Eifyr and Co. Summoned by Inner Circle

New Eden News | YC117-05-20 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - A number of representatives from Eifyr and Co. have been seen arriving at Inner Circle headquarters this afternoon, including the corporation's Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Security, as well as a delegation of management and legal counsel.

The Scope has learned from sources within the Directive Enforcement Department that the corporation is now under formal investigation in relation to the concealment of a broadcast now confirmed to be the final communication from Dr. Hilen Tukoss.

It is believed that the footage may have been concealed by the corporation for more than six months, before being released into the public domain by The Scope after it was handed over by a whistleblower from within Eifyr and Co.

At this stage it remains unclear if any formal charges will be brought against the corporation, but analysts at The Scope have confirmed that at a minimum, Eifyr and Co. will most likely be charged with "corporate negligence leading to the death of an employee" if it can be ascertained that there are "reasonable grounds to believe that Dr. Tukoss is deceased."

The arrival of senior Eifyr and Co. staff at Inner Circle Headquarters continues to fuel speculation into whether formal charges have been raised, and it is expected that at a minimum the corporation may face significant financial penalties for concealing the footage, which could be considered withholding information vital to Interstellar Security.

When contacted for comment, both the press office for the Inner Circle and Eifyr and Co. Public Relations declined to comment further on the ongoing investigation.