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Amarr Forces Respond to Terrorist Attacks and Slave Revolts on Five Worlds

    Amarr Prime - Military and security forces of the Amarr Empire have been responding to yesterday's series of terrorist attacks on five Amarr planets over the past 24 hours. Reports from the different locales indicate a variety of approaches to dealing with the aftermath of the attacks, apparently depending on their impact and the posture of local authorities. Claims that the hallucinogenic Deathglow and mutagenic Insorum boosters were used in the attacks appear to have been confirmed by some planetary [...]

    Amarr Navy Begins Preparation For Flagship Handover

      SAFIZON - The Amarr Navy has begun preparations to hand over the new Imperial Flagship to Empress Jamyl Sarum today, with a number of vessels sighted moving between the Throne Worlds and Amarr Navy Headquarters in preparation for her arrival. TES Auctoritas, the second Abaddon Imperial Issue constructed, is expected to be formally handed over to the Emperor Family at approximately 18:00 this evening in Safizon and commissioned as the Amarr Empire's new ceremonial flagship. It is then expected that [...]

      Amarr Steps Up Border Patrols; Alleges Republic Interference in Internal Affairs

        Yulai - The Amarr Empire has confirmed that the recent appearance of Imperial Navy flotillas in key border systems with the Minmatar Republic are a response to the Republic Fleet taskforces sent to the Auga, Isbrabata and Vard systems. Coming from a meeting of the Privy Council to the standing emergency session of the Inner Circle in Yulai, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh said: "The Amarr Empire will defend its sovereign space with all the might at our disposal and with the force of law and God's will [...]

        Analysis Of Kyonoke Antidote Fuels Calls For Investigation After Widespread Treatment Begins

          POSTOUVIN - The Kyonoke Inquest Center remains a hive of activity this evening as massive quantities of Agent 0410, the antidote to the Kyonoke Plague, continue to ship from the Keepstar to quarantine locations across the cluster. In Efu, Genolution have already confirmed that the clean-up operation of their labs on board the affected Biotech facility will begin on Friday. The corporation stated that while more than 370,000 people within the cordon have already been killed by the pathogen, doctors are [...]

          Astral Mining Confirms Loss Of Communications With Prospecting Facility

            POSTOUVIN - The Scope has learned that Astral Mining has lost contact with a prospecting facility in the region of Solitude, after a complete communications blackout was put in place from on board the platform several hours ago. The corporation has confirmed that the facility, which specializes in high value Nocxium extraction and refining, initially issued a distress call to its headquarters at around 08:00 NEST, reporting details of widespread disruption and rioting. The distress call was silenced [...]

            Astral Mining Confirms Mothball Of RP4 Facility After Death Toll Announcement

              ALENTENE - Astral Mining have released a statement this afternoon, confirming rumors that the RP4 Hemorphite Processing Facility which became the site of a massive Kyonoke Plague Outbreak in February will not return to service. In a rare appearance by Dr. Carrelle Orsere, the corporation's usually reclusive Chief Executive, it was confirmed that the platform, which is located in the Federal system of Postouvin, has now been cleared of all survivors of the Kyonoke outbreak, and that clean-up and second [...]

              Attack On Serpentis Shipyard Confirmed

                FOUNTAIN - The Scope is now able to confirm earlier rumors of an attack on a Guardian Angel capital shipyard in low orbit of Serpentis Prime VII. Initial reports of the strike surfaced several hours ago after a number of distress calls were intercepted and recorded by a Federation Navy Tripwire border posts in the Elerelle constellation of Solitude, however the situation remained unclear until footage of the aftermath began to arrive at the Scope less than an hour ago. Initial holoreel recordings [...]

                BREAKING - Caldari State Takes Control of Syndicate Constellation

                  Above: Executive General Heika Torigo and Chairman Akimaka Saraki BREAKING - Caldari State Takes Control of Syndicate Constellation DS-M4Q Constellation, Syndicate – Caldari State forces have taken full control of the constellation of DS-M4Q according to reports from the Syndicate region. The dramatic move appears confirmed and with the apparent agreement of the Intaki Syndicate, following an emergency update to the CONCORD Assembly's register of sovereignty at the request of the Intaki Syndicate's [...]

