four scientists who have submitted their findings to the CONCORD Assembly after performing the first confirmed autopsy on the corpse of a drifter.

Doctors Anslo Tetua and Mizhir Starsurge prepared the autopsy report, which is viewable in full here, along with noted capsuleers Kybernetes Moros and Kalo Askold. Their findings have been offered directly to the Directive Enforcement Department, who immediately declassified the documentation with DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren commenting that "given the vast numbers Drifter vessels that appear to be in service, it is best for the dissemination of information relating to their capability to be swift and all inclusive, so that organizations can prepare defense protocols and procedures, if required".

While the fluid router network in the affected systems of Yulai, Kemerk, Deninard, Arant and Tourier has now been brought back online, a Drifter vessel is still reported to be patrolling the space in the area.

It is believed that this report constitutes the first factual analysis of Drifter genetics and physiology, leading to many more questions than answers, and prompting the DED to hand the report to the Inner Circle for further discussion over the course of the weekend.