Upwell Consortium Announces Development of 'Citadel' Line of Stations for Capsuleer Market

New Eden News | YC117-11-25 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - The newly-formed Upwell Consortium today revealed that it is developing a new line of space stations for the capsuleer market that it is branding as "Citadels". The announced range of Citadels includes offerings aimed at "capsuleer corporations and organizations with operations ranging from the medium scale to those requiring the extra-large capacity used by major Outer Regions powers."

With development understood to be well beyond the concepting and preliminary prototyping stages, the Upwell Consortium has unveiled the branding for each of the three sizes of Citadel structure that it plans to offer as construction blueprints in the first half of YC118. The Citadel size types are named "Astrahus" for the medium-scale offering, "Fortizar" for the Citadel aimed at large and well-developed capsuleer corporations and alliances, and "Keepstar" for the Citadel designed to fulfil the needs of major territorial alliances and coalitions, to include extra-large capacity for docking of ships up to and including Titan-class supercapitals.

The Upwell Consortium anticipates that all sizes of Citadel will be used to some extent by all scales of capsuleer organization able to construct and support them. The novel design features of these stations will include modular internal compartments capable of accommodating a range of service modules and equipment fittings, in order to suit the special needs of the capsuleer groups operating them. While no specifics have been announced, Upwell confirmed that a range of equipment and modules is in parallel development with the Citadel structures themselves.

In related news, reports emerging from the ongoing negotiations between Upwell Consortium and Ducia Foundry suggest that the notorious Arkombine mercenary group has been retained by the partnership for unspecified security tasks. Responding to questions on these reports, Mordu's Legion officials pointed out that they have a considerable ongoing commitment of Legion troops on Caldari Prime and indicated that any contracts with additional private military companies would assist with force flexibility on other tasks. Pressed as to Caldari Prime operations, Mordu's Legion confirmed that under no circumstances would Arkombine mercenaries be deployed for security duties on the planet.