DED Statement: Hilen Tukoss Broadcast

New Eden News | YC117-05-08

The Directive Enforcement Department has become aware of a broadcast that has been aired by The Scope this evening, which reportedly shows imagery of missing scientist Dr. Hilen Tukoss and an as yet unidentified structure surrounded by what appears to be a Drifter fleet.

Eifyr & Co have confirmed Scope News reports that a member of staff was responsible for the leak of the footage, which was handed to the news network without the corporation's authorization. The Directive Enforcement Department has been able to ascertain, with the assistance of the Secure Commerce Commission, that the stolen footage was sold to The Scope for a considerable sum, by an employee of Eifyr & Co who has since been detained for questioning under the Interstellar Corporate Espionage Act YC36.

On discovering the nature of the footage, its content, and the potential security risk surrounding its release, the Directive Enforcement Department strongly advised The Scope Galactic News Network to refrain from broadcasting the footage until such time as full analysis could be completed, the archived video could be accurately dated, and those close to Dr. Tukoss could be contacted and briefed on the situation.

Since the footage remains the property of Eifyr & Co, the Directive Enforcement Department were only in a position to advise on the potential implications of its release through improper channels. This advice was offered, and The Scope chose to publish the archived footage regardless, citing CONCORD Freedom of Press legislation. In response, the Directive Enforcement Department has chosen to detain both Gaunia Octeyncaere, Production Manager for The Scope and Lina Ambre, Correspondant for The Scope for questioning under Section 6 of the Interstellar Corporate Espionage Act.

At this time, no criminal charges have been filed against any individuals or The Scope Galactic News Network, pending a full investigation by the Directive Enforcement Department into the age of the footage, its content, and the duration of time it may have been in holding within the databanks of Eifyr & Co.

The Directive Enforcement Department will release further information as the situation develops, with the approval of the Inner Circle.

Arve Vesren
Director Of Operations
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly