CONCORD and New Eden Powers React to Death of Empress Jamyl I

New Eden News | YC117-08-22 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - Emergency diplomacy following yesterday's assassination of Empress Jamyl I by a Drifter strike force has been ongoing throughout the day, with the CONCORD Assembly's Cluster Security Committee in continuing session. A spokesman for CONCORD's Inner Circle stated that, "CONCORD assets and DED fleets have been placed on the highest state of alert since the Sansha's Nation Abductions Emergency of YC112."

The spokesman went on, "While the Inner Circle is shocked and saddened by the death of Empress Jamyl I, our foremost concern is the ongoing security of the New Eden cluster. We will remain vigilant and attentive to our primary mission during this developing situation. Naturally, the Drifter threat is our highest concern at present."

In the Caldari State, the Chief Executive Panel has expressed its "deep regrets and condolences to the Amarr people." The CEP's official statement described Empress Jamyl as "a figure of great importance to the friendly relations between State and Empire, who will be missed by all State and Corporation citizens. We mourn her and commend her spirit to its lasting and final place."

The Caldari Navy has been placed on alert along State borders and Megacorporation security forces have been mobilized for "purposes of maintaining the internal security of state and corporate assets given the clear danger from the Drifter entities."

President Jacus Roden of the Gallente Federation met with his cabinet, military advisors and leading Senators before addressing the Federation by domestic GalNet broadcast. In his remarks, President Roden praised Empress Jamyl as "a deeply impressive leader who in my dealings with her was always clear where she stood in the interests of her people and the Amarr Empire."

President Roden went on, "Of course, I differed with her and the policies of the Amarr Empire on many, many points but I can say that she was a positive force in containing our ongoing conflicts. On behalf of the Gallente Federation and People, I offer my deepest condolences to the people of the Amarr Empire." Federation Navy forces are reported to have been moved to invasion defense positions throughout Gallente space and the FIO has confirmed its special reconnaissance forces have been dedicated to monitoring Drifter activity.

Emerging from a secure session of the Tribal Council, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor of the Minmatar Republic made some brief remarks to the press, "I have consulted with the Tribes and we have taken the best advice on the security situation. It is our judgement as a Council that the Tribes face no immediate danger from the so-called 'Drifters'. We are dismayed at the ability of these entities to penetrate the security of a major power and it is always destabilizing when a head of state is violently removed. We are most concerned that our enslaved brothers and sisters not suffer even more during this time of uncertainty in the Amarr Empire."

Elsewhere in the Republic there has been less restraint with scenes of jubilation reported on the streets of Minmatar cities. Questioned about the large crowds celebrating the death of the Empress, Sanmatar Shakor declined to comment. Chief Tenerhaddi Dykon of the Krusual was less reticent, declaring, "Why should they not rejoice? I am rejoicing as I would rejoice at the death of a rabid slaver hound."