                  BREAKING NEWS - Alleged FIO Report Confirms Operations Inside State; CEP Responds

                    NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has responded with outrage this afternoon, after an alleged report from the Federal Intelligence Office passed to the Nugoeihuvi News Network further fuelled Caldari Intelligence Service suspicions that the FIO has been operating illegally within Caldari borders. The report, which has no credited author or details of intended recipient and is said to have been leaked from within the Federal Intelligence office, highlights what are believed to be a number of [...]

                    BREAKING NEWS - State Of Emergency Declared After Confirmation Of Kyonoke Outbreak

                      OIJANEN - The Scope Galactic News Network has learned from contacts in New Caldari that the Chief Executive Panel called an emergency session just moments ago. The demand for an emergency session mandates the immediate return of the big eight mega corporate CEOs to New Caldari, and comes after extensive testing this week has lead to the confirmation of an outbreak of the Kyonoke Plague in the densely populated city of Myrskaa on Oijanen II. The State Armed Forces have moved quickly to bolster security [...]

                      BREAKING NEWS! – Sanmatar Shakor Crosses Imperial Border In Surprise Visit To Amarr!

                        LISUDEH - The Office of Press for the Emperor Family has been left speechless in the last few moments, as confirmation has just arrived that Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has crossed the Amarr-Matari border under Republic Fleet escort, and is currently en route to the Imperial capital of Dam-Torsad. An unprecedented and completely unexpected turn of events, the confirmation of the Sanmatar's crossing from Heimatar into the Imperial region of Devoid via the Ammatar Mandate has left both the Amarr and Matari [...]

                        Bakkomolu Productions Dissolved Amidst NOH/Wiyrkomi Row

                          Josameto, The Forge - In a surprise move early this morning, Nugoeihuvi Corporation filed financial instruments with the House of Records dissolving their Bakkomolu Productions holofilm subsidiary. The move comes after Bakkomolu's azelokaivatko comedy Family Business was the subject of a legal action brought before the Caldari Business Tribunal by rival megacorp Wiyrkomi. NOH released a statement, which read in part, "Due to market conditions as well as recent legal attacks, Bakkomolu Productions will [...]

                          Biotech Companies Begin Mass Synthesis Of Kyonoke Antidote After Inquest Success

                            POSTOUVIN - The Scope Galactic News Network can confirm that a massive cluster-wide effort is now underway to synthesize hundreds of millions of doses of the Kyonoke Plague Antidote, known by the name A116-0410-1. A joint effort by a Gallente-Matari science team from Poteque Pharmaceuticals and Eifyr & Co, which was heavily contributed to and influenced by a large group of independent capsuleer scientists, has resulted in the development of the antidote agent. The agent, known more commonly as "0410" [...]

                            Blood Raider Covenant Calls on Sani Sabik Cultists to "Rise Up" and Raid Military Cloning Facilities

                              ORVOLLE - Blood Raider Covenant leader Omir Sarikusa has broadcast a call for Sani Sabik cults to raid military cloning facilities across the four core empires of New Eden, whether they be in space or on planets. The Scope's GalNet and FTL comms monitoring service picked up the open and unencrypted call by Omir Sarikusa early this morning. In remarks laden with Blood Raider and Sani Sabik imagery, Sarikusa calls for "the faithful of our covenant of blood to rise up and reclaim the purest flesh before [...]

                              Blood Raider Covert Strike Forces Raid Cloning Facilities; CONCORD Urges Capsuleers to Destroy Raider Bases

                                YULAI - Multiple, widespread raids have been carried out across New Eden by covert strikes forces of the Blood Raider Covenant, according to emergency reports from all four core empires and CONCORD. Early reports suggest that a large-scale operation against all four empires was carried out overnight by covert raiding parties making use of specialized stealth nanocoatings. One report intercepted by the Scope's sources indicates that Blood Raiders operating under the designation "Cold Iron" used the [...]

                                CONCORD Inner Circle Authorizes Extension of Clone State Alpha to Include Battleship Capability

                                  Yulai - CONCORD's Inner Circle has issued an authorization under emergency regulations of the Yulai Convention providing that all empire and independent capsuleers will benefit from an extension of Clone State Alpha to include basic support for the training and maintenance of battlecruisers and battleships. Under the new policy, clones set to Alpha state, as per default cloning contracts, will be supplied with sufficient quantum-entangled 4-Helium to maintain and utilize knowledge uptake to the new [...]

