7th Fleet Re-deployed After Multiple Blood Raider Attacks

New Eden News | YC117-10-17 - By Lina Ambre

THE BLEAK LANDS - A statement from the Office of Press for the Amarr Navy has confirmed that a 'significant' number of forces have been re-deployed to the Sasen and Vaarma constellations after several attacks on Imperial assets in the last twelve hours.

It is believed that the attacks began in Kamela, with its third and eighth planet assaulted simultaneously and a number of religious sites desecrated during heavy fighting between local Imperial ground forces and a large contingent of Blood Raiders assault troops. The highest profile of these attacks was on Kamela III, where the family crypt of the planet's holder was razed and the adjoining cathedral's chancel and altar became an execution site for more than a hundred local clergy members.

After Imperial reinforcements arrived several hours ago to mount a defensive assault and assess the situation, it is believed that almost four thousand more local residents of the area are reported missing, having been seized by Blood Raider Forces.

In the hours after the attacks in Kamela, further details of a large scale assault on Huola VII, as well as assaults on several orbital facilities in Sosala and Anka have been reported with a further two thousand confirmed missing.

The Amarr Navy and Ministry Of Internal Order released a joint statement a little over an hour ago, confirming that a task force from the famed "Saracens" 7th Fleet has been deployed to the two constellations in order to re-secure the area.