Round Two Of Imperial Succession Trials Begins Today

New Eden News | YC117-11-14 - By Zara Serir

DAM-TORSAD - Round two of the YC118 Imperial Succession trials is set to begin today, with tens of millions of spectators flocking to the Imperial city of Dam-Torsad to watch the continuation of the combat trials.

Once again, the eyes of the entire cluster are focused on the Golden City and the battlefield in space on which the six remaining champions will fight to decide wihch two of them will face eachother in the final of the Succession Trials.

As with the first stage of the trials, the Court Chamberlain himself will be present to monitor proceedings on board [CO] Sapience, an Avatar class titan piloted by Cardinal Sourem Itharen, Capsuleer Emissary to the Court Chamberlain.

The six champions of the Royal Houses of Amarr are currently engaged in final preparations before matches begin at 15:00 EVE Standard Time.

All matches will be broadcast live across the cluster via holofeed.