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"Large Increase in Crew Losses" Says Joint Report by Aidonis Foundation and SOE

    Yulai - The number of people estimated to have been killed or reported missing due to the loss of space vessels has increased substantially, according to a joint report presented to the CONCORD Assembly by the Aidonis Foundation and Sisters of EVE. The report notes that a significant portion of the "large increase in crew losses" is due to the destruction of capsuleer vessels in unknown regions of space. The new analysis includes the first few months of capsuleer expeditions into Abyssal Deadspace, in [...]

    7th Fleet Re-deployed After Multiple Blood Raider Attacks

      THE BLEAK LANDS - A statement from the Office of Press for the Amarr Navy has confirmed that a 'significant' number of forces have been re-deployed to the Sasen and Vaarma constellations after several attacks on Imperial assets in the last twelve hours. It is believed that the attacks began in Kamela, with its third and eighth planet assaulted simultaneously and a number of religious sites desecrated during heavy fighting between local Imperial ground forces and a large contingent of Blood Raiders [...]

      AEGIS CONCORD Division Formed to Bolster Spacelane Security and Combat Hijackers

        Yulai - CONCORD has officially announced the formation of AEGIS, a new division that will specialize in ensuring the security of spacelanes, and be given the powers and capability to interdict and board ships that have been hijacked or are undergoing pirate boarding assaults. In a press briefing at the DED's headquarters in Yulai, Brigadier General Odo Korachi introduced Colonel Kasiha Valkanir as the head of the newly-formed division after some background remarks. "In response to emergent threat Case [...]

        All "Cursed" Refugees Now in Quarantine on Gallente Prime

          Caille, Gallente Prime - Cheers were muted this morning after the arrival of the final batch of Lirsautton VI refugees and their subsequent sequestration within the Jen Yiona Hospital biocontainment unit. Capsuleers from various organizations, including the United Neopian Federation and Arataka Research Consortium, aided in the evacuations, under the terms of the agreement brokered by the Ensinate of Central Garoun, which took place over several days. While it is standard procedure for refugee [...]

          Amarr Empire Celebrates Catiz I's Second Year as Empress with Military Parade

            Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime - The Amarr Empire held its second jubilee celebrating the reign of Empress Catiz I today, with a display of Amarrian military might. The five-hour display saw all road, air, and pedestrian traffic shut down in the areas surrounding the Grand Square to clear the way for the Imperial procession, which passed beneath Ittayim Palace under the eye of Empress Catiz I. Empress Catiz was joined on the Step of Shahs by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi, Lady Hamideh Kador, General Momed [...]

            Amarr Empire Celebrates the Reign of Empress Jamyl I with State Funeral

              Amarr Prime - The Amarr Empire today observed the state funeral of Empress Jamyl I with the majesty and solemnity appropriate to the passing of a leader who ruled the largest and most populous empire of New Eden as a sacred figure closest to and reflecting the divine. Held in the imposing Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, the funeral rites celebrated the reign of an Empress considered to have been sent by God in the moment of Amarr's greatest need, the so- [...]

              Amarr Empire Declares War On Drifters!

                BREAKING NEWS - The Office of the Court Chamberlain issued a decree just moments ago, confirming rumors that the Amarr Empire has issued a formal declaration of war against the Drifters. In the release, which was marked with today's date, the Court Chamberlain confirmed a meeting between leaders of the Imperial Armed Forces, the Theology Council and the Ministry of War, during which Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara described the threat to the Empire to be "a threat to Holy Amarr, His will, and God's chosen [...]

                Amarr Empire Enters New Era as Imperial Authorities Convene Following Coronation Week

                  AMARR PRIME - Empress Catiz I has convened inaugural meetings of the Privy and Theology Councils under her reign, moving quickly to act on the vision she laid out in her public address to the Imperial Guard following her coronation last week. Formally opening a full session of the Theology Council in Dam-Torsad's Hall of Divine Truth and Justice, Empress Catiz I asked the several thousand assembled deacons and justices of the council to carefully consider how "faith may truly be reconciled with [...]

