BREAKING NEWS! Society Of Conscious Thought Vessel Destroyed In Sarum Prime!

New Eden News | YC117-07-25 - By Lina Ambre

SARUM PRIME - In the last few moments The Scope Galactic News Network has been able to confirm that a Gnosis class battlecruiser registered to the Society of Conscious Thought has been destroyed in The Throne Worlds.

The vessel, piloted by Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the Geminate Chapter of the Society of Conscious Thought, was destroyed on order of Empress Jamyl Sarum I after repeated quests for the vessel to withdraw from Imperial space.

The incident happened at the Mekhios Graveyard in Sarum Prime, where a combined fleet of Thukker Tribe and Republic Fleet vessels were destroyed by an Imperial taskforce during the Battle of Mekhios on June 10th, YC110, leaving a massive debris field that has become a monument to the victory.

Empress Sarum delivered a rousing speech to Amarr loyalists before the appearence of the Society vessel, which began using an unidentified scanning system on her Avatar class titan Seraph. After a number of requests to cease operations and leave Imperial space that were seemingly disregarded, the order was given for Amarr Loyalists and her own escort to destroy the vessel.

At this stage there has been no formal statement made by the Society of Conscious Thought in response to the loss of the vessel, and the loss of Mentor Raish 's capsule.