                                  CONCORD Joint Command Announces Success of Capsuleer Assault on Blood Raiders as Threat Level is Lowered

                                    YULAI - The joint command of CONCORD and core empires fighting against the recent Blood Raider Covenant attacks on cloning facilities has announced that its major offensive against the Blood Raiders has been a complete success, in large part due to the efforts of independent capsuleers. Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, Imperial Delegate to the CONCORD Inner Circle and Commander of Anti-Covenant Joint Operations, declared his "total satisfaction that the threat from the Blood Raider cultists has been [...]

                                    CONCORD Press Conference on Drifters Disrupted by Shouting Match Between Scope Journalist and Amarr Inner Circle Member

                                      Yulai - There were extraordinary scenes at a press conference called this morning by CONCORD to address reports of growing Drifter activity across New Eden, as it was disrupted by an argument between the Scope's Ret Gloriaxx and Amarr Delegate to the Inner Circle, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh. The presser took a discordant turn during the Q&A when Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, asked for comment on Drifter and CONCORD activities in Semiki system. The press conference [...]

                                      CONCORD Urges All Out Assault on Blood Raiders as Attacks on Cloning Facilities Continue

                                        YULAI - CONCORD has issued a fresh call for independent capsuleers to join in an "all out assault against the Blood Raider Covenant's bases across New Eden" in response to continuing Blood Raider attacks on military and civilian cloning facilities. As the Scope has reported, Blood Raider forces have switched from covert operations using their "Cold Iron" strike forces to brazen assaults in full force, utilizing their newest capital ship designs. Omir Sarikusa, leader of the Blood Raider Covenant, has [...]

                                        Caldari Megacorps Lead Military Cloning Efforts as Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Provide Support to Caldari Navy

                                          New Caldari - Leading megacorporations Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa have announced they are providing technical, logistical and material support to the Caldari Navy, "in order to facilitate the most rapid uptake of advances in cloning technology for the security of the Caldari people and the preservation of our way of life". Usually positioned as great rivals in the complex corporate politics of the Caldari State, the Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa megacorps are generally considered to be the most powerful [...]

                                          Caldari Navy Hands Impounded Serpentis Vessel To Propel Dynamics

                                            TAMO - The Scope can now confirm that the Caldari Navy has transferred ownership of an impounded Serpentis Corporation vessel to Propel Dynamics at their factory in orbit of Tamo VI - Moon 18. The vessel, a Rhea class jump freighter now sporting the proper CISC (CONCORD Identification Serial Code) and callsign "[SPC] Seeadler" was officially signed over this morning after being seized by the Caldari Navy on April 3rd when it aroused suspicion in Tartoken. The vessel was brought to the attention of a [...]

                                            Caldari Navy intercepts Guristas convoy in Black Rise

                                              AKIDAGI - The Scope can now confirm rumors of a skirmish in the early hours of this morning that left a significant number of Caldari Navy vessels in need of repairs, and more than two dozen Guristas vessels destroyed. In a statement issued by the Caldari Navy approximately an hour ago, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado of the Caldari Navy's 37th 'Octopus' Squadron confirmed that "three Caldari Navy Caracal-class cruisers and four Scorpion-class battleships were heavily damaged during an engagement close [...]

                                              Caldari Protestors Return To Work After Megacorporate Clamp Down On Dissent

                                                NEW CALDARI - Almost two billion protestors returned to work this morning, after a statement released by the Chief Executive Panel gave further details of the ongoing situation in Oijanen II. Footage released anonymously to the Scope was branded as "heavily edited, sensationalist tabloid reporting" by the Chief Executive of Lai Dai, with several representatives from the Nugoeihuvi News Network commenting that the footage in no way represented the situation on the ground in the city of Myrskaa. The CEP [...]

                                                Capsuleer Delegates at SOCT Gathering in Yulai to Receive Special CONCORD Briefing

                                                  YULAI - As delegates arrive in Yulai to attend the Society of Conscious Thought's annual capsuleer gathering, CONCORD has announced that it will be providing a special briefing on recent developments concerning emerging threats to New Eden. The announcement of this briefing follows the recent incident during which a heavily damaged vessel of unfamiliar design and unknown origin was quarantined by CONCORD forces under the command of DED Genesis Fleet Captain Oveg Drust. The vessel was subsequently [...]