Navy announce Imperial keel-laying ceremony, Empress confirmed to attend

New Eden News | YC117-07-18 - By Zara Serir

SAFIZON - In a statement issued this morning, the Amarr Navy has confirmed the start of construction of a new ceremonial Imperial flagship, which is expected to be completed in the coming weeks at the Amarr Navy's Royal Shipyard.

In the statement, released by the Office of Communications for the Amarr Navy, several details of the new vessel were revealed, including confirmation that it will be "based on the Abaddon-class combat battleship platform".

Many analysts have already agreed that the prototype "Abaddon Imperial Issue", which was constructed in March and named [TES] Righteous Cross, may have been a test bed of new technology for the new Imperial flagship.

The statement also reveals that the vessel will "utilize technologies brought together from all corners of the Empire" and that "her hull will afford the utmost of protection, benefitting from the most advanced armor layering technologies ever conceived".

The designs for the vessel also call for almost fifty percent more power output from the vessel's main reactor core and the "most cutting edge tesseract capacitor units in production" to provide adequate power for the latest generation of energy weapon subsystems from Imperial Armaments.

Focus was drawn away from impressive specifications however, when it was announced that Her Imperial Majesty, Jamyl I will be in attendance at the keel laying ceremony this evening, in order to personally bless the vessel and formalize commencement of her construction.

The announcement brings to an end an extended period of absence from public appearances for the Empress, whose health and wellbeing has been wildly speculated upon by the Interstellar Press for more than a year now.

Empress Jamyl I is expected to depart Dam-Torsad later this evening for Safizon, where she will perform a ceremonial inspection of the Royal Shipyards before the vessel's blessing and commencement of construction.