                  Amarr Navy Forces in Combat with Drifters in Khanid Kingdom

                    NANDEZA - The Amarr Empire's Ministry of War has confirmed reports from independent observers that, within the last hour, elements of the Imperial Navy have engaged a concentration of Drifters in the Khanid Kingdom system of Nandeza. This action follows today's declaration of war against the Drifters by the Amarr Empire. It is unclear if the latest Drifter presence represents a change in their activity at this time. Elements of the Imperial Armed Forces continue to move into positions according to the [...]

                    Amarr Third Fleet Admiral Speaks Out On ‘Purity Of The Throne’

                      DIADERI - In a surprise move by the Amarr Navy's Office of Press, The Scope was granted an exclusive short notice interview with Grand Admiral Ren Karetta, commander of the Amarr Navy's Third Fleet this evening. Speaking during a short break after an inspection tour of shipbuilding facilities in orbit of Diaderi II, Admiral Karetta expressed his "utter delight" at the news that Capsuleers have taken up arms against Purity of the Throne Insurgents, branding the organization targeting the Imperial Guard [...]

                      Amarr and Gallente Diplomats Hail Progress on "Mutual Astropolitical Understanding"

                        Above: Pashanai Bombing Memorial in orbit of Ministry of War Station Amarr and Gallente Diplomats Hail Progress on "Mutual Astropolitical Understanding" Pashanai, Genesis – The Amarr Empire's Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor and the Gallente Federation's Councillor Wayaki Kayara have issued a joint progress report from diplomatic talks between the two major empires at the ACN station in Pashanai system. Lady Kor-Azor and Councillor Kayara both expressed "considerable optimism" as to the progress of the [...]

                        Amarr and Khanid Holdings Attacked in Chemical and Viral Bombing Incidents

                          Amarr - Amarr security forces have reportedly thwarted a terrorist chemical attack on a noble estate along the coast of the Jad-Gheinok region of Oris in the Amarr system, today. In a possibly related incident, the Scope has also learned that a viral weapon strike was carried out on a Khanid Royal Uhlans cloning facility located in Ves-Sefris region on Zirsem V, yesterday. Local correspondents on the planet Oris (Amarr VIII), report that a "laser rifle and mortar attack" was attempted on the Varaz [...]

                          Arms Race Ensues as Rogue Swarm Alert Declared by DED after Widespread Eruptions of Drone Nests are Detected

                            Yulai - A cluster-wide Rogue Swarm Alert has been declared by the DED, as the empires and independent capsuleers scramble to upgrade their capabilities in an arms race with hostile rogue drones. The Inner Circle's recent authorization of new Clone State Alpha capabilities was granted as a response to increasing pirate threats but its rollout over the last few days has proved very timely given this new rogue drone swarm breakout. Reports have reached the Scope that rogue drone outbreaks are being [...]

                            BREAKING - Caldari Navy Seizes Control of Athounon Strategic Sites

                              BREAKING - Caldari Navy Seizes Control of Athounon Strategic Sites Athounon, Placid – Caldari Navy fleets are reported to have arrived in force in Athounon system, seizing control of strategic sites such as the derelict EDENCOM station, Gallente stargate construction site, and reinforcing the State's military presence throughout the system. Reports indicate the Caldari Navy has stopped short of seizing complete control and capturing the system's militia infrastructure hub, under a plan authorized by [...]

                              BREAKING - Further Stargate Shutdowns Ordered Across New Eden as Spacetime Instabilities Increase

                                Yulai, Genesis - More stargate shutdowns have been taking place across regions surrounding the systems occupied by the Triglavian Collective under the SCC Stargate Security Directorate's emergency protocol. Regions affected so far are Domain, Molden Heath, Everyshore and several are either shut down by now or in the process of being shut down. EDENCOM has confirmed that AEGIS commandos are present on stargates connecting to the occupied systems in an attempt to carry out the "ultimate contingency", [...]

                                BREAKING - Massive Cynosural Activity Detected in Placid Region

                                  BREAKING - Massive Cynosural Activity Detected in Placid Region Placid Region – Large-scale cynosural beacon activity has been detected in the Placid region, apparently centered on the Intaki system, according to reports confirmed by the Scope in the last few moments. Cynosural activity seems to be at its most intense in the Intaki system but has been detected in a broad swathe of Placid systems bordering the Verge Vendor and Syndicate regions. It is unclear at this time who or what is the source of [...]

