Sisters of EVE Release Statement on Caroline's Star, Thera Incident and CONCORD

New Eden News | YC117-02-20 - By Lina Ambre

X-7OMU - In a brief statement issued today, the Sisters of EVE corporation confirmed that their analysis of the Caroline's Star phenomenon is that it was the result of 'a stellar-level disruption of space-time involving the central star of the W477-P system in the UUA-F4 region'. The statement, made in the name of the SOE's Reverend Mother Santimona Sarpati, went on to officially confirm for the first time that the 'Thera Incident' that devastated the SOE colony in W-space was the result of the Caroline's Star stellar event.

As well as briefly outlining the SOE's conclusions regarding W477-P and the cataclysmic destruction in Thera, the statement asserted 'the Sisters of EVE organization is co-operating closely with CONCORD, particularly in the light of the emergence of new and as yet poorly understood threats such as the so-called "Drifters" and the apparently Jove structures that have appeared across New Eden'. Requests for further clarification of the SOE statement's contents have been refused.