                                  BREAKING - Massive Invasion of Intaki and Placid Systems by Federation Navy

                                    BREAKING - Massive Invasion of Intaki and Placid Systems by Federation Navy Intaki, Placid Region – The Gallente Federation Navy has launched a massive invasion of the Intaki system and a number of surrounding systems in Placid region, according to multiple reports incoming from local sources. Large Federation Navy capital fleets have been spotted in system amidst an unprecedented level of cynosural beacon activity. Scattered reports from the Intaki system indicate that Caldari Navy forces are [...]

                                    BREAKING - President Celes Aguard Addresses Federation on Liberation of Intaki

                                      Above: Federation Navy liberation fleet in orbit above Intaki Prime BREAKING - President Celes Aguard Addresses Federation on Liberation of Intaki Luminaire, Essence Region – President Celes Aguard has addressed the Gallente Federation in the aftermath of a major assault on the Intaki system and a number of surrounding systems in the Placid region. President Aguard delivered her address to the Federation Senate, with it being broadcast across all Federation GalNet channels, as almost all system and [...]

                                      BREAKING NEWS - Body Of Key Scientist Found After Ransack Of Labs At Kyonoke Inquest Center

                                        POSTOUVIN - Security has been tightened at the Kyonoke Inquest Center this morning, after a senior member of the Society of Conscious Thought's research team was found dead in one of two laboratories that appear to have been ransacked over the course of the night. The discovery of the body of the unidentified science team member comes alongside the ransacking of two key virology research labs which were thought to be holding data on the original source of the Kyonoke Plague outbreak on board the RP4 [...]

                                        BREAKING NEWS - Chaos Erupts During Caldari-Gallente Summit After Leaked Recordings Criticize Chief Executive Panel

                                          HATAKANI - Executives from Kaalakiota, Sukuuvestaa and CBD have walked out of Chief Executive Panel talks with the Federal government, after audio recordings were leaked in which a number of Gallente Senators criticised the ethics of forcing protestors in the State back to work. While the identities of the senators involved are unknown at this time, it is known that questions were raised about the unethical treatment of the workforce in the State, after those protesting against conditions on Oijanen [...]

                                          BREAKING NEWS - Chief Executive Panel Orders Partial Closure of Caldari-Gallente Border; Decommissions Embassies

                                            NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has sent a shockwave through the political landscape of New Eden this morning, after ordering the closure of all State Embassies and consulates with in the Gallente Federation. The mandate, which was issued just moments ago, demands "the immediate cessation of all diplomatic engagements with representatives from the Federal Government" along with "the immediate return of all State ambassadors and emissaries operating within Federal border to New Caldari Prime [...]

                                            BREAKING NEWS - City Of Myrskaa Sealed Off - State Peacekeepers Drafted In

                                              OIJANEN - The Scope has just learned moments ago that a citywide cordon has been issued on Oijanen II, closing all transport links into the Myrskaa metropolitan area and effectively placing the city in complete lockdown. Our news team in the area has also broadcast unconfirmed reports that a large detachment of State Peacekeepers have arrived on the scene, along with significant Home Guard and Caldari Navy assets. In an unprecedented move, the Caldari Navy has ordered the entire city to be placed [...]

                                              BREAKING NEWS - Drifter Autopsy Press Conference Interrupted!

                                                YULAI - A live broadcast from DED Headquarters was interrupted moments ago, when a Drifter battleship suddenly appeared outside the station in orbit of Yulai X and began emitting what was believed to be a high frequency broad-band data stream that crashed fluid routers and switches across five separate solar systems in the area. The broadcast, hosted by The Scope Galactic News Network, was set to include a DED press conference with the four scientists who have submitted their findings to the CONCORD [...]

                                                BREAKING NEWS - Federal Intelligence Office Begins Investigating Terrorism Links to RP4 Kyonoke Outbreak

                                                  RENYN - The Federal Intelligence office has confirmed rumors circulating in the press that the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, also known as the "Black Eagles", is in the midst of an investigation that may link the outbreak of Kyonoke Plague in Postouvin to acts of terrorism in the Federation. During a statement made to the interstellar press on board FIO Headquarters in Renyn, Thoun Gaterau, Lead Field Agent & Administrator for the Black Eagles, commented that "an [...]